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Flyer week: Jan 25, 14 - Jan 31, 14

The Adviser - open bins
commented on Jan 25 2014 5:36AM
liquidated and soft open bins products are a haven for harmful bacteria, stay away from it.. once I bought something that has a mix with peanut butter,talk about diarrhea after consuming is not a nice subject to talk about, but it's the case

Flyer week: Aug 18, 12 - Aug 24, 12

Donald Henderson
commented on Aug 24 2012 8:11AM
Where have all your soups gone. Chatham store had three to choose from and they were not very good choices. Hope it improves

Flyer week: Apr 14, 12 - Apr 20, 12

Rola - bulk barn
commented on Apr 19 2012 3:50PM
where is bulk barn

gsgsfs - sfdstxedysgd
commented on Apr 18 2012 10:08AM

Flyer week: Mar 24, 12 - Mar 30, 12

Brenda - Coconut Oil
commented on Mar 26 2012 9:50AM
Does Bulk barn sell coconut oil ??

Flyer week: Dec 10, 11 - Dec 16, 11

Hailey - plastic taste
commented on Dec 11 2011 8:13AM
I had this taste with Bulk Barn corn chip snack, but I had just bought it. I believe and the cashier agreed that it was in their plastic packaging too long (ie old product)and I WAS given a refund, which is basic customer service.

Flyer week: Dec 03, 11 - Dec 09, 11

Jan - No Refunds?
commented on Dec 4 2011 2:17PM
I think you should contact their head office. It should be refunded if you're not satisfied with the product!Definitely going downhill.

Joan Green - NO RETURNS
commented on Dec 3 2011 5:07AM
I have been a Bulk Barn user for almost 20 years, but no more!! I have always bought my rolled oats there along with many other items, usally spending $30 - $40 each time. However; the last oats I bought when I went to use it tasted like some kind of cleanser. I took the oats back, assuming I would get a refund or replacement product,not so. I was told that I had left the oats in the plastic bag too long and that it took the taste of the bag. I have always left product in the bags and never in the 20 years have experienced this. Considering the amount of oats we use, it wasn't even left in the bag that long. Please be aware of their claim that their bags are toxic. For the sake of a couple of dollars they have lost a valued customer. Oh yes, never buy candy there, it is way over price. Try Walmart, Zellers or just about anywhere else.

Flyer week: Oct 08, 11 - Oct 14, 11

Nadia - PRICES
commented on Oct 11 2011 4:52AM
It's true prices are higher everywhere BUT bulk prices used to be better than retail stores and that is no longer the case for most of the items such as nuts, candy, baking ingredients! I have compared and even with sales the prices at Bulk Barn are not good.

Flyer week: Sep 24, 11 - Sep 30, 11

Imelda - No Free Bag given
commented on Sep 30 2011 10:56AM
This week on their flyer it says if you spend minimum $10 before taxes you get a free reusable bag. I had a little over $10 but they refused to give me the bag because I also used the $3 coupon which brought the balance down. I did not have this problem in the past. Did their policy change?

Also their prices are way up, pecans are now over $20/lb, it used to be around $16. Did they raise prices and pretend there is a sale by giving 20% off? Don't think I will shop there much anymore.

mary - best service
commented on Sep 25 2011 5:23AM
Hi shop at the merivale road store and have been to others in ottawa, they are always very helpful and courteous. The staff is great at this location and the others, its time you all realize the expenses of changing out bin lids getting competent staff and it a very hard market right now, and no I don't work for this business or company I am in retail and understand the market... Please send my thanks to the bulk staff...

Flyer week: Sep 03, 11 - Sep 09, 11

Eileen - Prices
commented on Sep 4 2011 8:24AM
I wish the product search would show prices! I would like to compare. I did do my own comparison on m & m's.
Bulk Barn 400 gm - $8+
No Frills $4

Flyer week: Aug 06, 11 - Aug 12, 11

Leah - refund
commented on Aug 9 2011 9:53AM
I can't believe they wouldn't refund your money for food that didn't meet a customer's standards! The small price of the bar would surely be worth keeping a customer happy.

Bob - no return policy at BULK BARN
commented on Aug 7 2011 8:32PM
Went to take back a packaged bar of halizah becuse it was AWFUL store manager said NO RETURN on food items???? Other food stores would keep customers happy and give you a refund??

