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Compare Grocery Store Prices

Unfortunately, our grocery flyer comparison services has been temporarily suspended until further notice.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Don't have the time to compare grocery prices? Quickly find out which store has the cheapest prices for your groceries.

Listed below is a price comparison of groceries that are in the flyers for the current week. Get the consumer edge and never pay more than you have to by going to the store with the cheapest grocery prices.

Compare groceries with

Please note: Price comparison is only applicable to grocery stores in Ontario.

Name Food Basics No Frills Price Chopper Loblaws

Please bear with us while we update this week's grocery prices, please check back momentarily. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Do you compare prices? Does the price comparison chart help you? How has it worked for you?

47   Responses

commented on Apr 23 2008 4:02PM
Of course I compare prices, I have a tight budget and would never meet it if I didn't compare prices.

This price comparison chart has helped me greatly because I shop at 3 of the 4 stores, now I can quickly see which store offers the cheapest prices. If I'm rushed for time, I'll just go to the one store with the most deals on my shopping list. When I have lots of time on my hands, I don't mind taking the time to go to the different stores to get the best prices.

commented on May 6 2008 3:09PM
So glad to have found this site - I will be checking in weekly from now on!


commented on May 23 2008 12:22PM
Great site. Comparison chart very helpful. There is a lot of money to be saved when you learn to shop properly. It also helps if you hae freezer I don't. Congrats on a very good site and keep up the good work.

commented on Jul 17 2008 3:28PM
I can't believe it! The prices are right on! I would suggest price chopper because it seems the cheapest and more likely to get your approval. I saw this add on the news and went to the website. I have just one thing to say..........AMAZING!

commented on Jul 18 2008 11:15AM
I am a first time visitor and have not quite figured my way around. However, the concept may prove very for me.

commented on Jul 18 2008 12:05PM
Hi Carolyn,
The layout is simple, there are 7 options located at the top, each one can assist you in grocery shopping. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave one here or contact us.

commented on Jul 18 2008 12:42PM
When I saw this on City TV I couldn't wait to have a look. I have access to nearly all the stores just on my daily travels so it will work for me. Plus I like your price book feature. Good Job!!!!

commented on Jul 19 2008 12:50PM
i first know the site on TV, 2 thumbs up on this site, specially for people like me, on tight budget will surely find the site very helpful. now, i can shop at the store with the lowest price. thanks

commented on Jul 21 2008 12:49PM
Fantastish, ik kan er niet over komen! Blijf zo doorgaan!

commented on Jul 23 2008 7:25AM
What about Sobeys, Dominions, Superstore in the Quick Compare section?

commented on Jul 28 2008 7:38PM
I agree Thumb, what about the other stores?

commented on Jul 28 2008 7:56PM
Thanks for everybody's input and support.
We'll be adding a new grocery store to our existing list of participating stores in the near future. Stay tuned!

commented on Aug 7 2008 11:39AM
This comparison chart is second only to sliced bread. A wonderful tool.

commented on Aug 31 2008 1:33PM
What about other items not on saleI was looking to price compare sugar for example but could not. It would be a great idea to have a search product area and have the price returned.


commented on Sep 16 2008 7:19PM
Hi JoJo99,

Great suggestion, let me point you to where this feature is located: or you can locate this option "Price Book" at the top navigation bar.
You can search for a grocery's price history.

Let me know how it works out.

commented on Oct 1 2008 10:33AM
this site sucks

commented on Oct 2 2008 8:56PM
Thank you for your comment. I do understand that this site may not serve everybody. However any suggestions that you may have that will help us better serve you in the future are welcome.

commented on Oct 31 2008 1:27PM
I love this site, but is there one for British Columbia?

commented on Nov 6 2008 6:47AM
Your answer to JoJo999's question is OK if you want to know what you MISSED but is there no place you can find current prices. For instance I want to buy a large quantity of Juice Boxes for a conference and would like to compare prices. Is this available anywhere?

commented on Nov 10 2008 4:28PM
Hi Bev,

Thanks for the kind words. For the time being, some parts of the website are for Ontario only such as the flyer deals, price comparison and price history. The flyers and coupons are applicable to all of Canada, so these section could be of use to you.

commented on Nov 13 2008 9:50AM
Hi Joyce,

Thank you for pointing out what I had missed on JoJo999's comment. There is no definite list of prices for groceries that are not on-sale. But there is an online price book that works by having consumers, like you, report local grocery prices so that everyone can compare prices and see where the cheapest prices can be found. If we all contribute just a little, we can all benefit greatly from this price book.

