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Which are the good deals and are there any coupons to help save even more?

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Flyer week: Feb 27, 14 - Mar 05, 14

commented on Feb 27 2014 12:16PM
Why bother with specials when your newspaper will not even deliver to us and as for coupons I have never seen any in the store so I rarely go there

Flyer week: Feb 13, 14 - Feb 19, 14

frustrated - why?
commented on Feb 14 2014 2:36PM
every week "object moved to here" which is a dead end ? why even have a site if the flyer cannot be viewed? this has been this way for over a year , probably would boost your sales to fix this error...

Flyer week: Jan 23, 14 - Jan 29, 14

hjdy - mrs.hjdy
commented on Jan 24 2014 1:31PM

Flyer week: Dec 12, 13 - Dec 18, 13

Chuck Kelly - Re: Your Ads
commented on Dec 13 2013 8:39AM
I imagine you pay good money to have
your flyers delivered,well you are wasting your money
here in North Bay,Ont.,as we have not seen a flyer in 4 weeks. Not just me ,our whole area.Calls to the Nugget are a complete waste of time.

Flyer week: Oct 31, 13 - Nov 06, 13

commented on Nov 1 2013 7:09AM
need flyers

Flyer week: Sep 26, 13 - Oct 02, 13

Judy Burnett - Not receiving Flyer
commented on Sep 29 2013 4:05AM
For the past 2 weeks have not received the Fresco flyer in our weekly flyer pack that is delivered in Sydenham, Ontario!!!!

ella - bad site
commented on Sep 26 2013 1:52PM
Your site is very unprofessional, change it.
Can not find any products, can not find prise, what to do with my postal code? I need price only.

Flyer week: Apr 19, 13 - Apr 25, 13

Lorrie - choose a store
commented on Apr 25 2013 5:44AM
Why do I have to go through this. Who cares what my postal code is. I am not asking you to locate a store for me. I only want to see the flyer. I know where my stores are. If I need help with this, I can choose that option for myself.

Flyer week: Apr 12, 13 - Apr 18, 13

James Walker - the worse store
commented on Apr 14 2013 3:19PM
I went to find out what time they where opne look the wholepage ever thing alse but time SO I WENT TO NOFRILS WILLL NEVER GO BACK GO TO NOFRILS NOW i ask
for bread they sent me to about 5 to 6 people no one know

Flyer week: Feb 22, 13 - Feb 28, 13

fadila - want weekly flyer
commented on Feb 24 2013 11:10AM
can you please email me Freshco greocery flyer every week so, I can make up my mind what to buy. Thank you

Flyer week: Feb 08, 13 - Feb 14, 13

commented on Feb 8 2013 11:54AM

Flyer week: Feb 01, 13 - Feb 07, 13

Mic**e Romphf - Want More? Dig Deeper!
commented on Feb 4 2013 7:36AM
Hey guy's. It is my belief that if you want "deals",we must be willing to do more of the leg work ourselves. (looking for Thurs flyer, perhaps understaffed stores,) Remember, you get what you pay for. Service costs $$$. The discount stores are not able to offer the service that we have known in the past. Trust me, I own a successful Privetly owned Travel Agency in Lambeth On. Want service? Go to Loblaws, or better still, one of the nice markets in your area. For the record, both Freshco stores I have been to in London & St. Thomas are both really great.

Flyer week: Jan 04, 13 - Jan 10, 13

Marilyn - the *&@#$$!***## FLYER!!!
commented on Jan 4 2013 5:37AM
OMG!!Navigating this flyer is mind blowing. FIX IT!
Check NO FRILLS ONLINE FLYER. Very user friendly..makes you want to shop there!!!

Flyer week: Dec 28, 12 - Jan 03, 13

ian - website
commented on Dec 31 2012 10:28AM

Flyer week: Dec 07, 12 - Dec 13, 12

ralph ehrlich - all of the complaints
commented on Dec 7 2012 9:24PM
with all the complaints I have just read It looks to me like freshco may be on their way out or bankrupcy those coment make me thing if it is worth the effort to go to a freshco!

ralph ehrlich - all of the complaints
commented on Dec 7 2012 9:23PM
with all the complaints I have just read It looks to me like freshco may be on their way out or bankrupcy those coment make me thing if it is worth the effort to go to a freshco!

Flyer week: Nov 02, 12 - Nov 08, 12

commented on Nov 6 2012 10:40AM

Flyer week: Oct 19, 12 - Oct 25, 12

Gene Lampman - Changes are coming
commented on Oct 25 2012 9:20AM
Well this is the first flyer which has - Indian food on page one.......................First of many to come no doubt................We have lost control of all things big and small.............Well it was good while it lasted.

Flyer week: Jun 01, 12 - Jun 07, 12

Ben - Bad customer service
commented on Jun 3 2012 3:33PM
I used to go shopping at Dundas&Erindale Freshco and get good plesant and polite customer service, but this time (June 3rd around 18:06) I received an unpleasent and unfriendly service by a counter employee Named Janice. I am so dissapointed way she treated me.

Flyer week: May 25, 12 - May 31, 12

commented on May 31 2012 12:00PM

Vidya - Unfriendly atmosphere
commented on May 25 2012 12:59PM
I shop at Freshco or used to. I found the layout of the store to be very consumer unfriendly, the employees are not helpful, sullen cashiers. I know that store management varies and we have to keep an open mind, but there should be a satndard affiliated with the Feshco name!

Flyer week: May 04, 12 - May 10, 12

codie bourcier - bad assumptions
commented on May 8 2012 6:16AM
I can not believe half of the comments made here. I find our store in Espanola is very clean and has an excellent selection of fresh produce/meat. And while you can't blame the company people manage them in there own way. I find in Espanola are managers and owners are very respectful on how thing should be to make the customers feel Extremely Satisfied. I hope everyone keeps an "open" mind when it comes to freshco.

