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Flyer week: Feb 28, 14 - Mar 06, 14

Glenn - Regular customer
commented on Mar 5 2014 10:20AM
It's a wonderful store, it reminds me of may time in Asia
serving in the military. Great place.

Flyer week: Dec 27, 13 - Jan 02, 14

ron - cashier not properly trained
commented on Dec 28 2013 10:09AM
cashiers are not properly trained to handle customers.

Flyer week: Aug 03, 12 - Aug 09, 12

rose oreilly
commented on Aug 3 2012 6:26AM
well i would call Grants directly but no one really speaks any english. should have someone speaking english, even when i was in the store no speaks english that is very furstaring.

Flyer week: Apr 20, 12 - Apr 26, 12

commented on Apr 20 2012 11:05AM
I have found some of their meat staff give you a bag of something else instead of the one you have choose. Please check out after they cut for you!!!

Flyer week: Oct 22, 10 - Oct 28, 10

commented on Oct 22 2010 11:00AM
Please update your flyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flyer week: Oct 08, 10 - Oct 14, 10

peter - outdated grant flyers
commented on Oct 8 2010 1:26AM
this flyer has had a problem for almost a month. r u planning to correct the problem and provide us with current dated flyers

Flyer week: Oct 01, 10 - Oct 07, 10

Ms. Ho - Flyer problem
commented on Oct 1 2010 4:58AM
Your on line flyer has some problems i clicked on oct.o7.10. it came up with sept.03 to 09.10 why please check it out.thanks

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