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18   Responses

Flyer week: Jan 30, 14 - Feb 05, 14

Ray - rude workers
commented on Feb 5 2014 11:37AM
the worker at the meat section on l;t tend to please his own people and when other people ask for the same meat special his response is there is no more.this worker is of the phillipino race.this guy should be fired and also the place needs a general cleaning

Flyer week: Jan 16, 14 - Jan 22, 14

Carol - Customer service
commented on Jan 18 2014 1:13PM
I called the store and spoke with an employee who does not fully understand English. Her response to my question was irrelevant. Placed on hold but no one came to the phone.

Flyer week: Jun 13, 13 - Jun 19, 13

Andria - expired tettley tea
commented on Jun 19 2013 8:42PM
In May danforth market in mississauga had tettley tea on sale 240 bags for $5,99 i thought what a great buy I have never seen 240 bags before when I look at the expire date it was expired in May 2012 I brought it to the oweners attention the pretended they didn't understand what I was saying. I went back to check they scratched off the expired date and put them back on the shelf LOOK OUT FOR THEM CHECK THE DATES BEFORE IF IT IS A AWSOME DEAL IT IS EXPIRE.

Nikky - Flys everywhere, expired item and smelly meat
commented on Jun 19 2013 7:02PM
I bought some stuff in this store including meat. My car smell so bad and I was not sure what it was till I got home, opened my trunk and lifted up the meat. I cleaned the meat and cooked (my mistake). Oh my God watt a mistake. I was sick all through the weekend running to the toilet. Danforth market is selling poisonous meat. I don't know who to report to. I will NEVER go back.

Flyer week: Apr 18, 13 - Apr 24, 13

Lee - Not answering the telephone
commented on Apr 19 2013 6:34PM
I Call your location few times a no one bother to answer the telephone, this is not acceptable, poor customer service, please train your staff to answer the telephone, if your need your business to be successful.

Flyer week: Jan 24, 13 - Jan 30, 13

Doreen Sampson - Very dirty store
commented on Jan 25 2013 4:06PM
This store should be shut down by the Board of Health., lots of expired items on shelves., the raw meat section stinks., and overall, very, very rude staff

Flyer week: Jan 10, 13 - Jan 16, 13

blessed - Food
commented on Jan 10 2013 9:16AM
i've visited this store on and off for the last 12 years and unfortunately the same issue remain. this is a place that sells food items. i understand maybe management is saying they don't care if people don't like it, we just can choose not to shop there. true. but if you have taken upon yourself the service of selling to the public, please atleast keep the store clean. the products on the shelves are sometimes expired and most of them are dusty and old. a bit of cleanliness can go a long way...

Flyer week: Oct 25, 12 - Oct 31, 12

michael j - lie or misleading advertisement
commented on Oct 28 2012 3:51PM
please dont advertise item that you know you either dont have or selling like the corn beef for $1.99 a week ago.olus the staff are very rude and the place need some disinfection.

Flyer week: Sep 06, 12 - Sep 12, 12

donna - cleanliness
commented on Sep 9 2012 7:44AM
The store always smell bad. How about some real top top to bottom cleaning at least twice a year.. I would not be surprise if you have mice.....I must check next time if you have have the green card from the health inspector.....or is it that only for place that sell cooked food...I will find out..

Flyer week: Aug 02, 12 - Aug 08, 12

Sandra - Rude Staff
commented on Aug 2 2012 10:22AM
Very, very rude and horrible butcher, the Asian/Phillipino or could be Chinese guy. Also some of your products are out of date and your store needs to be cleaned more often always a horrible smell as soon as you enter the front door.

Flyer week: Jul 26, 12 - Aug 01, 12

Nell - Unhappy Customer
commented on Aug 1 2012 7:21AM
Rude cashiers and wrotten products.

Flyer week: May 31, 12 - Jun 06, 12

denise - where is your flyer?
commented on Jun 1 2012 9:19AM
i need to see this wks flyer

denise - upgrading required!
commented on Jun 1 2012 9:17AM
u need to have machine in your store that can accept payment by credit card

Flyer week: Mar 29, 12 - Apr 04, 12

Lisa M - flyer prices
commented on Mar 30 2012 12:13PM
You are advertising food stuff in your flying but whrn we cone in to the store you dont have, or making somw kind of excuse.

Jenifer - Interact machine
commented on Mar 30 2012 12:09PM
Every time I tried to use your interact machine with my card the message is I am denied, I cannot be denied because I have x amount of money in this account. And your staff is not very helpful. Please do something or change the old machines, after people are spending a lot of money in your store.

Flyer week: Jan 26, 12 - Feb 01, 12

Bebee - Cash Register Receipts
commented on Jan 28 2012 11:05AM
Your old outdated system shows a customer credit card number which anyone can use for fraud.
Did you change this system as yet ?

Flyer week: May 20, 10 - May 26, 10

commented on May 20 2010 10:07AM
Can you please update your flyer unless the sale is this on, let people know.

Flyer week: Dec 17, 09 - Dec 23, 09

Janet - Outdated flyer
commented on Dec 20 2009 12:26PM
It would be helpful to see what the comparative price for oxtail is in your store. I have been able to compare prices at other stores except this store.

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