Flyer week: Apr 27, 12 - May 03, 12

Ann - Good Service
commented on May 2 2012 1:09PM
I always go to FreshCo on Tecumseh Howard in Windsor.
The Customer Service and the building and the way they have organized it .It is really nice .Do visit it

Eva - Re: out of stock on Ad
commented on May 1 2012 2:07PM
FreshCo weekly flyer effective date: Fri Apr 27, 2012 - Thu May 3, 2012
Boneless chicken breast special, out of stock at stores for 3 days. No rain checks.
Bad service, will not shop at any of their stores again.

Flyer week: Apr 06, 12 - Apr 12, 12

commented on Apr 10 2012 4:08PM
The Freshco at Bathurst and Steeles is very dirty. Their produce is disgusting and their meat department is not much better. Don’t understand it because they opened less than a year ago. Seems like someone needs to intervene...

paul - price match
commented on Apr 8 2012 11:16AM has the complete details on the Freshco. price match policy.

Flyer week: Mar 16, 12 - Mar 22, 12

sunny - Please help
commented on Mar 21 2012 3:36PM
does anyone know the manager of fresh co?????????????? plz reply if u do know......thank you for ur wonderful support and i hope to get an answer.....:)

Flyer week: Mar 09, 12 - Mar 15, 12

laurell frankly
commented on Mar 14 2012 6:40AM
i injoy shopping at freshco

Flyer week: Feb 17, 12 - Feb 23, 12

Dorothy - family day
commented on Feb 20 2012 9:58AM
are you open today?

Dorothy - family day
commented on Feb 20 2012 9:57AM
are you open today?

Flyer week: Jan 27, 12 - Feb 02, 12

Harb Pruthi - Cheating
commented on Feb 2 2012 6:31AM
On Feb 1, 2012 I bought some `fresh blue Cod fillets’ along with some other items of grocery. On page A5 [right bottom column] of the flyer valid from Jan 27 to Feb 2, the price indicated is $4.99/lb or $11.00/kg but I was charged $15.38/kg.
Not only that, I’m sure it was not fresh fish; it was frozen fish which had been partly thawed. That is why it was full of water. By the time I reached home it had thawed further and when I took it out of the bag to place it in the fridge, a lot of water/liquid had spilled out of it and I had to wipe my kitchen floor.
As the bag had a hole, a lot of water had leaked in the fridge which too needed to be cleaned. When I cooked it, too much liquid came out of it in the frying pan. It never happens with fresh fish. This is sheer cheating and a very unethical business practice. If this trend will continue you are likely to loose many more customers and your Fresh Co will be called Cheat Co.
Harb Pruthi 416-781-3811

Flyer week: Jan 20, 12 - Jan 26, 12

commented on Jan 26 2012 7:41PM
Been to quite a bit of Freshcos' and the worst by far was the one at Bathurst and Steeles. I was sent to the assistant store manger, who kind of resembles the store owner except he is chubbier. Worst person I have ever dealt with. He was rude and arrogant regarding the issue and did not care whatsoever. The employees look very unhappy and I cannot believe that he is in the position that he is in. How can he qualify to be a manager, Sobeys?

Flyer week: Jan 06, 12 - Jan 12, 12

ttraynor - bewilderd
commented on Jan 9 2012 1:53PM
cashier refused to remove groceries from basket;said it was my job;;you just laid yourself off i said;;and left empty handed

Flyer week: Dec 23, 11 - Dec 29, 11

john - no stores address.
commented on Dec 23 2011 1:33PM
if you people sent to us the flyers why not put a stores address on the flyers, a least we know where to shop.

Flyer week: Dec 09, 11 - Dec 15, 11

commented on Dec 14 2011 7:29AM
If you notice when posting your thoughts, it states the below:

Please note that does not represent nor have any affiliations with FreshCo. So please do not post any comments directed at FreshCo on this page. You are better off contacting them directly.

No one at FreshCo reads these posts.

Flyer week: Oct 21, 11 - Oct 27, 11

commented on Oct 27 2011 6:30AM
Does anyone from FreshCo care about there customers enough to read these posts?
And maybe act on a few.

Flyer week: Oct 07, 11 - Oct 13, 11

Robin - FreshCo at Dundas and Parliament - STAY AWAY
commented on Oct 12 2011 10:41AM
I was excited when I heard that a new Supermarket was opening up in the Cabbagetown area. Freshco has to be the worst option. The store appears nice and clean but the staff are very unhelpful and many very unfriendly. Also for being called "freshco" you would think that the products would be fresh. I have came home with so many products off code. The selection is very poor and they are often out of items when needed. The manager at this store is failing at his job miserably!!!!!!!!!!!! I have moved on to shop at the new No Frills on Front street. It is amazing!!!!!!!!

Flyer week: Sep 23, 11 - Sep 29, 11

commented on Sep 27 2011 1:29PM
Lack of staff at Freshco (Parliament and dundas) makes shopping a big hassle because no one is ever seen around especially in the meat dept., is there a manager for the Meat dept. that actually wants to provide good service

sandra brown - Service sucks
commented on Sep 27 2011 1:26PM
I am a regular shopper at Freshco (Parliament and Dundas)The service has gone down a lot since their opening, lack of cashiers,very long line ups from time to time,there is hardly anyone to help customers like me in the meat dept. as the person in charge is never around.I have asked for helped but looks like the manager is never on the floor to help customers like us.