Flyer week: Jul 30, 11 - Aug 05, 11

Jamie - PRICES
commented on Aug 2 2011 1:47PM

Flyer week: Jun 25, 11 - Jul 01, 11

Renee - coupons
commented on Jun 26 2011 7:39PM
Some of the stores will not give you coupons to use at that time.

Flyer week: Jun 18, 11 - Jun 24, 11

John - Stratford
commented on Jun 22 2011 10:03PM
Happy with the staff at Stratford; they don't get in the way and are usually nearby to assist. Yes, you have to be careful with the prices of some items; know comparative prices and shop around. I don't get flyer in mail, so I check online; and ask for $3 coupon off at the cashier.

Flyer week: Jun 04, 11 - Jun 10, 11

JAN - Prices
commented on Jun 5 2011 6:36PM
I still find their prices much higher, which surprises me because there's no packaging or containers.

Flyer week: May 28, 11 - Jun 03, 11

Mar Fisher - Thank goodness
commented on May 31 2011 5:42AM
we finally got one in Waterdown Ontario.The products are great- the store is neat as a pin and the selection amazing>!

Flyer week: May 21, 11 - May 27, 11

cierra - i love this supermarket
commented on May 27 2011 3:58PM
ilove this supermarket

Flyer week: May 07, 11 - May 13, 11

commented on May 12 2011 1:09PM

Flyer week: Apr 23, 11 - Apr 29, 11

Erin - Bulk Barn in Burlington - AMAZING!!!
commented on Apr 26 2011 4:45AM
I have read some of the complaints people have with the Bulk Barn... and I want to say that I love the one in Burlingotn! The staff is friendly, store is tidy... and when you need help there is always someone around to help you... even with a smile! I never feel like I am followed around, or stalked... Great store to shop in - and I decorate cakes so I am in there atleast once a week!

Flyer week: Apr 16, 11 - Apr 22, 11

Smart Shopper - prices are high
commented on Apr 16 2011 11:08AM
please see Sept where prices are listed for Bulk Barn versus other luxury grocery stores. That is evidence their prices are higher. I don't really care why their prices are higher, but good to know as I think we assume bulk = cheaper which is obviously not the case always.

Kelsey - Anonymous - valid concerns
commented on Apr 15 2011 9:36PM
I think overcharging in this economy is terrible. Check out the sugar and nut prices.Way higher than grocery stores. Terrible! Also, If people can't get their food out easily because the lids close that's a concern especially for seniors! Coupons hard to get? HOurs not posted? Those aren't valid? If you work for bulk barn this is not the place for you to speak rudely to customer concerns. If it puts people off shopping here it's a valid concern, and people have the right to express that.

Flyer week: Apr 09, 11 - Apr 15, 11

annonymous - ---- Kelsey
commented on Apr 14 2011 10:04AM
Whats so valid about these "complaints" anyway?
Complaining about lids not staying open that a VALID concern?
and as for everyone talking about prices. Its not bulk barn, its the economy!!!! prices are crazy high everywhere in the country right now..
So please enlighten me on some valid concerns and maybe someone will pay attention.

Kelsey - to "annonymous"
commented on Apr 11 2011 6:55AM
Maybe the customers have complained and it's not been dealt with. Also, shouldn't bulk barn look at the negative comments and perhaps address the valid concerns?

Flyer week: Apr 02, 11 - Apr 08, 11

Doug - Bulk Barn $3.00
commented on Apr 8 2011 7:03PM
so is there one for April 8 - 15

commented on Apr 4 2011 6:14AM
this site is pathetic.... if you all really have this much time to waste complaining about these things, why dont u take the time to enquire with the proper source to answer your questions.. like the store owner? your questions are not going to be answered here by other complaining people....

Flyer week: Mar 26, 11 - Apr 01, 11

Lynne - Coupon links (borrowed)
commented on Mar 27 2011 6:48PM (exp. Mar 31) (valid Apr 1-7)

Flyer week: Mar 19, 11 - Mar 25, 11

Larry C - bin lids
commented on Mar 25 2011 11:24AM
why don't they have bin lids which will stay open when trying to scoop contents into their plastic bags. I don't have three hands, one to hold lid open, one to hold scoop, and one to hold bag open.

Jen - Bulk Barn Coupon
commented on Mar 25 2011 10:15AM
I do not receive the flyers and can no longer find the $3 coupon on the site.

