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22   Responses

Flyer week: Nov 23, 12 - Nov 29, 12

commented on Nov 29 2012 11:33AM
it is really very sreng that dispite lots of feedback you have not change the flyer,people have problem to open your flyer, so far you have not done anything.

Flyer week: Apr 27, 12 - May 03, 12

lidia - fustrated
commented on Apr 29 2012 1:25PM
cant get into flyer screw yoy

lea - cant get into flyer
commented on Apr 29 2012 1:24PM
the ** with you people cant get into the weekly flyer take my business elswhere

Flyer week: Apr 20, 12 - Apr 26, 12

commented on Apr 20 2012 4:53AM
This flyer is not easy to open as Metro ,Food Basic,and the others. I will never waste my time again to check it.Fortino's management does not care to improve it, so I will not care to shop to their stores either.

Flyer week: Feb 10, 12 - Feb 16, 12

bummy - hi, exspensive
commented on Feb 13 2012 2:54PM
hi,interesting i like fortinos but but its EXSPENSIVE..... pasint little brother pacotion little sister patipons pations on a britter day!~!`

Flyer week: Mar 04, 11 - Mar 10, 11

al - Can not open flyer
commented on Mar 4 2011 10:35AM
The only option to oenflyer is by item.
Unable to open full page view.
Is a problem with the flyer?
I have no problem to open No frill flyer.
Would you know why this is happening?

Flyer week: May 28, 10 - Jun 03, 10

Elizabeth - coming into the real world
commented on May 31 2010 1:49AM
I have to agree with most of the comments that I have read, In the past I have found it hard to find the flyer, and it is really small. The prices are starting to get a little better. The fruit should be cheaper I can get for half the price elsewhere.I really think that if you want the market then you need to come into the real world. chow Liz

Flyer week: May 21, 10 - May 27, 10

commented on May 21 2010 9:59AM
don't like the flyer at all.

Flyer week: May 07, 10 - May 13, 10

ed - difficult
commented on May 7 2010 3:38AM
to hard to find!

Flyer week: Mar 26, 10 - Apr 01, 10

Admin - New website still has the old flyer format
commented on Mar 30 2010 6:19PM
Even though Fortinos have redesigned their website, they have still maintained the old flyer format which some people still prefer. To access it, simply the select "Page View" option instead of the default "Item View"

Flyer week: Feb 19, 10 - Feb 25, 10

commented on Feb 25 2010 3:48PM
my god, your prices are through the roof!

I will stick with Wal-Mart!

Joan - much of a hassle finding it.
commented on Feb 25 2010 3:46PM
I must have clicked on 6 different sites just to find your flyer.

back to no frills.

Flyer week: Jan 15, 10 - Jan 21, 10

Xenia Zakaib - Can't Read This!
commented on Jan 20 2010 4:43PM
Too small, can't read the specials!!!!!!

Flyer week: Jan 08, 10 - Jan 14, 10

Sue - Flyer Look
commented on Jan 9 2010 6:25AM
yikes, I agree with others, the new flyer is not at all people friendly, I much preferred the old way of looking at it....please please change it back!

Flyer week: Jan 01, 10 - Jan 07, 10

M Sykes - What! no flyer for tomorrow!
commented on Jan 7 2010 6:25AM
I shop with Grocerease shoppers I am a shut-in, Up until now, I could see next flyer as shopper calls me today for tomorrows shopping list. How do I know specials etc. if it is not on line today?

Flyer week: Dec 25, 09 - Dec 31, 09

BigHog - Fortino's Flyer
commented on Dec 31 2009 2:29PM
I appreciate that you may being trying to modernize your online flyer presence. I have to say I find using your new flyer difficult and I will likely rely on the paper version. I suggest rolling back to a more traditional version.

Flyer week: Dec 04, 09 - Dec 10, 09

commented on Dec 6 2009 6:03AM
your flyer has changed and not for the better!!!

Flyer week: Nov 20, 09 - Nov 26, 09

Admin - link has been corrected
commented on Nov 23 2009 1:59PM
Hi Gloria,

Thanks for providing the link. The link on this page has been corrected.

Gloria - Link to Fortinos Flyer
commented on Nov 22 2009 11:14AM
took a while but I found the Fortinos flyer here: (copy and paste it into browser address line)

Jerry - Flyer Link
commented on Nov 20 2009 12:03PM
I agree with Brenda.
Will have ti shop at Metro this week.

Brenda - Flyer link
commented on Nov 20 2009 9:08AM
When I click on "View Fortinos Flyer" it comes back link does not exist. I have more trouble getting in to your flyer than anyone elses. You need to hire a new programmer.

Flyer week: Nov 06, 09 - Nov 12, 09

commented on Nov 12 2009 8:22PM

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