Flyer week: Sep 16, 11 - Sep 22, 11

Brenda - Flyer
commented on Sep 15 2011 9:38PM
HOORAY!!!! You finally made it. Thanks a bunch.

Flyer week: Sep 09, 11 - Sep 15, 11

Brenda - Flyer
commented on Sep 9 2011 8:39AM
Well, you're part way there. Can actually locate a store now but when you click on the flyer you get a blank page. Still shopping at your competitors. Maybe you'll hire a real web page designer who can get this working.

Flyer week: Aug 26, 11 - Sep 01, 11

tub - tak
commented on Aug 31 2011 2:44PM
i like food

commented on Aug 26 2011 6:41AM
I live in Hamilton and haven't been able to access you online flyer for this area for weeks. I'm sure your competitors are very grateful for you inability to do this. Can't shop there if I can't see you flyer and there are 500,000 people in Hamilton going to your competitors.

Flyer week: Aug 12, 11 - Aug 18, 11

u ppl r fkd - same as above
commented on Aug 15 2011 10:22AM
same as above

RockinRonno - Fresh my ass
commented on Aug 15 2011 3:10AM
Was recently working in Ottawa and a co-worker purchased a bag of those pre cooked sausages. While driving we noticed a god awful smell and pin pointed it down to these sausages. Freshco should practice what it preaches.

Flyer week: Jul 22, 11 - Jul 28, 11

Lolita - roasted chicken
commented on Jul 26 2011 6:17PM
bought kosher roasted cheicken today and didn't like it (Steeles/Bathurst). Not juisy and more expencive.No regular chicken available:( Miss the chichen that was sold in Price Chopper at Baturst/Cedarcroft.

jo hachey - Vic. Pk. & Gerrard
commented on Jul 22 2011 1:29PM
Very fresh produce/wide variety of deli, breads, etc. clean, reasonable pricing, polite staff. Hey! we love it compared to the small town we left. You guys in Toronto are spoiled. Wake up and be grateful.

tony - terrible service
commented on Jul 22 2011 12:17PM
workers are rude,never smile.will be no longer shopping there

Flyer week: Jul 15, 11 - Jul 21, 11

Nancy Bell - Flyer
commented on Jul 15 2011 7:21AM
I live in Port Perry Ontario. I would like to receive a Freshco flyer weekly in our local paper. Could you please see if this could be done.
Thank you


Flyer week: Jul 08, 11 - Jul 14, 11

Philip Dell - NOT SO
commented on Jul 8 2011 7:59AM
fresco flyer asys find any price lower and show us the flyer and fresco will match or better the price .
this is not so in st.thomas ontario you show them a gaint tiger fyler with a lower price and the say nope.isn't that false advertizing ?

Flyer week: Jul 01, 11 - Jul 07, 11

Lilly - Freshco
commented on Jul 1 2011 6:21AM
I came here to see the hours of freshco and if it is open right now or not.

Flyer week: Jun 17, 11 - Jun 23, 11

Theresa - Thursday Flyer
commented on Jun 23 2011 5:10AM
It would be really nice if you can post the weeks flyer on Thursday instead of on Friday's, That would be a helpful, especailly in planning your grocery list.

Flyer week: May 27, 11 - Jun 02, 11

Clive Prentice - Collingwood
commented on May 28 2011 2:34PM
I would like to inform you that this is a letter from 2 former customers of Price Chopper.When we went in to shop..the deli was gone the vegetables were no longer what we were used to and the aisles were so small my wheelchair could hardly negotiate.Plus rude clerks who could care less if we shopped there or not.Just thought I,d write to say goodbye on my way to your competitors!!!

Wow - Posting Resumes
commented on May 27 2011 7:27AM
I think it's great that so many people are posting their address and other personal information on here...morons

Flyer week: May 13, 11 - May 19, 11

Roxy54 - Raghead
commented on May 18 2011 12:15PM
You can always stay off of the board if the people posting here are bothering you :-)

Raghead - Welcome to pakifest
commented on May 14 2011 3:40PM
The place is crawling with dirty raggers

Flyer week: May 06, 11 - May 12, 11

Roxy - Gui
commented on May 10 2011 4:15AM
I'll agree with your statement that it can be a pain for people to find thier coupons if in fact they haven't a clue where to start but once they have it all figured out it's a piece of cake.Trading & searching for coupons is kinda fun and I don't find it to be a problem for me at all and doing it this way allows you to get the coupons you will use. After a few short months I have well over a thousand dollars worth of coupons for a few unused postage stamps so it well worth the effort and I will use everyone of my coupons.I also have friends and family who save all thier smartsource and redplum inserts for me which works out well.Coupons are quite easy to come by if one knows how to go about collecting them they would have thousands of dollars worth of coupons and they would be laughing all the way to the bank.Lets face it,coupons are money so who in thier right mind would pass them up.I've taken the time to show quite a few people how to go about couponing so thier out of pocket is pretty much nil and it's working well for them.It's all about sharing the wealth :-) We all know how expensive Royale TP is, it can run between $9.99 and $12.99 but when a good sale comes on and you have a $1.00 off coupie you can get 24 or 36 rolls for $2.99
I'll defend the use of coupons until the day I die and never will I pay over a $1.00 for a box of cereal again and no way will I pay $12.00 for TP, thats just nuts. :-)

Linda - current flyer
commented on May 6 2011 4:22PM
current flyer on net is not easy to find

commented on May 6 2011 10:30AM
You have illustrated my point exactly about coupons not being freely given out to everyone like they once were.

"I order mine online..."
"Trade with other mail"

These are all limbos you are forced to go through. I remember delivering papers many many years ago, and they would come with coupon inserts containing ~200-300 dollars in coupons.