Find out more or start contributing to the grocery price book. You can also select the "Online Price Book" option on the top navigation.

Barry Alcombrack
commented on Jun 16 2009 1:22PM
Do participating stores pay to be on the site? Thanks.

commented on Jun 18 2009 9:30PM
I live in Australia, it's amazing how similar the prices are here, even with the currency conversion

commented on Aug 19 2009 4:24AM
What a FANTASTIC site! I was doing a survey for a pet food company regarding flyers and this site (along with 3 others) was mentioned in the survey. I will definitely be visiting here first before I go grocery shopping from now on! :)

commented on Oct 13 2009 12:48PM
it would be great to include shoppers drugmart,
it has very good food section

commented on Oct 13 2009 12:49PM
it would be great to include shoppers drugmart,
it has a very good food section

J Johnson
commented on Oct 15 2009 12:38PM
Make sure in any store you compare the size (contents) Bread in Walmart is $1.47 for 520g.and No Frills is a $1.47 for 675g. both W Wheat. A lot of stores now are making smaller pkg. for same price.

V Krishnan - Price Boolk
commented on Nov 2 2009 6:33AM
Istead of asking product name a combo box can be provided which will be very useful.

wendy pringle
commented on Nov 14 2009 3:16AM
i think this is great. occasionally the paper isn't delivered or missing a flyer or two. saves time on scouring every flyer if you have a few certain items in mind

commented on Dec 23 2009 11:26AM
It's great. I have been having a problem with my paperboy and not getting my grocery flyers. This is great help because the comparisons are already done for you.

commented on Jan 13 2010 10:45AM
You'd probably waste more money on gas driving to 3-4 different stores in one day then you'd save by buying food thats like $0.30 cheeper... Just saying

commented on Jul 9 2010 10:08AM
Is there any chance of adding Fortinos and Sobeys? Most of the people I know would love to use this web site but do at least half of their shopping at Fortino and Sobeys.

Alexander Jack - Compare store Prices
commented on Jul 26 2010 5:18AM
thanks it helped a lot

commented on Oct 28 2010 2:07PM
this is not helping

commented on Nov 11 2010 5:39AM
i was wondering when can i compare i go shopping every friday will it be here today or tommorow

commented on Jan 19 2011 3:45PM
When you shop at No Frills they will price match other stores specials. All you need is a copy of the other stores flyer.
I've also heard that Walmart will do the same thing. You no longer need to waste time going to the different stores.

commented on May 6 2011 6:08AM
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Val - Price Match
commented on Oct 16 2011 6:55AM
Just letting consumers know that Food Basics does not price match at least not in Welland

NielsenYolanda - Re:
commented on Jan 3 2012 3:59PM
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tight wad! - missing your comparison page:(
commented on Jan 13 2012 11:14AM
Hi i was wondering when this comparison page was going to get started up again? it's been so helpful for us

Martin - grocery compare
commented on Jan 22 2012 8:13AM
when will you be updating the site. I think that the compare feature wwould be wonderful.

Sharon K
commented on May 31 2012 2:09PM
I was wondering, why has the comparison stopped?

Diane B
commented on Jul 6 2012 7:23AM
Could it have stopped because the grocery store GIANTS decided it wasn't in their best interests??! Sales prices are lost leaders, they entice you into the store where they can upsell you something this site was hurting them!

Diane B
commented on Jul 6 2012 7:30AM
Just noticed that National Grocers has their own website but they only offer a comparison between their own supermarkets (no Food Basics etc.)

Martina24RIGGS - Re:
commented on Jul 5 2013 10:39AM
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Mark - grocery prices
commented on Nov 16 2014 2:17PM
How can I find the lowest price of butter presently at my local grocery stores? No frills, food basics, etc... Is there an online website that has this info? If not your site, do you know of any others?

commented on Nov 22 2014 8:07AM
This website doesn't even work. The prices don't load - I've been trying to get them to load for 6 hours now...I'm pretty sure that's not "momentarily"

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