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Flyer week: Dec 28, 12 - Jan 03, 13

Thomas Andrade - Worst Customer Service
commented on Dec 31 2012 7:32PM
I always loved to shop in this supermarket as things are available at comparatively cheaper price. However, I just hate their customer service. The staff just hate non-Chinese customers and I strongly feel that they should be given training in customer service. If you are not a Chinese, they don't even smile at you and they behave very rudely. If you ask any of the staff where a certain item is kept, the reply would be "I don't know". I think the management does not know about the behaviour of its staff. They should be knowing that more than Chinese, non-Chinese visit their store. We used to spend at least $ 50 per week in this shop. Since there is one more Chinese shop (A1 Premium) opened in our area which is at the same distance of Hong Thai supermarket, I have now stopped shopping in it and started to shop in the new supermarket. Most of the staff in the new supermarket are non-Chinese and are very friendly. I don't think I will ever visit Hong Thai again. Good bye Hong Thai.

Flyer week: Nov 04, 11 - Nov 10, 11

@non Chinese - NOT Racist supermarket
commented on Nov 4 2011 7:43AM
If your looking for RESPECT go to your family for a hug! If you want CHEAP grocery store then come here.

For all non ethnic people be prepare for a different culture when you visit a store like this. Most employee are not accustom to customer service level like the BIG box store. Most don't even speak English. So relax buy what you need and be happy it was cheap.

Flyer week: Oct 28, 11 - Nov 03, 11

non Chinese - Racist supermarket
commented on Oct 31 2011 12:49PM
If your not Chinese... you will not get any respect form any of the staff there.
They allow other Chinese to cut lines when your cashing out.
Then they ignore you and speak only Chinese to others around you.
I left all my items at the counter and just walked out. I will NEVER go there again and I will never give any business to Chinese ethnic stores.
The Japanese, Korean, Lebanese and other ethnic markets are much more friendlier and understand that they have to accommodate/communicate/HELP members that are not of their ethnic groups...

Flyer week: Mar 04, 11 - Mar 10, 11

Tourist - A little intimidated
commented on Mar 4 2011 9:24PM
I am travelling through the area and "almost" went to this grocery store looked quite appealing. I came back to my room later to check the net about it and found this ad. I english would have been very nice....even just on this electronic one to keep production costs down. ..Very nice community here by the way....very friendly.

Flyer week: Aug 20, 10 - Aug 26, 10

kaka - flyer update
commented on Aug 25 2010 12:37PM
Still it shows your last week flyer.

Flyer week: May 21, 10 - May 27, 10

Mano - Be fair in business
commented on May 23 2010 9:38PM
Your flyer says some thing ,and when visit store you put limit on those items which are on sale,but not specified on flyer,by this practice you can attract customer only for first time and customer don't like to come again like our family,make clear specification about any limit of items also on flyer.

Flyer week: Dec 04, 09 - Dec 10, 09

Michael Gosling - In English Please
commented on Dec 8 2009 4:15PM
As our family shops for lots of fresh produce, etc. and visits a number of Asian stores it would be beneficial to have this ad in English please. It would be a store we would visit more often if we could read what is on sale!!!!
As, for example is it (in the 2nd row) that is $1.88 (we assume per pound?) If is barbequed pork we would go and buy some. As it is we cannot tell so would not make a special trip.

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