Does anyone know where/how to get the discount coupon?

Jen - Bulk Barn Coupon
commented on Mar 25 2011 10:08AM
I do not receive the flyers and can no longer find the $3 coupon on the site.

Does anyone know where/how to get the discount coupon?

Flyer week: Mar 12, 11 - Mar 18, 11

Candace - prices
commented on Mar 16 2011 10:25AM
I have shopped around. Their prices only comparable when they have a sale, and sometimes not even then. NEVER buy sugar there, total ripoff!Nuts too!

Flyer week: Mar 05, 11 - Mar 11, 11

Chris - coupons
commented on Mar 10 2011 4:41AM
There are bulk barn coupons. Mostly $3 off if you purchase more than $10. Chocolate covered almonds usually is usually what I get then or cashews. In any case you gotta shop around to know what the prices are before you say they have high prices.

Flyer week: Feb 26, 11 - Mar 04, 11

Nat - bulk barn
commented on Mar 3 2011 12:03PM
I think it depends where you live and what other stores are available in your area. I would love to shop at another builk store but in Cornwall, there seems to be only the one bulk barn; even grocery stores don't have a bulk section. The staff sucks because it's a bunch of kids who don't care about the customer or their job but that's who is willing to work at a cash at any store or restaurant.(I can't find a nice friendly helpful person in walmart either and fast food is aj oke for service) The food has always been good, no stale food, and yes some prices are high as compared to other grocery stores but then, that's why groceries are done at multiple stores and not just the one. Idon't doubt some stores are worse than others but the one here is just fine.

Flyer week: Feb 19, 11 - Feb 25, 11

Clara - criminals
commented on Feb 20 2011 4:33PM
Same experience in Aurora, but young chubby girl following me around like a criminal. I'm in my 60's, don't need some kid treating me like this

Flyer week: Jan 29, 11 - Feb 04, 11

Abby - Feel like a criminal
commented on Jan 31 2011 2:27PM
i did like shopping at the bulk barn in keswick until the old hags start following you around like your going to steal a peanut they really need to go back to playing with there scoops and stop making people feel uncomfortable i will never go back.

Flyer week: Jan 22, 11 - Jan 28, 11

Wendy - slackers
commented on Jan 23 2011 8:01AM
I find the staff at the Aurora Bulk Barn give one word answeres to your questions, or say they don't know, then continue chatting with their friends. They are not well informed or helpful.

Flyer week: Dec 25, 10 - Dec 31, 10

commented on Dec 31 2010 5:28PM
I wentto Bulk Barn New Years eve and they were closed by 5! Thanks Bulk Barn.

Flyer week: Dec 18, 10 - Dec 24, 10

commented on Dec 20 2010 4:49PM

Flyer week: Dec 04, 10 - Dec 10, 10

Gloria - Prices
commented on Dec 9 2010 1:00PM
I think people assume the bulk prices will be cheaper than packaged items at the grocery store, but that is definitely not the case.

Flyer week: Nov 27, 10 - Dec 03, 10

Adam - re: Christines comment
commented on Dec 2 2010 10:04AM
I agree. A lot of the good staff seem to have left. Grumpy customer lineups probably doesn't help. Always new people in Aurora who don't know the codes or the food.

Christine - Bulk Barn is really quite good
commented on Dec 2 2010 9:03AM
I find the product to be fresh and tasty
As in any store you have to shop around for good deals, ie: Sale Items.
We all complain about bad service no matter where we go and as you should as a customer you need to be treated as one, but how many of us have gone out of our way to let the people or there managers know when they have gone above and beyond? The more you recognize the good workers the longer they will stick around maybe even be promoted and then guess what the good workers are still there and happy, think about it.
Coupons are not always available on the website just keep your eyes out for them, that's standard in most stores.
As for bringing your own measuring cup, bulk barn has standards all the scoops are sanitized daily so why would they want a possibly dirty measuring cup in the product bins? It's for everyone's best interest you use the scoops and they look to be a cup or a cup and a half.
From my experience this is a great store to have fresh food friendly service and the spices are amazing so many to choose from it's a baker/cooks dream. :)A++++++

Jen - prices are high
commented on Nov 30 2010 9:09AM
Last year I bought my Christmas banking ingredients at Bulk Barn. This year I went to No Frills and was shocked at how much better the prices were there. I bought a huge container of dates for $3 and a big bag of walnut pieces for $5, icing sugar and white sugar are much much cheaper at NO FRILLS!

