Help on searching for the best grocery deals in the weekly flyers

Select Grocery Stores:

Select the grocery stores you like to be included in your search, here's a list of the available grocery stores : Loblaws, No Frills, Food Basics, Price Chopper.
To select a grocery store, go to the "Select Grocery Stores" section and click on your desired grocery stores.

Input your grocery list to compare grocery flyer prices

This search will find groceries advertised in the weekly flyers that match your grocery list at the selected grocery stores. The matching groceries will be listed in a convenient manner so that you can quickly compare prices between similar groceries and find the best grocery deals.
To get the best search results, be as general as possible.
e.g. #1: Input ice cream instead of chocolate ice cream
e.g. #2: Input soup instead of canned soup

Select groceries by browsing weekly grocery store flyers

Not sure what you're looking for, browse through the weekly flyers to see what's on sale. Browsing is made easy for you by allowing you to view a specific store or all the stores by category.
This search will help you find the best grocery deals advertised in the weekly flyers. First, create your grocery shopping list by checking off the groceries you are interested in and then click "Find best grocery prices". A list of groceries that are the same or similar to the groceries in your shopping list will be displayed to you. You will then be able to quickly compare grocery prices between the selected grocery stores to find the best deals.

You have two options to customize your search:
  1. Ignore Brand Names - This is the optimal choice if you want to find the cheapest grocery prices and do not care about brand names. Search results will display all similar groceries regardless of the brand names.
    e.g. a search for dempster bread will also show the prices for wonder bread, country harvest bread, etc.
  2. Include Selected Brand Names - Use this option if you are only interested in particular brands and want to ignore all other brands. Search results will only display the groceries with your selected brand names.
    e.g. a search for dempster bread will only show the prices for dempster bread at all the grocery stores