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25   Responses

Flyer week: Jun 10, 11 - Jun 16, 11

commented on Jun 10 2011 12:15PM
I just wonder do they look at the comment of the consumers that may help them to improve their business if the owners want to survive in this competitive market. They need to change!

Flyer week: Feb 25, 11 - Mar 03, 11

DaFeiJi - Severe Refrigeration Issues
commented on Mar 2 2011 2:21PM
The staff are not well-trained, very ignorant about basic things like storing vegetables, meats at the right temperatures etc. You will do well if you shop on Saturday (when the supplies appear to be freshest), otherwise by Tuesday (or even Monday), some of the vegetables are already wilting. This is deplorable. I shudder to think about how the meat is stored (I avoid buying meat here).

I speak 2 Chinese dialects, and I can barely communicate with the Foody staff. It's not strictly a language issue. Many of the staff at TnT do not speak English well either, yet I think their customer service, even when serving non-Chinese speakers is at a very acceptable level.

andy ye - mostly over charge on items
commented on Feb 28 2011 6:04PM
please be alerted at cashier, always watching at them, frequently,mistake of more charging customer.i don't know honest or intended error.

Flyer week: Jan 28, 11 - Feb 03, 11

Asha - I didn't have any problem with the staff
commented on Jan 30 2011 5:38AM
I've been there few times and i just go and get what i want.. i don't interact with the staff..they are doing their job.just leave them alone..if you don't like the quality they go shop at loblaws or longos.

commented on Jan 28 2011 11:46AM
Focus on savings and don't mind the staff's manner then you will be fine.

Flyer week: Jan 14, 11 - Jan 20, 11

hahha - hahah
commented on Jan 15 2011 11:36AM
welcome to china town

they are like working in a "city" or supermarket STYLE

when you are busy everyone is in "BAD attitude" so please be reasonable.

Last time they over charged me 5 or 6 dollar i went back to the cashier and she gave me back

the stuff do want to help is just all of them do not speak a english at all ABC they do not even know

good luck enjoy cheap grocery

Flyer week: Dec 10, 10 - Dec 16, 10

Sam M. - markham store
commented on Dec 15 2010 8:35AM
Yup, rude staff. Fruit and vegetable do not last more than 24 hour. Buy only if you can use it within 1 day or 2. Meat that are in fridges look suspicious because temperture is incorrect (kind of warm). It's a crazy house with so many customers trying to save some $$ but actually they are paying exact amount for the stuff that are getting - cheap!

Janet S. - Markham store
commented on Dec 13 2010 9:50AM
rude stuff and they ignore you (if you are white)
I been twice and both times was same... :(

Flyer week: Oct 22, 10 - Oct 28, 10

david trombley
commented on Oct 22 2010 3:12AM
i go to all these stores in markham area with my wife and never have a problem im from windsor and i dont speak chinese. The stores are very busy but you have to have patience i quess that's what some of you people need.

Flyer week: Oct 15, 10 - Oct 21, 10

marc - frozen
commented on Oct 16 2010 7:32PM
All the fruits and veggies are freezer burn......low quality food ...grade 0

Flyer week: Jul 09, 10 - Jul 15, 10

commented on Jul 9 2010 11:42PM
You people complaining are so funny to me. I guess you've never been to KNOBHILL FARMS (formerly at Woodbine and #7)

Day in, day out these employees have to put up with your sour attitudes and stupid behavior. If you would learn simple phrases like "PLEASE" or "THANK YOU" it would go a long way in changing the culture of customer relations at this store.

If it is as busy as everyone says it is, can you imagine how many nasty angry people mis-treated the staff before you got there????

The customers have created this animosity and only the customers can do anything to change it. Be moraly responsible citizens and perhaps the staff can one day return the favour.

Flyer week: Jul 02, 10 - Jul 08, 10

commented on Jul 2 2010 8:06AM
Their fruit and vegetable do not last more than 24 hour. Poor quality. Worst than No Frill.
Buy only if you can consume it within 1 day or 2.
Meat and fish seem OK although I try not to buy from them after seeing water dripping inside the meat fridge which mean temperture was incorrect.
It is a mad house 7 days a week but seem like customer is only buying sales items.