Flyer week: Nov 13, 10 - Nov 19, 10

Hindu - Stale
commented on Nov 16 2010 12:51PM
Bought some cassava chips and they were be careful when you purchase stuff there...
I had this exp at the one in hill crest mall, Richmond hill

Janet - Just Bulk
commented on Nov 16 2010 9:59AM
Wow just went to Just Bulk and it's amazing. Very clean and uncluttered, and has products Bulk Barn doesn't have (mini rolos, mini peanut butter cups, sugar free gummies, all in bulk). Very friendly and when I asked for a coupon they gave me one!!!!!!!!! Forget Bulk Barn.

Flyer week: Oct 23, 10 - Oct 29, 10

Lea - OVERCHARGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
commented on Oct 25 2010 7:57PM
Once again when I shopped at Aurora BB I was charged for the wrong item and paid too much. Everybody is in a hurry and making mistakes there!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Flyer week: Oct 16, 10 - Oct 22, 10

bob - hi
commented on Oct 20 2010 3:10PM

bob - I love...
commented on Oct 20 2010 3:08PM
ilove baluk barn

Flyer week: Oct 09, 10 - Oct 15, 10

Jessika - smoking
commented on Oct 14 2010 11:43AM
I think the lady standing outside the aurora store smoking looks awful!

Kristine - stale
commented on Oct 14 2010 7:32AM
I think the Aurora one dumps the fresh food on top of the old stuff instead of getting rid of the old, because sometimes the nuts are really broken and old.

Flyer week: Sep 25, 10 - Oct 01, 10

Dale - Just Bulk
commented on Oct 1 2010 3:50PM
There's a just bulk store in the little caesar's plaza in aurora. It has candy and baking and seems clean and well priced.

Andrea - Youtube videos
commented on Sep 27 2010 6:41AM
What's with all the kids getting kicked out of Bulk Barn all the time?I don't believe its just kids sticking their hands in the food and eating it.

Karen - Bill
commented on Sep 27 2010 6:19AM
If you work for Bulkbarn you might try being a little less hostile and condescending to your customers - jerk

Jill - Strictly Bulk
commented on Sep 26 2010 6:19PM
Has anyone tryed the new Strictly Bulk stores? They advertise that they don't have the packaging that bulk barn has when it is shipped to the store, so saving the environment and lower costs.

Brenda - re: stale food
commented on Sep 26 2010 5:39PM
regarding the stale food comment: raw nuts and rices do not have a long shelf life, so only buy what you're using in the near future ( think days and weeks, not months.) There are probably other things best consumed quickly, if you research.

Bill - to Gail
commented on Sep 26 2010 5:04PM
Well actually if you must know Gail the bulk barn website is looking it up

Gail - to Bill
commented on Sep 26 2010 4:42PM
I think this is the Bulk Barn website. It's definitly not a therapy website Bill, so move along.

commented on Sep 26 2010 12:38PM
I dont understand if a cashier opens another line and there is 8 of you in the other line why would you just stand there and look at them! be proactive and go OVER TO THAT LINE!! Stop complaining it is your fault! you could have gone to the other line but you chose not to! Also just because you don't see something happening doesn't mean its not being done, scoops are cleaned daily.. Oh and not sure if you people noticed but this is NOT the bulk barn website.

Flyer week: Sep 18, 10 - Sep 24, 10

susan - flyer - coupon - stor employee false advertising
commented on Sep 20 2010 3:23PM
Was told by employee if I type in bulk barn and go to website it would have the store ads and coupons to use in the store. This site did nothing at all.

Barb - mould
commented on Sep 19 2010 11:54AM
I bought some candy which was reduced because it was a summer candy. I was assured it was good. When I went to give it to my kids, they noticed mould in the bag. It wasn't a lot of money, but I don't appreciate being sold mouldy food that could make us sick at any price.

Flyer week: Sep 11, 10 - Sep 17, 10

commented on Sep 16 2010 5:38PM
So high prices and stale food? Why would we shop here?

Mic**e (again) - RE: Morningside location
commented on Sep 12 2010 12:50PM
okay, so I am responding to my own comment. It is listed under Toronto, which is completely ridiculous because it is ceratainly NOT in Toronto. It is in Scarborough. Stupid people think that everything on Kingston Road that isn't Pickering or more Eastward is in Toronto. Scarborough does exist, you know.