Flyer week: Apr 29, 11 - May 05, 11

Roxy - pricematch
commented on May 5 2011 2:53PM
Correction: I've just been told that Freshco will pricematch if you bring in the flyer..I'm a happy camper now :-)

Roxy - Gui
commented on May 5 2011 11:03AM
As for finding coupons, they are very easy to come by these days. I order mine on line for free and also trade with other couponers which are sent snail mail...also the smartsource and redplum issues that come out are handy.In just over a month I have over 1,000 coupons which I put to good use.There are quite a few websites that people can sign up too and recieve coupies by mail and also if people write to the companies they usually mail them to you,in fact I've recieved quite a few by just writing the company and requesting them. No one has to pay retail for products but I also don't think people should abuse this by signing up under different accounts just to recieve more of them.As for extreme couponers, well thats a whole other story that I won't get into but will say that some people go over board and unless they are planning to donate most of the items they do get they should seriously ask themselves what is the point in hoarding 200 boxes of pasta etc.Lets just hope the newbies don't abuse this and ruin it for the honest cuponers like me :-)

Flyer week: Apr 22, 11 - Apr 28, 11

commented on Apr 27 2011 9:27PM
No worries Roxy!

That is excellent savings! Just like you, there are many other 'couponers' out there, and some families are helped significantly by coupons.

However, what my point was, which I did not clearly state, was that companies are putting out less coupons than in previous decades. So while the per capita of couponers may be the same or greater as previous decades, the availability of the coupons is not as it was. Typically the coupon comes at some sort of cost, be it a magazine or monthly newspaper purchase requirement.

Another shady marketing strategy can be seen at the Real Canadian Superstores in the area of this FreshCo. The Store Coupons which can be found at the store entrance and throughout the store should be thought of as a sale, not a coupon. Before this strategy was developed they would have been sales that a customer did not have to search for.

I too would be shocked if any store banned coupons, haha.

Roxy - Gui
commented on Apr 27 2011 6:16PM
Sorry about that Gui..I put your name where I should of put mine..I apologize for the error.

Gui - Coupons
commented on Apr 27 2011 6:14PM
As for printable coupons-there are a few grocery stores that do accept them in Ontario and I've used them but I would never photo copy a coupon to scam my favorite grocery store, thats just wrong.Some people might say I'm cheap. NO, I'm not cheap I'm a smart shopper and I like to keep my hard earned money in my pocket, who doesn't? More power to the couponers that are honest and don't try to pull a fast one on the cashiers. I always make sure my coupon has not expired and that it's legit.

Roxy - Qui
commented on Apr 27 2011 6:07PM
Quote "Also note: couponing is a dying trade, not an emerging trade"
That is so not true, couponing has always been a way of life for many people and beleive it or not being able to use coupons allows family's to purchase products they normally would not be able to afford and in turn the stores lose money. If Freshco ever banned couponing we would all take are business elsewhere because there will always be other grocery stores that will accept them, always.
Today I went shopping to get the deals, my total before coupons was 180.00- after coupons 60.28---hows that for savings?...gotta love it! Companies put those coupons out so we can use them, they want us to buy thier products and they know if consumers can use the coupons they are more likely to purchase thier products... thats a fact.

Gui - Irrational Complaints cont'd
commented on Apr 24 2011 10:08AM

As for employee difference? Well most employees will be the same after a store flip or 'banner change'. As well as if you get what you consider to be 'poor service' at one store, I assume you do at most stores. Retail stores are dominated by young employees who work for spending money, not for monthly bills. They are also paid minimum wage. If you equate this together, the result is a employee who gives you service based on your attitude. If you act like a jerk, they throw you the book. If you are kind, they may pull some strings for you.

Height Restrictions - Sorry for your genes (no not your pants) but that is how life is for you. Have you considered people who are shorter than you? And how they can't reach the top TWO shelves? Be happy you can reach 75% of product while they can only reach 50% of the product. Why the sigh? because you are complaining about your height to someone who doesn't care. Just simply ask, "can you reach ____ item for me please." When they do, smile and say "Thank you."

Can't read flyer - You realize this is not the FreshCo website right?

$0.25 charge - The point of this is to ensure customers return there carts to the carrels to get the quarter back, most notably in a shared parking lot with other businesses where people think they will use the same cart at all stores. Perhaps you would prefer a store without the charge where carts float around the parking lot, hitting your car, leaving scratches, dents and aggravation.

About me:
Do I work at this particular business? No
Do I work in a similar retail business? Yes
For how long? 5 years.

Gui - Irrational Complaints - How things really are.
commented on Apr 24 2011 10:06AM
Website navigation - It was very simple. I found my city, then the locations intersection that I was looking for.

Price Chopper vs. FreshCo vs. Loblaw Inc. - First of all, Price Chopper and FreshCo. are not affiliated with Loblaw Companies. Price Chopper is not 'out of business' they just banner changed, meaning they renamed the store in order to force a new contract onto their employees. Same thing happens with Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstore,A&P and Metro.

Printable/Manufacturer Coupons - As side from No Frills be independently owned, they are also under the guidance of Loblaw. FreshCo operates under Sobeys Guidance. Therefore every can have a different policy, and every No Frills could have a different policy from other No Frills. Yes, there is a handling fee reimbursement, but what you don't understand, is the cost of paying to sort coupons, mail coupons, receive coupons, further sort and calculate dollar values of coupons, and then mail them to all respective companies for final reimbursement. As for printable coupons, there are often fake printed coupons, or US only coupons that cannot be accepted. Also, it is not difficult to use a real coupon as a template to create a fake coupon in such programs as PhotoShop. So at the end of the week, how much do stores REALLY make off coupons? Also note: couponing is a dying trade, not an emerging trade. Such is the reason behind In-Store coupon displays. Stores boast great sales, which most people do not take advantage of, because they just don't look at coupons.

