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Which are the good deals and are there any coupons to help save even more?

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Flyer week: Jan 10, 14 - Jan 16, 14

william - E gift cards print out at home,take to the store
commented on Jan 12 2014 9:52AM
E gift cards print out at home,take to the store to use it, these days, would be nice if offer at stores,gift cards print out from web.for your basic food stores. use shop even more then. if could buy online. please offer them at your ont and que.

Flyer week: Dec 27, 13 - Jan 02, 14

Sheri Cummings - produce quality
commented on Dec 27 2013 7:17AM
I agree that the Food Basics "specials" are great BUT the produce quality is poor. Some attention should be given this aspect of food provision and Food Basics could be even better than it already is.

Flyer week: Nov 22, 13 - Nov 28, 13

Vivian - Flyers
commented on Nov 28 2013 2:43PM
What date and time do the new flyers show up on the website ?

Flyer week: Nov 15, 13 - Nov 21, 13

commented on Nov 15 2013 5:17PM
My family spent so much $$$$ at food basics in the past but there produce is always disappointing. At least in few occasions I tried to get a manager's attention to show how there lettuce and herbs are dying but I haven't seen any changes. These guys thing they have good price but it's the quality that matters not the quantity so we moved on even if we have to pay a little more elsewhere.

Flyer week: Oct 25, 13 - Oct 31, 13

commented on Oct 26 2013 2:33PM
the produce at food basics is garbage

Flyer week: Oct 18, 13 - Oct 24, 13

B. MORTON - rE: love food basics
commented on Oct 17 2013 3:18AM
Basically I love Food!The wekly sale items far exceed the other competors, and the sale items usually are food items that we eat on a daily? weekly basis. The check-out girls are frendly and corteous. The staore mananger also in out Lindsay store, Mark, is always on the fllor, and always make a frendly comment o all his customrs. He also talks to his emplyees in a repectful manner. Food Basics all the way in my books!

Flyer week: Oct 04, 13 - Oct 10, 13

Ava - Basic in Oshawa
commented on Oct 3 2013 4:56PM
When are we going to have a basic in Oshawa

Ava - Basic in Oshawa
commented on Oct 3 2013 4:55PM
When are we going to have a basic in Oshawa

Flyer week: Jan 25, 13 - Jan 31, 13

Anon - Crap
commented on Jan 27 2013 6:11AM
I worked for FB, its **, the produce is garbage, the management is retarded and the prices are only cheap because they underpay their employees and treat them like Chinese child laborers. shopping here is promoting Nazis.
Even my captcha was SCREW like how you shop there.

Flyer week: Dec 21, 12 - Dec 27, 12

henry de graaf - well-run
commented on Dec 24 2012 9:07AM
I once bought a carton of soymilk that had hardly any soy in it, but that was the exception.
I often find superdeal items out of stock, though.
Must I shop at 7 am or whenever the store opens, or just ask them to dig in storage and provide the item?

Flyer week: Dec 07, 12 - Dec 13, 12

commented on Dec 11 2012 6:17PM
stop cutting so deep with your box cutters your cutting into food

Marvin Reid - Flyer
commented on Dec 11 2012 5:58PM
You have been sending me the flyer by mail. Please discontinue as we get it with the rest of our flyers.
Marvin Reid
6 Christie Lane
Winchester, Ontario
K0C 2K0

Flyer week: Sep 14, 12 - Sep 20, 12

Naturi Smith - No more coupons for soymilk now
commented on Sep 17 2012 9:10AM
I tasted this Aureeva soymilk in the milk like bags at the TVA last week. What a delicious and refreshing soymilk and great price. I do not have to look for coupons for soymilk as it is the best product and always low price - for 4Liters only $6.49. I can keep it for 3 months in the refrigerator. I think Food Basics sells it.

Flyer week: Jul 27, 12 - Aug 02, 12

patricia - BASIC= AWESOME
commented on Jul 28 2012 12:17PM
i love food basic. it is so awesome. i love everything they put out. and they are the only store that have Archie comics

Flyer week: Jul 06, 12 - Jul 12, 12

car,em - prices
commented on Jul 11 2012 9:12PM
I find that food basics are the fairest prices out of all of the supermarket, for instance, Loblaws, Sobeys are usually almost 3 times as much as the prices at food basics. Will continue to shop there.