Mic**e - Morningside location
commented on Sep 12 2010 12:47PM
there is a new location in Scarborough at Morningside Ave and Kingston Road and it is no where to be found on here. It's as if they have not accepted it's existence yet. I just want to know the hours of operation.

Flyer week: Sep 04, 10 - Sep 10, 10

Smart Shopper - Way to pricey
commented on Sep 5 2010 7:48PM
Since 2009 their prices are way up and higher even than 'luxury' stores like Metro, Sobey, etc.
Few samples (prices are approximate I was too upset to write them down when I saw them):
Bulk Barn (proces per kg):
- raw sunflower seeds - $6.00
- dried blueberries - $60.00
- kasha - $6.20

- raw sunflower seeds - $4.40
- dried blueberries - $42.0
- no kasha but at highlandFarm you can get it for $3-4/kg or less.

Flyer week: Aug 28, 10 - Sep 03, 10

Nancy - STALE
commented on Sep 1 2010 11:33AM
I have found the food stale lately, maybe because it's not that busy. With no expiry date, I don't trust the bulk food.

Linda - PRICES
commented on Aug 30 2010 3:48PM
The prices have definitely gone up! Not shopping here anymore!

Flyer week: Aug 21, 10 - Aug 27, 10

maryann - coupon
commented on Aug 27 2010 1:39PM
I like the bonus coupons and can always find them in the flyer. Easy to print one off the computer too. (for those who are having problems with this (?) just click on the spot on the flier and you will find the page with the coupon) I always look for the specials and find the products fresher than the grocery stores. No problem withe cashiers in Windsor, Always enough and they have always been very friendly.
Have always had good shopping experiences here.

Flyer week: Aug 14, 10 - Aug 20, 10

Dorothy - PRICES
commented on Aug 18 2010 2:09PM
I agree, the prices are not savings compared to the grocery store at all anymore!

commented on Aug 15 2010 4:14PM
I regularly shop at the Aurora Bulk Barn, and have had no problems with the staff, the products, or the scales (learn HOW to read them). I do believe many of their prices went up though.

Flyer week: Aug 07, 10 - Aug 13, 10

commented on Aug 8 2010 8:09PM
I totally agree with the lineup situation. I was in Aurora, there was a lineup of 8 of us. The other cashier came and served 2 people, then left even though there were another 6 in line still! Other places do not have lineups like that without getting another cashier.

Flyer week: Jul 31, 10 - Aug 06, 10

Anna - bulk barn over
commented on Aug 5 2010 7:00AM
I think the fad of these stores has died. All the good grocery stores have great bulk selections now so going to a specific bulk store is a waste of gas and time, they are not economical.

Flyer week: Jul 17, 10 - Jul 23, 10

Sherry - HOURS
commented on Jul 17 2010 9:32PM
Why can't bulk barn have the same hours as the other stores in the plaza? Saturday nights should be 8 or 9 pm! And Sundays 6 !

Flyer week: Jun 26, 10 - Jul 02, 10

Kate - coupon
commented on Jul 2 2010 7:20AM
the coupon is only printable when it's issued in the flyer. it's really random, and you don't know until you go on the page and enlarge it.It would be nice if we knew.

Helen - lineups
commented on Jun 28 2010 8:23AM
Do they only have 1 employee now or what? There's lineups of 6 people every time I go in, and no help! I find that insulting that we're not worth getting another cashier!

Flyer week: Jun 19, 10 - Jun 25, 10

commented on Jun 23 2010 1:23PM
Im tired of the rude staff, tired of the lack of coupons, and the prices don't seem as reasonable as they used to compared to other places.

Flyer week: Jun 12, 10 - Jun 18, 10

commented on Jun 17 2010 3:10PM
where do you find the 3.00 coupon?? some ppl dont get the flyer!!!!

commented on Jun 17 2010 9:33AM
i find the people don't know thee products they are selling by name,i don't know why,and they don;t get the prices wright.looking them up.It's a hassle to keep coming back.

