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19   Responses

Flyer week: Apr 26, 13 - May 02, 13

rob - hrs
commented on May 2 2013 6:29AM
I would get off my butt and drive down there to see the hours but I live 200kms away bozo !

Flyer week: Feb 08, 13 - Feb 14, 13

i aint tellin u my name - hours??
commented on Feb 10 2013 6:41AM
come on i wnt to noe ween the store is open but it aint tellin mne wen it is open there so many good stuff at future shop nd they hve everything all except for hours wht the **

Flyer week: Sep 07, 12 - Sep 13, 12

commented on Sep 8 2012 5:22PM
hi i went to co

commented on Sep 8 2012 5:15PM

Flyer week: Jul 13, 12 - Jul 19, 12

JC - Store hours
commented on Jul 14 2012 12:17PM
I guess you don't want people to know if you are
oppen or not.
I'll go shopping somewhere else where hours are listed.

Flyer week: Jun 29, 12 - Jul 05, 12

dfgfhfgh - cfgvbfcbcf
commented on Jul 4 2012 7:02PM
you suck

Flyer week: Apr 20, 12 - Apr 26, 12

fb - hours
commented on Apr 22 2012 6:29AM
opening hours are not listed anywhere; either are they mentioned on the phone recording!!! WHY is that?

Flyer week: Jan 27, 12 - Feb 02, 12

commented on Feb 2 2012 6:13PM
u guys are all idiots, u all say the same thing , drive to the ** store n get off the computer u lazy fat **s

Flyer week: Dec 09, 11 - Dec 15, 11

al - 00000
commented on Dec 12 2011 1:59AM

Flyer week: Nov 25, 11 - Dec 01, 11

r gooey - hrs
commented on Nov 28 2011 5:48AM
hrs. hrs. hrs.hrs. hrs not on the phone message either

Flyer week: Oct 14, 11 - Oct 20, 11

richard cummings - hours of operation
commented on Oct 19 2011 8:38AM
i go to your website to get the hrs you are open and all i get is a phone # which directs me baCK TO THE WEBSITE THAT DOES NOT LIST STORE HOURS.....BRILLIANT... FIX THE WEBSITE, IT TELLS ME HOW GOOD OR TERRIBLE YOU COULD BE : OFF TO STAPLES NOW

Flyer week: Jul 29, 11 - Aug 04, 11

joe - Website has wrong phone no
commented on Aug 2 2011 6:38AM
nothing better than calling the telephone no shown on the website and it's Out Of Service.
Does anyone at future shop bother to update their webpage. That's fine I ended up buying somewhere else.

Flyer week: Feb 11, 11 - Feb 17, 11

Mark - No Hours of operation?
commented on Feb 15 2011 7:12AM
Guess I will go someplace else..........

Flyer week: Jan 28, 11 - Feb 03, 11

andy say
commented on Feb 3 2011 5:42AM
give the bloody business hours

Flyer week: Jan 07, 11 - Jan 13, 11

J McBride
commented on Jan 12 2011 6:35AM
I called store for store hours the answeing machine said for store hrs & Location press one well I did and the recording only gave location (upper James)

Flyer week: Dec 24, 10 - Dec 30, 10

santa - I know
commented on Dec 25 2010 1:10PM
I also hate it when i go to the website and there are NO store hours. I need some batteries on Christmas and I don't know if this store is open. UGGH

Flyer week: Nov 26, 10 - Dec 02, 10

Cassandra - What's up
commented on Dec 2 2010 8:16AM
Come on and leave a message.

Flyer week: Oct 08, 10 - Oct 14, 10

commented on Oct 10 2010 11:28AM
Go to the store locator and find the store you want to go to. Then click on the "Details and Directions", the hours are there.

Flyer week: Aug 20, 10 - Aug 26, 10

tracy - webiste is not helpful at all
commented on Aug 26 2010 2:23PM
i went on the future shop website to look up the store hours and was very disappointed to find that they were not there. This in furiates me because when you do not live close to future shop and need to pick something up you dont wanna go there and find they are closed !!!!!!! Please someone resolve this issue

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