Flyer week: Jun 29, 12 - Jul 05, 12

Angela Campbell - Clerk Sevice
commented on Jun 30 2012 9:17AM
I've been to the location in Barrhaven a few times and been very impressed with the procduce clerk's service. When they've run out on the shelf, the few clerks I've asked were always willing to check if there's more in the back and not give me the standard "we're all out, sorry". Other shoppers wern't willing to ask, and buy something else, but when they see the guy coming with a trolley of more stock with a smile I think, now that's good customer service.

Flyer week: Jun 01, 12 - Jun 07, 12

Customer - Expired Food and few cashiers
commented on Jun 1 2012 5:39AM
I have often seen that in food basics you have to be very careful when you buy something as they often have expired foods especially like cake, salad...Also the food basics of 238 wellesley street, M4X1G2 is very dirty. They have only 2-3 cashier working most of the time and on Saturday they often have 2. SO there is huge line and you have to spend lots of time standing. I would say in terms of price they are good but they need to improve a lot in other things...

Flyer week: May 25, 12 - May 31, 12

vanesa - wonderful store
commented on May 25 2012 11:33AM
Since I came to Canada I being going to this store most of the time and can't compare the prices with other places. I always find what I need,the place is clean and the workers very helpful...

Flyer week: May 11, 12 - May 17, 12

Darwilian - Food Basics flyer May 11 - 17th
commented on May 11 2012 10:58AM
Both 'on-line' and 'paper flayer' do not contain the excpected quantities of items available for purchase. I.E. if you specifically go this store expecting to purchase any amount you want based on the advertising . . dont! If you want 4 or less Food Basic will accept their advertised prices. . . any more than 4 . . they default! Use their flyer and take it to any price-matcher to get any quantity you need! I did!

Darwilian - Food Basics flyer May 11 - 17th
commented on May 11 2012 10:32AM
Both 'on-line' and 'paper flayer' do not contain the excpected quantities of items available for purchase. I.E. if you specically you go this store expecting to purchase the amount you are going there for, dont trust the advertising! Use their advertising and take it to any price-matcher . . Walmart and No Frills fulfilled Food Basics flyers . .

Flyer week: Mar 09, 12 - Mar 15, 12

Holly - Rude service
commented on Mar 9 2012 11:41AM
Store clerk tells elderly lady to get product off the shelf herself because it's not his job, also tells her that the product she wants, although it is on sale, is not supposed to be restocked until the next day and she would have to come back. THERE WAS AN ENTIRE TOP SHELF OF THE PRODUCT, HE JUST HAD TO REACH UP AND GET IT FOR HER!!!!!!!

Vidya - Products
commented on Mar 9 2012 11:35AM
Went to a Food Basics store to buy bread, picked up the bread and there was mold all over it. Ran into the store manager and told him about it, was told that he was too busy and would take care of it in time. Would have been ok if it was only one loaf, but it was not.

Flyer week: Feb 24, 12 - Mar 01, 12

patricia - FOOD BASIC ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commented on Feb 26 2012 4:09PM
i love food basic. me my mom my dad my brother my sister my brother in law and even my little nephew who is 3 goes there all the time. there's always stuff we enjoy and need even for my dog. food basic is awesome. we usally go there EVERYDAY ;D usally for eggs or something but the most time we go and buy a ton of stuff is on saturday AND sunday.when we first watched kim kardashian we started to dance and get crazy and we made a pact that every saturday and sunday we go there and we do. by the way the person who is writing is 10 years old. GO BASIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanie - Get Real!
commented on Feb 24 2012 10:44PM
Food basics is just the cheap version of Metro. when it's going out of date in Metro they send it to food basics is my opinion. The store in Sarnia is dirty looking and the only time I shop there is if i have forgotten something somewhere else and it's a can, I wouldn't buy anything that's SUPPOSED to be fresh!

