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Flyer week: Feb 14, 14 - Feb 20, 14

Arshad - Learn English, Please.
commented on Feb 17 2014 7:17AM
Most of the staff at this store proclaim not knowing English. Advice to the management - Please ask your staff to learn English as it is one of the official languages of Canada. Another thing that the staff always say is " I don't know". If you don't know, then you should not be here selling. Worst customer service. They treat everyone like **.

Flyer week: Nov 08, 13 - Nov 14, 13

Goodgenie4u - This week's On Line Flyer
commented on Nov 8 2013 7:22AM
For their Friday new flyer' on Friday at 10 am not a single flyer publishing website including their own worked.One site partially worked; you could not scroll down? The others did a 1/2 second flash of the flyer then it disappeared. I thought we were done with ghosts and goblins!
They are a low priced clean store. You have to help yourself. But it's not worth my driving 8 km as a senior if they cannot have a flyer on line by 9 am on Fridays. There is a closer store at Don Mills and Eglinton that does better with it's flyer and their food counter is more generous with it's take out portions.

I'm trying to be fair. I have no choice as a grandfather! and no patience for blatant irresponsibility or paying workers that are incompetent.

Flyer week: Oct 11, 13 - Oct 17, 13

Charlie - service problem
commented on Oct 17 2013 2:47PM
Staff are extremely rude: Roast department guy was eating right by the counter, he got mad, because I was asking him a question interupting his "meal"; Customer service counter, the women don't even look at you when you speaking to them, never mind smile, absolutely no customer service. They pretend they don't understand English or I have to speak Chinese; Produce department worker is checking his emails while he is packing grocery; What a joint!

Flyer week: Apr 12, 13 - Apr 18, 13

susan hill
commented on Apr 14 2013 10:40AM
your store cashier or customer service rep. are very very rude. when I had question for one item, I was told :"i don't know" Can't have better comments giving you except your guys are very "RUDE"

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