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Flyer week: Nov 25, 12 - Dec 01, 12

Kathy Tedford - I wish
commented on Nov 29 2012 2:20AM
I live in NewBrunswick but I would go to Honest Eds first thing if I could get there. I was there twice before years ago and I thought it was the best store in Toronto.

Flyer week: Nov 11, 12 - Nov 17, 12

commented on Nov 17 2012 1:31PM

Flyer week: Jan 22, 12 - Jan 28, 12

Amira - Honest Ed's outdated flyer?
commented on Jan 24 2012 6:19PM
Please note or pass along that Honest Ed's weekly specials are still showing Christmas flyer!
Also, when are "weekly" specials going to appear in the newspapers again instead of the 'weekend' specials (Fri-Sun) lately?!

Flyer week: Nov 13, 11 - Nov 19, 11

earlene - good
commented on Nov 15 2011 8:58AM

Flyer week: Feb 20, 11 - Feb 26, 11

Tina - Great Times and Great Prices
commented on Feb 25 2011 5:38AM
my mom would go to Honest Eds about every week
and bring me too when i was a child i allways
looked forward to going to Honest Eds , it was
allways fun going there, now my children enoy
going there too, its a icon of Toronto City.

Flyer week: Jan 31, 10 - Feb 06, 10

Mary - AWESOME!!
commented on Feb 3 2010 2:37PM
99 cent deals are always welcome, especially in the recession we are living.

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