Flyer week: Jun 25, 10 - Jul 01, 10

JM - Relax
commented on Jun 27 2010 5:49AM
You get what you pay for...are you going there to get great Customer Service or great prices? Just don't speak to the staff and buy your the prices carefully for yourself and you'll be fine.

Unfortunately, that's the downside when you go to some ethnic markets...not all of them are like that but you can't be surprised.

Customer Service is usually great at T & T, but sometimes an occasional staff will have a bad day.
Just relax when you go to Foody Mart and don't expect the staff to know what the heck "basil" is... Do you know what "Gha Ling Gho" is? There you have it. Just enjoy the savings and you'll be fine. I'm definitely going back to keep more $ in my's worth language barrier ya know.

commented on Jun 25 2010 1:54PM
"Jumbo" cherries on sale on Lone Tai Group this week are just small size. Please do not advertise "Jumbo". That is cheating; you want people come to your store and spending their money, but you should not cheat on customers. Very bad business! Never come again!

zhang li li - friend of Tone Tai and Hong Tai bookkeepers
commented on Jun 25 2010 1:46PM
Please do not confuse consumers. Lone Tai group is no more exit. Lone Tai and Long Food stores are owned by Mr. Song's family. Lone Tai group should change their name to Foody Mart Corporation. Whatever special at Lone Tai and Long Food are not related to Foody Mart, Hong Tai and Tone Tai.

zhang li li - friend of Tone Tai and Hong Tai bookkeepers
commented on Jun 25 2010 1:44PM
Please do not confuse consumers. Lone Tai group is no more exit. Lone Tai and Long Food stores are owned by Mr. Song's family. Lone Tai group should change their name to Foody Mart Corporation. Whatever special at Lone Tai and Long Food are not related to Foody Mart, Hong Tai and Tone Tai.

Alvincy Hui - Ms
commented on Jun 25 2010 1:36PM
You are right. You only come to lone tai group (8) supermarkets for the price not for the services. They are also coughing, sneezing and picking nose in front of customers. Even the manager (Janice) was given attitude to the customers. She spoke very little English; she doesn't know the word "**ake mushroom, safiron, lemon grass, burdock, thai chilli, etc. the owner's wife at tone tai was arguing over with customer; suddely the customer snapped her because she had said so many bad words (mandarin). I will never go there even their prices are little lower than T & T. The ready to eat foods of T & T are more safer to feed my family; Nobody wants to get sick.

Mary T
commented on Jun 24 2010 10:22PM
It just so happened to go to the website to check the coming weekly specials, but to my surprise, I found the attached flyer from last week - the date effective showing from June 25th - July 1st/2010.
Forgot to post the new weekly specials???? oops...

Flyer week: Jun 11, 10 - Jun 17, 10

Anne - Enjoyable Visit!
commented on Jun 17 2010 2:59PM
If we're all a little more patient and pleasant it really goes a long way!

Flyer week: May 14, 10 - May 20, 10

commented on May 14 2010 10:04AM
This flyer is for Warden store only but not Markham store.

For the ones whom had bad experience with the staffs there. Keep in mind that you only go there for the price, not with their service. Don't expect to get good service or freebies with this price.

Flyer week: Apr 30, 10 - May 06, 10

Ivy Li
commented on May 6 2010 1:28PM
I experienced the same bad attitude when I shop at your Markham store.
Cashier never tell you to pick up one more thing for the 2 for 1 specials. They are so unwilling to help. They always complain to each other about the job. Do you not pay these people or what?

Mrs Wong - Why your eemployee are so unhappy ?
commented on May 6 2010 1:25PM
I shop at your Markham store weekly but I cannot stand the attitude of your cashier. I bought 2 cans of green tea for 79cent each . If I was at T & T, their cashier would have said pick up one more can and you get it for $2. I bought a BBQ duck rice ($3.99), the girl refused to give me the green bean and didn't say it ran out. She just handed me the box with an angry face. Why so many of your employee look angry all the time? If they are so unhappy with the job then they should not be there.

Flyer week: Jan 29, 10 - Feb 04, 10

gerri - flyer
commented on Jan 31 2010 2:02PM
where,s the ** flyer

commented on Jan 31 2010 1:40PM

Flyer week: Jan 08, 10 - Jan 14, 10

eva - flyer
commented on Jan 13 2010 10:53AM
looking for flyer

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