Betty - cashiers
commented on Jun 12 2010 7:28PM
I know this makes me old fashioned but why do the girls working there have to look goth with dyed black hair and nose rings and tattoos? I thought the food industry had standards for this? Common courtesy wouldn't hurt either (ie: please , thank you)

Anne - Crystal CHILL
commented on Jun 12 2010 7:25PM
Ha ha relax. If you don't want to see comments don't read it. People are saying what they've experienced and you can't call them insane for that. And I'm sorry you have to read everybody's comments and have nothing better to do !I find the prices have gotten quite high and germs are always a concern these days.

Flyer week: May 29, 10 - Jun 04, 10

commented on Jun 3 2010 7:21AM
Sorry to disagree many products DO come in small packages I have seen the employees opening packs of candy,cookies, etc. to refill the stock. Perhaps things have changed since you worked there. Don't know about the cleanliness but that depends on enough staff at different locations I would say.

Marina - :-) Web Coupon
commented on Jun 1 2010 12:02PM
Web Coupon ---the best move.
Well done.

Crystal - Insane
commented on May 31 2010 1:28PM
So I have read every single persons comment on this page.
1st yes they should post their hours I agree
2nd all the people that have made a stupid comment are really mostly complaining about what they do themselves in the stores...

Bulk barn is a good company.
I used to work for one and it was organized.. food did not come in small packages like someone had said, scoops were constantly cleaned so the risk of bacteria wasn't there...

This is the thing people don't always see this and in todays society everyone is a snob... just relax!!

Prices ... well everyone complains about prices right now no one has money and there are yes something that are lower in some stores and not in others thats the way its always been... you have to shop around. the Bulk Barn prices are really not that bad... you people just want to complain...

Flyer week: May 15, 10 - May 21, 10

Claire - hours
commented on May 15 2010 6:46AM
Holiday hours please!

Flyer week: May 01, 10 - May 07, 10

Danielle - COUPON
commented on May 6 2010 6:59PM

Flyer week: Apr 03, 10 - Apr 09, 10

poop - i luv banana chip
commented on Apr 7 2010 4:31PM
i luv ur banana chips. but when i feed them to my dinosaur it gives him gas.

Carol - coupons
commented on Apr 6 2010 9:45AM
Why does the website say you can get the coupons at the store. The cashiers look at me like Im trying to steal something when I ask them, and either refuse or say theyll give me one when I leave the store! If they dont want us to use coupons, why issue them

Sheila - HOURS!!
commented on Apr 3 2010 3:27PM
It would be nice if the hours were provided for the holiday weekend like all the other stores do! Also, why are all the locations different hours? Sounds a bit rinky dink to me.

Flyer week: Mar 20, 10 - Mar 26, 10

commented on Mar 25 2010 6:26PM

Linda1 - measuring cups
commented on Mar 25 2010 2:23PM
I know that I can't dip my own measuring cup into a bin, but do they allow you to pour your raisins, nuts,whatever from their scoop into your own measure ? Hust want to ensure I am getting the exact ingredients for a recitp without having leftovers......

geo - sulk barn
commented on Mar 20 2010 2:06PM
F bulk barn!

Flyer week: Mar 13, 10 - Mar 19, 10

Janine - weighing products
commented on Mar 17 2010 8:39AM
Well interestingly enough the scales at cash do not match the scales in the store, and I was told the ones at cash (which weighed higher) are accurate. Huh?

robert - coupon
commented on Mar 16 2010 12:50PM
actually the online coupon isnt accepted I tried! Yesterday I shopped at superstore, and I find their bulk food prices and cleanliness far superior.

Jordan Hennebry - Bulk Barn
commented on Mar 15 2010 2:11PM
Hey everyone I just realized bulk barn has a new website with weekly specials, store hours, baking tips and a ton of other cool stuff. They even have product profile pages. There is even an online coupon you can print off....

Also in terms of the scales, weigh the product yourself when you pick it out of a bin and make sure that when they ring it through the cash, the weight you are charged for reflects the weight you initally weighed.

I personally loves this place...everything you need with the exception of beer :)
check it out...

Flyer week: Feb 13, 10 - Feb 19, 10

janet - scales calibrated
commented on Feb 19 2010 3:25PM
maybe if somebody does this they could post the results? It would be great to know, because I don't feel their scales are accurate either.

Dustin - Easy Scale Calibration Test when Shopping BulkFood
commented on Feb 19 2010 1:40PM

I just read a comment on this site about how often places like these may or may not calibrate their scales...

