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Flyer week: Nov 03, 12 - Nov 09, 12

Beverley Combe
commented on Nov 9 2012 7:04AM
I would like to get your recipe that was in last week's flyer for hearty beef stew made with red kidney beans etc. I mistakenly tossed out the flyeer and want to make it this week-end. I have purchased all of the ingredients.

Beverley Combe

Flyer week: Jul 14, 12 - Jul 20, 12

lucie lapalme RN
commented on Jul 15 2012 3:07AM
We need a farm boy in AYlmer....I find it hard to travel down to out west whenever i need something....

Flyer week: May 07, 11 - May 13, 11

Jay Lough Hayes - where
commented on May 7 2011 6:38AM
we live in Peterborough. There's no flyer for our city???

Flyer week: Jan 01, 11 - Jan 07, 11

raymond fortier - good products! aaa!
commented on Jan 7 2011 11:46AM
meat thriple aaa! no recalls by cfia canada!!

Flyer week: Oct 30, 10 - Nov 05, 10

commented on Nov 2 2010 11:11PM
i wish to buy more sea food in the famboy

Flyer week: Oct 16, 10 - Oct 22, 10

micheal - good
commented on Oct 21 2010 1:10AM
the shirt is very nice

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