Flyer week: Dec 02, 11 - Dec 08, 11

tube of toothpaste
commented on Dec 6 2011 7:52AM
tube of toothpaste

Flyer week: Nov 18, 11 - Nov 24, 11

winston - Pizza on page 1 of flyer
commented on Nov 17 2011 5:51PM
Unbe..LIE..vable !

FOOD BASICS advertises a pizza on the very front
page of their flyer and fail to meet the demand
with sufficient stock. I went to the store no less
than three times during the week, and not once
were any available. To make matters worse, no rain
checks were being offered.

I smell a 'door crasher' scheme,and am much disgusted.

Flyer week: Nov 04, 11 - Nov 10, 11

commented on Nov 4 2011 5:26AM
You do pay absolutely for nothing the flyers to be delivered on Thursday we have to complain in London ontario in the Whiteoaks area to have the flyer but it seem to be impossible and we do find we consumers do have to pay for a product we do not get and you do nothing .....

Flyer week: Oct 14, 11 - Oct 20, 11

Gorgeous George
commented on Oct 19 2011 4:50AM
Love the Food Basic flyers online. Much better than Metro or YIGs. The sales prices are always great.

v. ray - comparison shop
commented on Oct 16 2011 5:58AM
Just to let consumers know that Food Basics does NOT price compare such as Freshco has an item on at 59cent and Food Basic's is 79 cents. That is what you pay but if you go to No Frills or Walmart you will be able to the item for the sale price at Freshco as long as it is the same size and name. Same applies to No Frills and Walmart.

Flyer week: Oct 07, 11 - Oct 13, 11

Darlene - stores
commented on Oct 7 2011 6:53AM
I hate it since they closed our food basics store here in oshawa now I have to go to ajax when they has good specials on.. Food Basics was one of my favorite grocery stores that ain't fair to us ....What did we do wrong for them to close our store?

Flyer week: Sep 23, 11 - Sep 29, 11

commented on Sep 29 2011 2:21PM

Teresa - YOU SUCK rude people sept 24,2011.
commented on Sep 24 2011 1:52PM
If I could get away with it I would smack people at the back of the head, people that through a bunch of bananas as they check to see how they look, tomatoes, and other fruits or vegetables that bruise. What or you stupid,rough or tough so you have to treat items like that. How about if the bananas had strenght to throw you around would you have bruises, GOD I hope so. Hope you get those bruised fruits or vegetables, when you get them home. Friendly shopper! but watch out if You get striked at the back of the head one day it could be me or hopefully someone bigger then you.

Flyer week: Jul 22, 11 - Jul 28, 11

Pauline - Metro
commented on Jul 22 2011 8:00AM
To the lady who thinks Metro is so much better - - FYI - Food Basics is owned by Metro. They do however run separate flyers.

Flyer week: Jul 15, 11 - Jul 21, 11

commented on Jul 15 2011 8:12AM
Where is this weeks flyer?

Flyer week: Jul 08, 11 - Jul 14, 11

commented on Jul 10 2011 7:50AM
The store at carling and kirkwood OTTAWA never have enough cashiers. You stand in line sometime 20 min
The store veg and fruit section is bad shape

Flyer week: Jun 17, 11 - Jun 23, 11

Marlene George - FRUIT
commented on Jun 17 2011 3:03PM
My daughter and I have been shopping at Basics - Willowdale Branch on Yonge St. Toronto for some months now. The fresh fruit is very inconsistent in its quality, i.e. last week the advertised strawberries were turning black and it takes some time for the California berries to do this, also, the so-called special tomatoes had soft spots on them and the blackberries were less than fresh.

Big disappointment. Please make note of this.

Flyer week: Jun 03, 11 - Jun 09, 11

Kafren - Stroes closed in Oshawa
commented on Jun 6 2011 9:11AM
Why are all the Food Basic stores in Oshawa closed?

Ione Marlene Rose - Disgruntled
commented on Jun 3 2011 2:47PM
I have just recently started to shop at Food Basics. Prices very good as a rule and have never found the staff anything but helpful and the cashiers polite and cheerful. However, my complaint is FINDING YOUR FLYER ONLINE. Many, many times I find a Food Basics flyer only to reach the Willowdale store closest to me and find nothing is the same in their store flyer as was online. Takes a real detective to locate the correct flyer. Loblaws and many other stores do not have this problem! Do try to straighten this out.