Fruits Veggies are graded A (best) through D (worst) - Loblaws(note: 's' indicates the store, not the company in general) sold the highest grade fruits and veggies while Walmart sells C/D grade fruit, veggies. The quality is significantly different, as are the prices.

Flyer week: Apr 15, 11 - Apr 21, 11

K. Maxwell - Location of stores
commented on Apr 21 2011 9:50AM
The best kept secret is the location of Freshco stores in the GTA.Ontario, Canada.
Your web site is the worst to navigate while looking for store locations.
Why not have a heading Store Locations GTA
then list the bloody things !Simple?
Seems not for your highly educated web makers.

Roxy - Wow!
commented on Apr 17 2011 12:59PM
Ok so Price Choppers if no longer in business and has been replaced with Freshco.I had shopped at price choppers for years and I have to agree with a poster above about thier wilted veggies etc but I sure can't complain since it's now Freshco..I have never run into any problems with the produce section or the staff for that matter..I'm a big time coupon user and was told by someone they only accept coupies which I thought odd so I spoke to the manager and was told that is not true and that they encourage people to use coupons but they don't except internet prinatable ones which again is very odd as No frills accepts them and I thought both Freshco and No Frills was Loblaws..If this is true why wouldn't freshco accept them as well..if the printable one says "Manufacturers Coupon" then what is the problem...surley the staff are trained to spot a photo copied one?, I could.
Anyhow I will continue to shop at Freshco until I run into a rude cashier who insist on giving me a hard time when using my coupies... The store actually makes money by allowing us to use them...Not only do they get reimbursed for the full amount of the coupon but they also get a handling fee so in reality they make money so why in the ** would they refuse any coupon that has not expired...makes absolutely no sense to me.More people are going to start using coupons so if they want the business maybe they should reconsider accepting printable ones because if not I'll be switching..As for the staff I always find them to be polite and friendly...

Rene - Freschco
commented on Apr 16 2011 4:51PM
I asked an employee for an item, he pointed towards the aisle and walked away, I didn't see it so I told him I couldn't find it, he came back and pointed again to the OTHER end of the aisle and said it is right there. Maybe he could have told me that in the first place. Dundas & Bloor location right when it was changing from Price Chopper to Fresco, but he was Frescho employee, not Price Chopper.

Flyer week: Mar 18, 11 - Mar 24, 11

Roxy - Not Impressed
commented on Mar 22 2011 6:13AM
I was never impressed with price choppers.The store always looked dirty and 95% of the time the vegetables were old and wilted. As for freshco,the veggies and fruit are fresher but the prices aren't that great and they won't price match either,Oh well it's thier loss.

dragonfly - for those who cannot "cannot see flyer"
commented on Mar 19 2011 7:29AM
If you have problems seeing the flyer, try using firefox as a browser, it may resolve the issues you are all experiencing. You all could also think about updating your flash players as well, good luck, hope this helps all with these problems!

Flyer week: Mar 11, 11 - Mar 17, 11

hannah - no savings
commented on Mar 17 2011 8:53AM
where is the DELI-counter or the rotiessery chicken
getting on the sheap side? deli meats are to expensive and not fresh, also the service is not
good,new prices are not posted properly.

MJ - Height Restrictions
commented on Mar 12 2011 7:30AM
Due to the simple fact that at 5'2" tall - I can not reach any item that is on the top shelf of any aisle, including in the freezer section. I can't reach cream for my coffee, so I'll be shopping elsewhere. Especially since the employee I asked to reach for me, sighed, like I was inconveniencing him... Deli section is missed as well. Sorry Guys. Enjoy your taller customers.

Susan McEwen - Flyer
commented on Mar 11 2011 9:42AM
Can't view the flyer but can view all other competitors; you need to read the comments posted and address this issue

Flyer week: Mar 04, 11 - Mar 10, 11

Juli - Freshco Flyer
commented on Mar 7 2011 9:14AM
I can't see the flyer either - I have a Mac at work so I thought that was the issue. Yet at home on my PC I gets the same blank site with the 'Freshco' logo on it - and sorry but for the person that was kind enough to 'share' with us to just 'click' on the 'view flyer' as if some of us can't READ - If it does not appear on our screen how must we click it??

Bob - express line
commented on Mar 7 2011 7:24AM
I was buying 2 items at a Hamilton, Ont. store, lady in front had 30 items. I feel your cashiers should tell the customers they are in a express line. And I would like to comment that if your outlet wishes to keep me as a customer you should go back to 8 or less item line.

Flyer week: Feb 25, 11 - Mar 03, 11

elena - looking for job in toronto
commented on Mar 2 2011 8:05AM
i am looking for job at the fresh company in toronto at gerrard and victoria park-deli, produce, grocery, bakery, dairy. i am hard worker, positive attitude, able to learn, customer service oriented, working weekends or any time except nights. please call 4166917619 for more information, thank you.

