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15   Responses

Flyer week: Dec 28, 13 - Dec 28, 13

Babes - Attn: Meat Section
commented on Dec 25 2013 10:05AM
I bought some pre-cut beef for stew. When I got home, i found out that what was given to me were mostly bony pieces. Only a few pieces of meat. I have to throw them coz we don't literally eat bones. The display of the meat is very deceiving...meaty on top, but bony underneath. And the meat tenders get rid of the bony ones first. It was really disgusting coz I did not get my money's worth.

Flyer week: Oct 14, 13 - Oct 12, 13

david - fresh value newz
commented on Oct 10 2013 5:53PM
Sup, people of fresh value u guys please sell me some noodles they taste swag especially with mamas home cooked vegies

Abdullah - prices
commented on Oct 10 2013 5:43PM
Hi can u make the milo chocolate milk powder cheap because it is so high so can u make it cheap thank you

Flyer week: Aug 07, 13 - Aug 03, 13

commented on Aug 2 2013 12:24PM
good shop for good prices

Flyer week: May 09, 13 - May 11, 13

Rosezelle Daniel - Staff
commented on May 7 2013 3:55PM
The people who work in the store are really nice.
Especially the ones in the fish department. Even the store Manager is very nice and helpful.

Please keep it up, - I spend a lot of money shopping at this store.
And thank you for putting the Salt Fish on sale more often.


Flyer week: Mar 06, 13 - Mar 02, 13

Dominique - Tricky fish section prices
commented on Mar 1 2013 5:04AM
Watch out the fish market they charge differently for the prices they advertised on the flyers.

They will not clean the fish and weigh it, when they should have cleaned it first then weigh it :) You wont really get a discounted price. Obviously its a trick that many customers would fall into!!

Flyer week: Dec 28, 12 - Dec 22, 12

commented on Dec 22 2012 8:19PM
Prices are not so great on some stuff, but the variety of weird food? can't be beat.

Flyer week: Sep 19, 12 - Sep 15, 12

Maria - English and polite
commented on Sep 14 2012 9:01AM
I shop here all the time, the quality of the food etc is great, but customer service is very poor, no body knows to speak English, you ask them something they say "no english" this is Canada and everyone speaks english. Please teach your cashiers to be a little polite and smile...
Thank you

Flyer week: Aug 15, 12 - Aug 11, 12

irene - good store
commented on Aug 10 2012 3:35PM
I have been shopping here for a while now. I get a lot of items at reasonable prices. Some staff don't speak good English, but they are nice. I have no regrets

Flyer week: May 04, 12 - Apr 28, 12

Harry - Cashier charges you more....
commented on Apr 28 2012 9:47AM
I agree totally to the comment made above. You MUST check the cashier closely. I have had the same experience on different occasions where the cashier charged me more and had to make the adjustment.

I must say the fish market (that section) is OK compared to other similar stores.

Some of the people in the store do not speak a word of English. This is the official language and they should learn the language. ESL training is free and there is no excuse. You have many clients who do not speak one of the Asian languages.


Flyer week: Feb 08, 12 - Feb 04, 12

Rosezelle Daniel - Salt Fish
commented on Feb 3 2012 3:05PM
You need to have the salt fish on sale more often. It always seem to be the regular price for a long time before you put it on sale.

Flyer week: Feb 27, 11 - Mar 05, 11

Customer - Horrible Customer Service
commented on Feb 27 2011 8:36PM
Cashier will charge you more if you do not notice carefully to your bill. Flyer does not say a limit on the sale. They will refuse your entry to the store at the end of the day, even if you reach within the advertised store hours.

Flyer week: Feb 21, 11 - Feb 19, 11

commented on Feb 17 2011 2:01PM
It would be nice if it can be enlarged for better visualization

Flyer week: Sep 06, 10 - Sep 04, 10

j rana
commented on Sep 2 2010 2:37PM
where is you lattest flyer for friday

Flyer week: May 19, 10 - May 15, 10

commented on May 14 2010 8:28AM
it is not uptodate and has been that way for weeks

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