Flyer week: May 27, 11 - Jun 02, 11

gfr - sdf
commented on May 30 2011 6:18PM

Flyer week: Apr 29, 11 - May 05, 11

Barb - Compareable
commented on May 1 2011 6:31AM
I went to Food Basic, then to Fortinos,And did a lot of compared shopping.I found that Fortinos is very comparable and clean well stock shelves,orderly very helpful people.Lean ground beef that turns brown at Fortinos,which it should not like Food basics where it stay red , what have they put in it too keep the meat red hmmmmmmmm.
Checked many other items and found them to be the same or lower,fresh meat varity,nice people No more Food basic for me.Metro is just a like Fortinos be quality.Do you want cheaper prices or better food.
Barb From Hamilton,Ontario
A changed person.

Flyer week: Apr 08, 11 - Apr 14, 11

Coupon Saver - UGH!
commented on Apr 11 2011 8:07AM
I am so sick of looking online and seeing great sales, and when i go to the store..nothing is there. WTF!

Flyer week: Apr 01, 11 - Apr 07, 11

Sean Temp - bring it out of the back room!!!!
commented on Apr 7 2011 7:19PM
I think that there prices are great, but soooo many times I go there alot of sale items are sold out and I usually shop on sunday early mornings....

Flyer week: Feb 11, 11 - Feb 17, 11

loyal client - rude against seniors
commented on Feb 17 2011 8:35AM
Rude against senior at food basics(1670 Heron road, Ottawa), make sure if you are with any of your parents and they are over 70 years makes sure don’t try to help them, let them get their own cart and do their own shopping according to one manager! your sales worth nothing without good public relation.

Flyer week: Dec 03, 10 - Dec 09, 10

NOSOBEYS - what is a good sale?
commented on Dec 3 2010 9:29AM
I wonder what is considered a good sale.Everyone has preferences for what should be on sale. I would guess most stores put items on sale of which they are way overstocked.

Flyer week: Nov 26, 10 - Dec 02, 10

Betty - No Good Sales at the end of the month
commented on Nov 27 2010 7:41PM
Has anyone noticed that a number of stores don't have much in the way of good sales at the end of the month?

It seems when the old age cheques are out, the sales in the flyers are poor.

Flyer week: Nov 05, 10 - Nov 11, 10

No Whiners - Whining
commented on Nov 7 2010 12:21PM
What a bunch of whiney **es on this website, get a life! It's a friggin' grocery store, get over yourselves!!!

commented on Nov 5 2010 2:01PM
You can't use a spouse's credit card at other stores too. If you go somewhere and you got away with it, the cashier is most likely not doing his/her job properly.

Flyer week: Oct 15, 10 - Oct 21, 10

Karen - re: since when?
commented on Oct 17 2010 8:11PM
It just happens to be illegal and against cc policy to use another person's cc. You have to use your own with your own signature on the back of the card. Duh.

myrna - flyer
commented on Oct 16 2010 2:36PM
flyer not received regularly by mirror distributor at postal code m1g 2j2

Flyer week: Oct 08, 10 - Oct 14, 10

malisa - AHHH
commented on Oct 9 2010 9:44AM
im bored

malisa - AHHH
commented on Oct 9 2010 9:44AM
im bored

Flyer week: Oct 01, 10 - Oct 07, 10

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commented on Oct 7 2010 3:10AM
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Put limits on items
commented on Oct 5 2010 5:36AM
Why doesn't Food Basic put a limit on items on the actual flyer? I am sick and tired of going to the store on Saturday to find they ran out of merchandise yet I see some people with a cart load of the same item. (The jam and olive oil that was on sale this week). I don't blame Food Basic for not allowing you to use your husband's credit card, how do they know her is your husband or it was stolen?

rebecca - since when?
commented on Oct 1 2010 3:12PM
since when you are not allowed to pay with your spouse credit card for the groceries at food basic store ???? is this a new policy or just for specifics stores???? very dissapointed ...i had a bad experience at one of the stores.As far as i know every where in the world i can do this but not at food basic???