Here is an easy weigh to know if they are on the up and up... Just simply ask the attendant to weight a single $1 dollar Canadian coin or Loonie as we call them. If the scale is true it should weigh 7 grams exactly. If you have a dime <2001 it will weight .1 grams or >2001 it will weight .9 grams.

Since everything is bagged or binned, they should have no problem doing they request.

Your Welcome.

P.S Totally Ironic coinsidence is that my Anti-Spam Word to type in is scale... No lies

Dustin - Easy Scale Calibration Test when Shopping BulkFood
commented on Feb 19 2010 1:28PM

I just read a comment on this site about how often places like these may or may not calibrate their scales...

Here is an easy weigh to know if they are on the up and up... Just simply ask the attendant to weight a single $1 dollar Canadian coin or Loonie as we call them. If the scale is true it should weigh 7 grams exactly. If you have a dime <2001 it will weight .1 grams or >2001 it will weight .9 grams.

Since everything is bagged or binned, they should have no problem doing they request.

Your Welcome.

P.S Totally Ironic coinsidence is that my Anti-Spam Word to type in is scale... No lies

commented on Feb 14 2010 5:38AM
I find the Bulk Barn in Dundas to be one of the best I've been to. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. They know the products and there codes so cashing out is quick. I find it convienient to be able to purchase just the ammounts i need without having to buy a whole bag in the supermarket. This store is very busy so all the product is fresh. great job dundas

Flyer week: Feb 06, 10 - Feb 12, 10

Todd - scales
commented on Feb 10 2010 9:19AM
I think Bill has a good point. When I needed to be credited because the cashier made a mistake with the code it didn't weigh the same!

Bill - Scales
commented on Feb 10 2010 9:08AM
I was just wondering how often they calibrate their scales. Not only them, all grocery stores. Who is to say that they are not calibrating their scales high and charging us more for less. I feel like finding a government issued 10 gram weight and have them put it on their scales to see the exact weight measurement before they weigh what I am buying.

Flyer week: Jan 23, 10 - Jan 29, 10

Ron - Organika Inventory
commented on Jan 28 2010 6:17AM
Orangeville & 2 Brampton stores have been out of stock of Organika brand CURCUMIN since early December.
Clerk told me they had no control over inventory.

Shannon - re: staff not knowledgeable about products
commented on Jan 25 2010 3:40PM
I agree the staff don't know about the products, but they're just kids working there mostly, which is a whole other issue.

Kelly - prices high
commented on Jan 24 2010 4:33PM
Yes the spice prices are ok but the other prices are not. The nuts and baking ingredients are a complete ripoff. If they're busy and selling lots the food's fresh, if they're not, like outside major baking seasons, they're stale and old. I also find the staff know nothing about the products.

Admin - bulk barn finally has an online flyer
commented on Jan 24 2010 10:48AM
Bulk Barn has finally decided to join the 21st century by posting their flyers online. Thank you John for letting us know.

You make some very valid points Deb, it will probably save you in the long run if you buy what you need rather than buying prepackaged sizes because it's money down the drain if you don't use it up before they go stale.

Flyer week: Jan 16, 10 - Jan 22, 10

Deb - Lots of negativity in these comments
commented on Jan 23 2010 11:49AM
Wow, a lot of negative comments about Bulk Barn. I think they're great for bulk spices personally, and I buy all my spices there regularly. I've never had a problem with anything being stale. Sure beats buying them in conventional grocery stores. Talk about a rip off for those little bottles of stale spices those stores sell! I used to buy my spices in the pre-packaged bags in the grocery stores, because they were cheaper than the bottles, and found that they would go stale anyway, because it was usually too much of one particular spice for a family of two. So I'll continue buying my spices at Bulk Barn and paying pennies to fill my own bottles at home. And it's great to see that so many people here won't shop there, because it makes the check-out line shorter for those of us that do!

Flyer week: Jan 09, 10 - Jan 15, 10

commented on Jan 22 2010 6:15AM
The Bulk Barn website now has their Specials for the week in different parts of the country. Go to:

Suzanne - h1n1 flu
commented on Jan 21 2010 12:58PM
With flu season about to peak there's no way I'm going to shop there. Everybody touches the same scoops and some people put their hands in the food barrels.