Marilyn - St Thomas
commented on Mar 2 2011 6:34AM
I am assuming that you are taking over the No Frills in St. Thomas - was in there a few days ago and was certainly impressed at how much you have cleaned it up already - this store was very uninviting and dirty for a grocery store - I wouldn't have bought fresh meat there to save my soul - will be interested to see the improvements and hope that all of the negative comments on this site are not what I can expect to see in my town

Crista Vannatter - applying for a job in St. Thomas Ontario
commented on Mar 1 2011 9:59AM
Crista Vannatter

18 Raven Ave.
St. Thomas, ON N5R 5L1
Objective: To expand my wiliness to learn and embrace new things.

Summary of Skills

• Proficient in Microsoft Windows XP, Internet, 2007 Word and Excel
• Good problem solver-committed to working until the problem has been corrected
• Proven ability to work as part of a team, as well as independently
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Ability to meet high standards of quality and productivity
• Ability to cook and clean without guidance

Customer Service Knowledge

• Understand the importance of delivering excellent customer service
• Able to build rapport to service the customer’s needs and wants
• Trained in the importance of building customer relations
• Understand the support role of the customer service representative
• Knowledgeable in how to handle difficult situations
• Management skills handling money accordingly, handling a store with care
• Dealt with customer’s credit card over the phone with proper security

Education Training

Completed my grade 12 Adult Education Centre 2001
W.I.M.S training at Starwood Hotel and Resorts 2010

Employment Experience

• Hostess at Tim Horton’s 2001-2003
• Manager at Burger King 2003-2004
• White Knight Janitorial 2005-2005
• Starwood Hotel and Resorts Worldwide Inc. 2006-2010

References upon Request

Flyer week: Feb 11, 11 - Feb 17, 11

Jennifer - pay for carts?
commented on Feb 11 2011 1:15PM
Get rid of the .25 charge for the carts. That is the worst idea. I had to run back to my car and find change, then go to the cashier to get them to change it to a quarter. Students are desperately looking for jobs and your taking them away. Plus the store layout sucks.

Flyer week: Feb 04, 11 - Feb 10, 11

jigar - i am looking for a job
commented on Feb 4 2011 5:31PM
hi i am jigar i am looking for a job in freshco

u reach me at this email

And i worked so many places in rona , gap , superstore
shoppers drug mart, home depot etc.

Flyer week: Jan 28, 11 - Feb 03, 11

tina - not that bad
commented on Jan 28 2011 4:17AM
I love the new store!!so much more cleaner and most of the staff where i go are polite!! The vegetables and fruit look fresh ..I love it!
I have been there a couple of times and they have had items priced wrong and they gave me the item for free. Its a little bit of a hassel though if you notice after you left the store , especially if you take the bus.
I wish they would put their flyer up the day before.But hey no one can be perfect its not a perfect world out there!

Flyer week: Jan 21, 11 - Jan 27, 11

Joanne - learn Basic Computer skills
commented on Jan 26 2011 6:21PM
OK I just checked.. Flyers open, Check Size of pics good Check (To adjust this on most modern computers or lap tops press ctrl + or - ! everyone who say the freshco website is crap.. CHECK OUT your computer or better yet. Check yourself out!

Seams your UPC is not scanning.Price check on the Idiots at lane one!

brenda - flyer
commented on Jan 26 2011 11:40AM
NO flyer again !!!!!!

Al - Thee flyer is not visible
commented on Jan 21 2011 10:41AM
You need to improve your site.Many flyers can not be opened.

jacquie - weekly flyer
commented on Jan 21 2011 6:26AM
it's a piece of garbage @ you can't even se the whole add as it's way too small......crap

Flyer week: Jan 07, 11 - Jan 13, 11

Kirsten - Hate it!
commented on Jan 11 2011 8:18AM
Hate the layout of the store..... I'll be shopping elsewhere! I miss price choppers :(

Cris - so disappointed in your store
commented on Jan 10 2011 11:50AM
On Wed Jan 5, was the first and last time I will visit your store
First of all your set up is way to confusing, and after I got home from spending $200, most of the things I had bought from your shelves have already expired
as a consumer you would think checking the expiry date on salad dressings in a fairly new store wouldn
t have to be done, I did not notice this until a few days later when i went to use the dressing, the expiry was 10 Nov 10!!!!

Flyer week: Dec 31, 10 - Jan 06, 11

commented on Jan 3 2011 5:21PM
I get nothing. FU Fresh Co. crap.

commented on Jan 1 2011 5:01AM
Absolutely the WORST website I've ever had the displeasure of trying to navigate.

Flyer week: Dec 17, 10 - Dec 23, 10

Sandra Sathi - I am Looking for job
commented on Dec 21 2010 6:37PM

Sandra Sathi
H (416) 467 – 1332 C (416) 823- 9060


• 6 years experience as Cashier
• Excellent communication & interpersonal skills
• Highly organized, dependable, & dedicated with a positive attitude
• Self-motivated with a strong sense of team work


• Handled cash counters, including reconciliations at the end of the day
• Served in a fast-moving retail outlet
• Assisted customers both in person & over the telephone
• Maintained an updated inventory, replenishing stock
• Managed a Lottery Ticket outlet from receipt to sale to the commendation of Lottery officials


Front End Clerk (Cashier) 2010 May
Metro – Part Time at Present

Cashier 2009 –2010
Daisy Mart Gas Station

Cashier 2003 - 2009
Gate Way New Stands
• Managed the shop single handily selling newspapers, magazines, lottery tickets, soft drinks, & snacks
• Ordered soft drinks, snacks, & Lottery stocks
• Balanced the cash; reconciled end-of-day cash balances
• Opened & closed the shop

Packing Clerk
Elmer’s Products Canada, Scarborough 2000 - 2003

Moved to Canada - Child-rearing 1999 - 2000

Computer Type Setter Tele Print & Admiral Graphics, Sri Lanka 1996 - 1998

Typist & Clerk 1990 - 1996
Jaffna District Co-operative Development Society, Sri Lanka
• Entered Monthly Accounts, Monthly & Annual Meeting Reports, & Annual Audit Reports
• Maintained Personnel & Company files, as well as Customers’ accounts
• Prepared bills/invoices for individual Customers
• Set meeting agendas & submitted them to relevant stakeholders
• Organized the meetings & arranged documents for the General Manager
• Acted on behalf of the Chief Clerk, Cashier, and other staff in their absence


Data Entry Operator 1996
My Data Systems College, Sri Lanka

Jerry - page is blank
commented on Dec 17 2010 2:59AM
This is the third week that I open the flyer and get a blank page - I'm starving.