Flyer week: Sep 17, 10 - Sep 23, 10

doodle fiddlers with noodleboy - noodlers
commented on Sep 19 2010 5:33AM
noodlers are doodlers and fidlers go didlers

Flyer week: Aug 20, 10 - Aug 26, 10

danielle - sick and tierd
commented on Aug 26 2010 6:30PM
food basic flyer non existent

danielle - sick and tierd
commented on Aug 26 2010 6:26PM
i am sick and tierd of missing the new flyer every thursday when i try to compare prices to know where i will shop first.This "food basics" people realy dont care about customers just pretend they do ,you have to log on hundreds of times to find the flyer on thursday.Sick and tired....

Flyer week: Jul 23, 10 - Jul 29, 10

bob - To Dan: online flyer is the same as in-store flyer
commented on Jul 29 2010 7:52AM
The in-store flyer is exactly the same as the online flyer, so I don't see why they would say that and can't you just show them the sale price on the physical flyer.

dan from welland - online flyer
commented on Jul 25 2010 10:24AM
went to my local, welland,Ontario, Food basics.Wanted to get the top sirloin or bacon wrapped beef medalions(1.00 each)
Was told that they DO NOT HONOUR the online flyer prices. Perhaps I will rethink where I get my groceries in the future.

dan from welland - online flyer
commented on Jul 25 2010 10:23AM
went to my local, welland,Ontario, Food basics.Wanted to get the top sirloin or bacon wrapped beef medalions(1.00 each)
Was told that they DO NOT HONOUR the online flyer prices. Perhaps I will rethink where I get my groceries in the future.

Flyer week: Jun 04, 10 - Jun 10, 10

kimbo slice - Jid
commented on Jun 7 2010 9:47AM
Awowyea Hib R Ya 2day

Flyer week: Apr 02, 10 - Apr 08, 10

Henry de Graaf - don't be so fussy
commented on Apr 4 2010 11:33AM
if you are so eager to shop early, why not just go to the store and pick up a flyer in-store?

Henry de Graaf - price squeeze
commented on Apr 4 2010 11:29AM
I find all the price squeezes in my town marked with after and before prices, so unless they are lying, price squeeze is not a ripoff. If they are lying, they can be sued for false advertising.

Flyer week: Feb 12, 10 - Feb 18, 10

NotWeasel - "Squeeze" = "Jacking Up"
commented on Feb 15 2010 9:49AM
I just wanted to point out something I noticed on Friday. It turns out that a "Price Squeeze" actually means they've raised the price. Just a heads-up to pay special attention. More details here:

Chris - flyer dates
commented on Feb 12 2010 10:20AM
For the many of you who are disappointed with the posting of the Food Basics flyer, go directly to the Food Basics website instead at
As of Feb 12, this website is still posting a flyer that ended Feb 11 but Food Basics website at least has their current flyer posted.

Flyer week: Feb 05, 10 - Feb 11, 10

daniela usurelu - update
commented on Feb 11 2010 5:43PM
please,please update the flyer ,it is unfair not helping customers ... is it too hard or is it just because you do not want to ???

Flyer week: Dec 04, 09 - Dec 10, 09

Locine - Stop ranting here.
commented on Dec 6 2009 2:40PM
I think it would be greatly appreciated by all page-viewers and commenters if people would stop commenting on Food Basic's lack of updating flyers before Friday. This site, as it says when you post a comment states:

does not represent nor have any affiliations with Food Basics. So please do not post any comments directed at Food Basics on this page. You are better off contacting them directly.

Please stop ranting about their poor lack of timing in posting their flyer. Save your efforts and contact Food Basics at this address:

They'll get your comments and we won't have to read useless posts.

commented on Dec 3 2009 4:22PM
I can see the flyers, are you still having problem viewing the flyers?

Flyer week: Nov 27, 09 - Dec 03, 09

sharon - can't open flyer, just see banner with dates
commented on Nov 29 2009 3:57PM
Help. i have not been able to see the actual flyer info for weeks. Is any one else having this problem? I just see a banner with the sale dates for this week.