Helen - english
commented on Jan 21 2010 11:21AM
I shopped at Aurora and could not understand what the lady was saying her accent was so strong! I then was told I needed to provide the code for my products. How ridiculous! I also waited in line while she chatted with her friend ahead of me which I didnt appreciate at all. Also whe had no product knowledge.

commented on Jan 21 2010 11:10AM

commented on Jan 18 2010 4:54AM
I asked at a Bulk Barn and they don't even have an online flyer , the only time you get a decent price there is if it's on sale

Flyer week: Jan 02, 10 - Jan 08, 10

thomas - whazzzz up with the hours of openity?
commented on Jan 15 2010 4:57PM
what hours are these stores open?

Flyer week: Dec 26, 09 - Jan 01, 10

Mic**e - Not sure I want to try this
commented on Jan 6 2010 9:12AM
After seeing all these negative comments, I am not sure I want to waste my breath going to the Bulk Barn. From what I see, the food is not fresh, no coupons, very expensive. Am I better off at my regular supermarket^^

Heather - High Prices
commented on Dec 26 2009 5:51PM
no savings when you get the nuts home and they have than horrible stale smell, Unuseable and they wouldn't give me a credit on them!
I smell everything now!

Flyer week: Dec 19, 09 - Dec 25, 09

Mike - high prices?
commented on Dec 22 2009 6:39PM
high prices? ok, so you save $ .10 per 100g of (let's say) walnuts - but compare the look and the taste of BB walnuts and walnuts from other store...
other thing - if I really want to save on everything I could get just by one visit of BB, I would have to go to 2/3/etc. stores. that means more time, more gas... do I really save something?

Flyer week: Dec 12, 09 - Dec 18, 09

Robert Parker - Bulk Barn is not a good corporate citizen.
commented on Dec 17 2009 2:13PM
Bulk Barn is greedy. I find their prices way to high, and have started to shop at other grocery stores that offer bulk food and better prices.

And the idea of no coupon is so out of date, one only has to go to to get coupons from many stores. Get with it Bulk Barn, your losing customers, you lost my business.

Fudge Lady - Prices are way too high!
commented on Dec 14 2009 3:37PM
I make fudge and compare prices on all my materials used in making fudge. I find each and every ingredient I use is higher at BB than at any grocery chain, online distributor or any other retail establishment. That's with the packaging and ease of shopping. Bulk Barn is pricing themselves out of the market- I tell everyone the same, don't shop there is you want to save $.

Theresa Turnbull - hours
commented on Dec 14 2009 10:52AM
Stores are open 9am to 9pm Monday-Sat..Sunday they are open 11am to 6pm

Annasher - Hours of Operation
commented on Dec 12 2009 4:54AM
The website indicates store locations and hours but I cannot find hours anywhere. This is of no use to me - I know where the store is I just want to know when it is open!!

Flyer week: Dec 05, 09 - Dec 11, 09

Bonal - Store Hours
commented on Dec 11 2009 7:21PM
Does anyone ever follow up on the posts?
Why aren't there any store hours in the site?

Flyer week: Nov 28, 09 - Dec 04, 09

Noria - Hours of Operation???
commented on Dec 6 2009 7:08AM
**ooo your link says hours.... none anywhere???!!!

commented on Nov 29 2009 1:52PM
Bulk Barn flyer is not up to date.

Flyer week: Nov 21, 09 - Nov 27, 09

Piranha - Using Coupons Wisely
commented on Nov 26 2009 9:56PM
Most stores only allow you to use one coupon per store visit so here's a little hint to get your money's worth:

1. Shop with another person and split the order so each order meets the $12 min. Have the other person cash out as if it's "their order".

2. Seniors Day/Student Discount Days! EVERY WED: Put all your sale items together and use the coupon on those items. Everything else not on sale use your senior/student discount :) You pay twice using two different transactions but you save more.

Flyer week: Nov 07, 09 - Nov 13, 09

Ian Craig - Bulk Barn - Downhill Trend
commented on Nov 12 2009 1:34PM
Used to go here regularly. At some point a Senior Exec must have felt they could get the same pricing on unpackaged foods as makers who package their product and upped all their prices accordingly. I still look briefly, but never see anything worthwhile going to their store for. They're being way too greedy. So I hardly ever go anymore

Flyer week: Oct 31, 09 - Nov 06, 09

Angela - You're right...useless
commented on Nov 3 2009 4:08PM
and NO HOURS! The link says this page will give the hours of Bulk Barn. What a crappy site.

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