Flyer week: Dec 10, 10 - Dec 16, 10

commented on Dec 14 2010 5:42AM
Access to your flyers is very time consuming.I won't be going into your site again

jane - UNREAL
commented on Dec 13 2010 9:24PM
Hey everyone check out the Fresh Co on Peter Robertson.
The manager is sooooo nice and seems to genuinely care about his customers and the cashiers and grocery workers also were soo helpful.
Just the experience would make me shop there again!!!

mike - nice store
commented on Dec 10 2010 7:48AM
shop at the freshco in windsor on rivard.The store is much cleaner and the quality of food is alot longer do I feel depressed while grocery shopping like I did with price chopper and like I do if I go to food basics or no frills

Flyer week: Dec 03, 10 - Dec 09, 10

Theresa - Hard to find
commented on Dec 9 2010 6:14AM
Hard to access the weekly flyer. New flyer is not posted until Friday, same day the add starts. I like looking at it the day before.

not pleased
commented on Dec 4 2010 2:03AM
what a joke

Flyer week: Nov 26, 10 - Dec 02, 10

sue - no deli complaint
commented on Nov 30 2010 7:04AM
sucks that you can no longer get fresh deli there.

commented on Nov 26 2010 10:14AM

Flyer week: Nov 19, 10 - Nov 25, 10

DG - Not very user friendly
commented on Nov 19 2010 9:14AM
Very difficult to access the Freshco flyer, when you do the page is blank. Very frustrating.

Flyer week: Nov 12, 10 - Nov 18, 10

marion - not impressed
commented on Nov 13 2010 1:54AM
had shopped at price choppers 4 times a week for years Glen Erin Mississauga every time I go into the now Fresh co I come out disapointed don't like the lay out have given up and gone to No Frills

Lori - price matching
commented on Nov 12 2010 6:11PM
To customers who want to price match.Ibeleive Fresh Co will provide this service as long as you have a receipt from thecompetiters store with the item listed with the price.If you want to purchase the same item at that price from the competiter proof should be required.

Lori - price matching
commented on Nov 12 2010 6:08PM
To customers who want to price match.Ibeleive Fresh Co will provide this service as long as you have a receipt from the competers store with the item listed with the price.If you want to purchase the same item at that price from the competer proof should be required.

Flyer week: Nov 05, 10 - Nov 11, 10

kim - freshco is a rip-off
commented on Nov 8 2010 9:57AM
the idea that you are forced to go through determined sections is annoying. your prices are outrageous and selection is non-existant. what a failure!

Mike - You blew it
commented on Nov 7 2010 2:50PM
I am very dispointed that Price Chopper has flown the coup, now it is down to 2 - No Frills and Food Basics. Fressh Co are too difficult to get into, the idea of guiding the customer to where you want them to go have failed everywhere when used in the past. You prices are high, the store colour is very very unapetizing. I did learn something. The posted ever inviting smile of the store managers face has forever left in me the dissociation of such pictures to the quality of the store.

Flyer week: Oct 29, 10 - Nov 04, 10

Lois - support the community
commented on Oct 29 2010 9:36AM
As a volunteer for the Salvation Army at Christmas every year, I was dismayed when visiting the office to sign up for this Christmas to find out that FRESHCO on Bunting rd. in St. Catharines has refused the Salvation Army permission to have a kettle there. This organization helps anyone, regardless of religious affiliation or belief, and does not do religious recruitment at these spots. All money collected in this city stays in this city. So... if FRESHCO cannot support a cause like this, then they have lost my business, and will encourage my friends to shop elsewhere as well. I am not speaking on behalf of the Salvation Army, as I am not affiliated with them except to help at Christmas. This is my own personal reaction to their response.

Flyer week: Oct 22, 10 - Oct 28, 10

Ana - watch out for Sharon =-/
commented on Oct 23 2010 6:57PM
today was a great day til i went to FreshCo in Welland. The cashier named "Sharon" was the ruddest person that i have EVER come into contact with.the pop was on sale so theres me and 3 kids. we all have a cart and we each have our money.i went first.nothing to complain,a kid.Sharon doesn't talk,no eye contact then i see her snatch the $20 out of the kids him his change and a sticker then turns her back on him.i thought it again and i will have to say something.the next kid comes up and sharon is being the same way with him.ok.stop.sharon,for your info,kids are people too.each person in your line is a customer,a us going to that store keeps you with a are rude and mean to kids.your dissgusting and FreshCo is dissgusting for allowing you to treat people in this manner.

Flyer week: Oct 15, 10 - Oct 21, 10

Wanda - will NEVER go back
commented on Oct 20 2010 6:00AM
I was at the new Freshco in Welland, I must say it was a HORRIBLE experience. I was inquiring about the toilet paper on sale, the first woman I talked to was snippy, figuring she was having a bad day I talked to someone else, all in all I had talked to 4 women and ALL of them were snippy and rude.. THANK GOD for NO FRILLS.. they are ALWAYS pleasant there..

Flyer week: Oct 01, 10 - Oct 07, 10

Susan - Cannot view flyer
commented on Oct 7 2010 11:06AM
The link will open but the flyer is not there and all that is presented is the Freshco banner on top. I am not functionally illiterate by any stretch of the imagination and I hope that Jo-Ann is more compassionate towards people than her post would indicate. By the way Jo-Ann, your grammar is deplorable. You might want to take a course.