Flyer week: Nov 20, 09 - Nov 26, 09

Debra - Price Squeeze or Not?
commented on Nov 21 2009 8:56AM
Can somebody please explain to me how this PRICE SQUEEZE works. Some weeks certain items are marked as such (regular than lower)thats good! Then the very next week the same item is in the flyer again at a higher price (than the normal price and the lower price the week before). Hope you can follow the point I am trying to what do you think?

Flyer week: Nov 13, 09 - Nov 19, 09

Surfer Girl
commented on Nov 19 2009 5:22PM
The competition releases their flyer on Thursday. Perhaps you should give some thought to that. I make my list on Thursday, so I will shop elsewhere!

Bernie Leo
commented on Nov 19 2009 1:04PM
If the flyer is printed and delivered to my house by Thursday why is it not available on line on Thursday. Sure would appreciate it.

Paul Woods
commented on Nov 15 2009 3:44PM
The flyer prices are in effect until Thursday. Why the mad dash to shop on Friday if you can wait until Monday?

keith schwantz
commented on Nov 13 2009 6:18AM
PLEASE MAKE FLYER AVAILABLE ON THURSDAY....."FIXED" income,and mobility impaired !!!It would save us money and by the looks of previous comments, more HAPPY customers.....Thanks !!!

Flyer week: Nov 06, 09 - Nov 12, 09

Tom Bee
commented on Nov 12 2009 6:00PM
What are all These Posts Doing On Your Website Directed At Food Basics Then???

commented on Nov 12 2009 2:04PM
I agree. It isn't this site, but Food Basics. Honestly, I have seen it where on Thursdays you can view the next flyer starting on Friday, but for whatever reason it seems currently unavailable. There really aren't that many great deals this week and I would rather save my shopping trip until tomorrow...grr

Flyer week: Oct 30, 09 - Nov 05, 09

Golden Rockette - It's Unanimous
commented on Nov 5 2009 7:17PM
If you haven't figured it out yet, those who check the flyers to decide where they are going to shop are not going to Food Basics (we also have Zehrs and Price Chopper to choose from). So until we get flyers online on Thursday, it's off to Price Chopper. Thank you for making the decision easy.

commented on Nov 5 2009 6:14PM
have just checked Zehrs flyer online to shop on friday am - wanted to see what food basics had to offer but will just be going to Zehrs as your flyer not available online for tomorrow

Flyer week: Oct 23, 09 - Oct 29, 09

compare to shop
commented on Oct 29 2009 7:38PM
would like to see the new flyer on thursday so that i can have list ready for firday mornings to go shopping early.

Flyer week: Aug 21, 09 - Aug 27, 09

G Eldridge
commented on Aug 27 2009 9:54AM
I shop at the food basic in North Bay and I find the prices are very reasonable. Th store is always stocked very well and the people there are awsome when it comes to helping seniors.

Flyer week: Aug 14, 09 - Aug 20, 09

Kenneth Strom
commented on Aug 20 2009 4:32PM
store at pape and cosburn sucks

Gino Frangoudis
commented on Aug 20 2009 4:29PM
what a stupit store

Eve Scountrtianos
commented on Aug 20 2009 4:27PM
The Store at pape and cosbuurn is the worst i have been to.They are always running out of everything.Especially cat litter they never have any,have you ever heard of supply and demand?

Flyer week: Aug 07, 09 - Aug 13, 09

commented on Aug 13 2009 6:45PM
I agree. I love to check out the flyers online the night before they go into effect so I can make my grocery list, but Food Basics is the only one that does not update before tomorrow. Food basics PLEASE update your website with the new flyer on Thursdays. All the other grocery stores do it. In fact, I get e-mail notices with the new flyers on Thursdays from 3 others. Please change it sooner

Diane Camp
commented on Aug 13 2009 6:06PM
Why does it take this flyer (Food Basics) so long to update.
All the other flyers that go into effect tomorrow are updated early. It is 9:00 p.m and not yet done.

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