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Which are the good deals and are there any coupons to help save even more?

25   Responses

Flyer week: Apr 25, 12 - May 01, 12

tina -
commented on May 1 2012 8:21AM
heey yo guys you are amazing

tina - giant tiger
commented on May 1 2012 8:19AM
this is tina gravel im amazing

Flyer week: Apr 18, 12 - Apr 24, 12

Margarita - Utility cart
commented on Apr 20 2012 4:18PM
I would like a phone number to explain what I am looking for.

Flyer week: Apr 11, 12 - Apr 17, 12

Simone - Good Sales
commented on Apr 11 2012 8:46AM
I usually shop at Giant Tiger on Wednesdays. I love it that the ads overlap.....They run from one WEDNESDAY til the next. There is always some bargain I need. Great store for bargain groceries.

Flyer week: Feb 29, 12 - Mar 06, 12

lynn f - fiiers
commented on Mar 2 2012 12:35PM
The sales start Wed and we do not get the flyer to late Thurs Why not put the flyer in the Tues paper? {The Lindsay This Week} which is recieved on
Tues and Thurs

Flyer week: Dec 14, 11 - Dec 20, 11

kyle kain - flyer
commented on Dec 19 2011 2:22AM

Greg Plater - Can't find cd/record player
commented on Dec 17 2011 3:00PM
Was at the giant tiger store today noticed on the way out that the cd/record players at the front of the store were on sale for $89.00. Went home to Tiverton which is 20 km away from store. Looked in the Canadian Tire flyer and the same unit was $99.00. I am a lot closer to Kincardine Canadian Tire Store. I would be making a trip of 40km return to pick up a unit from Giant Tiger. With the price of gas I think I know where I will be going to. Also the Giant Tiger locater is not any help in finding the cd/record player. I do not get any flyers in our area, that is sad. Kincardine used to have a Giant Tiger at one time. I live in Tiverton Greg Plater 519-368-5641

Flyer week: Nov 16, 11 - Nov 22, 11

kelsey spry - **es
commented on Nov 18 2011 4:14PM
hey i like your store...not

Flyer week: Oct 19, 11 - Oct 25, 11

Harland Nicol - Flyer
commented on Oct 19 2011 3:30PM
I would like to get ur paper flyer.I told the store manager and she told me to contact the paper directly which i did and all igot was i'll look into it BUT nothing happend as might want tocheck into what u are paying for Harland

Flyer week: Aug 10, 11 - Aug 16, 11

George N.
commented on Aug 15 2011 10:18AM
well here I am wasting my time again. But,this will be the last time .I can't access the flyer properly ,that means I can't be bothered going to the store on the chance theres something I need there. That's a shame because I like the store.

commented on Aug 13 2011 7:56AM

George N.
commented on Aug 12 2011 12:07PM
I went back to the flyer and answered my own ? .Yes,I am wasting my time.

George N.
commented on Aug 12 2011 12:01PM
Well here we are another week and all I can get is 4 pages of the ad ,even though it says there are 12 pages . Does anyone at the store read these comments so that they can be fixed or am I just wasting my time????

Flyer week: Jul 20, 11 - Jul 26, 11

George N. - Flyer accesibility
commented on Jul 25 2011 12:32PM
I'm used to being able to see the flyer on-line but, lately that is almost impossible. There seems to be a top half of the screen that is related to Giant Tiger but, I want the flyer only not that other JUNK. The ideal situation would be to just put the flyer back in the Scarborough Mirror.

Flyer week: Jan 26, 11 - Feb 01, 11

Scott Mate - oh boy
commented on Jan 28 2011 1:53PM
My friend lost 100 dollars on the floor keep your eyes open. What a dumb ass.

Flyer week: Dec 22, 10 - Dec 28, 10

roberta - complaint
commented on Dec 26 2010 1:10PM
when a pair of mens jeans were tagged with wrong sku that did not match the jean itself i was offered the sale price in the till rather than the actual price of receipt and tag now have a pair that fit no one as a xmas gift i will no longer shop due to i lose money over store mistake

Flyer week: Dec 01, 10 - Dec 07, 10

lin - flyer
commented on Dec 1 2010 10:11AM
if the sales start on Wednesday, why is the flyer still for the week before??????

Flyer week: Nov 24, 10 - Nov 30, 10

sean temp - woof woof
commented on Nov 26 2010 11:23PM
some of your groceries taste like dog food

Flyer week: Jun 23, 10 - Jun 29, 10

cherylworaley - giant tiger - great deals in kit chener -
commented on Jun 27 2010 7:40AM
is there a store coming tp elmira or st. jacobs in the near future?

Jan Bunt - Windsor location
commented on Jun 23 2010 1:12PM
You have no phone book listing! What's the phone number and address of your store(s) in Windsor

Flyer week: May 12, 10 - May 18, 10

Russ - trippy
commented on May 12 2010 10:00AM
He's totally right.
We can't see what's on the right.
How will we ever live without $6.97 shoes?

Flyer week: Feb 24, 10 - Mar 02, 10

amy zehr - flyer by e mail
commented on Feb 25 2010 7:00PM
this is a 42 unit building with no flyers delivered would love to get them or e mail my e mail for a weekly flyer is

Flyer week: Dec 30, 09 - Jan 05, 10

paul - hi
commented on Dec 30 2009 8:52AM
Hey Vanessa, the flyers are all the same as all sales are all sent down from Head Office.

Flyer week: Dec 16, 09 - Dec 22, 09

vanessa babineau - why
commented on Dec 16 2009 6:55PM
I'm trying to bring up the flyer for ingersol ontario but am getting an old one as i don't get one in the mail.i would like to see it on line

Flyer week: Nov 11, 09 - Nov 17, 09

Winston - Giant Tiger Flyer
commented on Nov 16 2009 3:39AM
The Giant Tiger is a little to far to the right on the screen. So, the sale items on the right hand side are cut off.


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