Susan - Cannot view flyer
commented on Oct 7 2010 11:05AM
The link will open but the flyer is not there and all that is presented is the Freshco banner on top. I am not functionally illiterate by any stretch of the imagination and I hope that Jo-Ann is more compassionate towards people than her post would indicate. By the way Jo-Ann, your grammar is deplorable. You might want to take a course.

Jo-Ann Head - There is nothing wrong with the flyer
commented on Oct 4 2010 12:16PM
Studies show that 70% of the population are functionally illiterate.
Which explains why so many had a problem viewing the flyer.

commented on Oct 1 2010 5:14PM
not true .. they are pretty cheap and the quality is way better than price choppers

Flyer week: Sep 24, 10 - Sep 30, 10

dar - New store-hate it already...
commented on Sep 30 2010 12:36PM
New store opening by me. No info anywhere about it. Used to be a Price Choppers. This Freshco has a reputation of Sobeys/Metro prices. Great, now I'll have to travel to get groceries. Would be nice if they listed the new Pickering store! Way to market!
I want my Price Choppers back!

Jennifer - opened flyer
commented on Sep 27 2010 4:56PM
not sure what the problem is with everyone else but i opened the flyer. maybe it is just a case of not following directions properly.

The flyer may have been blocked, please click the link to view the flyer

try clicking on that part of the webpage right beside where it says view freshco flyer

Gerald - Negativity
commented on Sep 24 2010 4:04PM
I don't believe you need any more negative comments. So I'll end my thoughts with a no comment

commented on Sep 24 2010 12:25PM
it would be nice if we could see the flyer

commented on Sep 24 2010 5:29AM
peole who dont like freshco, did you know that it is owned by sobeys, and you say you like sobeys instead of freshco, hahahahahaha way to think NOT

mike - freshco
commented on Sep 24 2010 5:24AM
ya right sobeys and A&P if u want to pay thrugh the roof for the same thing u get at freshco hahahaha go for it

Flyer week: Sep 17, 10 - Sep 23, 10

Victoria - Matching prices?
commented on Sep 23 2010 3:00PM
Hi there,
Last week I visited the new Oakville Store. I had previously been at No Frills doing my parent's groceries, but went for mine to Freshco. While there, an item I needed was $2.68 yet had been $1.00 at No Frills. It said "price matching" underneath it.I asked a clerk, who brought over a "manager" who indicated he had no will or ability to match the No Frills price. I have to say I put back what I had and left the store, with an attitude like that!

Flyer week: Sep 10, 10 - Sep 16, 10

Maria - Freshco flyer
commented on Sep 16 2010 8:25PM
the flyer online won't open???Dadada. Unprofessional web site I've ever incountered.Go Go SOBEY'S do it properly.

Flyer week: Aug 27, 10 - Sep 02, 10

commented on Sep 1 2010 8:50AM
Can't see the flyer.

Flyer week: Aug 20, 10 - Aug 26, 10

Leslie - Working now
commented on Aug 23 2010 10:18AM
Seems to be working now. I didn't have any problem navigating the site to the flyer.

Dave e
commented on Aug 22 2010 7:35AM
The Website does not work. It does not show the flyer and it is not on So how can one find out what is on sale and where to go??

NOt good!!

Flyer week: Aug 13, 10 - Aug 19, 10

J. Morley jmorley@becon. org - FRESCO'S - ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO
commented on Aug 15 2010 4:43AM

I was looking for the HOURS of service.
Maybe too soon for the website to show.
Anxiously awaiting a visit there!

Brenda Lane - Takes forever to load
commented on Aug 13 2010 5:24AM
It would be nice to be able to see flyer instead of page loading, then shutting down. If you want customers you had better be able to let us know what is on sale that week. I will continue to go where I know what is on sale.

Flyer week: Jul 23, 10 - Jul 29, 10

Marg - Website
commented on Jul 23 2010 8:48AM
Why does this flyer website never work and a blank page shows up?

Flyer week: Jul 16, 10 - Jul 22, 10

anamika - jobs
commented on Jul 16 2010 10:42AM
how do I get job to Freshco. or any other stores.

Flyer week: Jul 09, 10 - Jul 15, 10

Stacey G - Late Flyer?
commented on Jul 15 2010 4:45PM
I usually check this website for different stores' flyers to see what's on sale but I noticed that every other flyer has this current week's flyer and then another flyer for next's week (starting tomorrow).. But FreshCo's flyer always takes a day or two to show?

Peter Marks - Give me nothing
commented on Jul 13 2010 1:30PM
No flyers, just a picture of a loaf of sliced bread.
Get your webmaster working on this, and yes I try to enroll that falls through also.

Anne Hunter - Where is the flyer
commented on Jul 9 2010 6:45AM
when one types in Freshco all one finds is a blank page.

Flyer week: Jun 25, 10 - Jul 01, 10

Loretta Foley
commented on Jun 24 2010 9:57PM
These are the worst flyers that I have 2 look Why can't u put each page up instead of having 2 look at items that are so small. Take note of the No Frills flyer. That's how they should be set up, ease access. Whoever has set this site up has no imagination

Flyer week: Jun 11, 10 - Jun 17, 10

Linda MacGregor - flyer
commented on Jun 11 2010 7:27AM
the flyer online won't open???

Flyer week: Jun 04, 10 - Jun 10, 10

peter - advisable to also know the competitors prices
commented on Jun 3 2010 11:34PM
some items are very expensive e.g nestle 1.5 litre turtle icecream is $7.49 @ Freshco but at No Frills it is only $3.99

Flyer week: May 22, 10 - May 28, 10

commented on May 26 2010 1:36PM

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