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Flyer week: Jun 20, 13 - Jun 22, 13

SC - Don't purchase form them
commented on Jun 18 2013 6:43PM
Quality is horrible. If you are looking for a couch, look elsewhere unless you want something that a child can assemble. Leather is flawed full of creases, folds, dimples, etc.. They won't take any responsibility after the sale is made.

Flyer week: Feb 11, 11 - Feb 05, 11

Vincent - Not worth it!
commented on Feb 5 2011 4:03AM
The worst company ever. I saw an add in the metro Toronto about a sale on a glass dining room table, 3 months and many phone calls later, they finally delivered all the pieces. How they were able to deliver a glass table with no legs in the first place is beyond me. It took them an additional 2 months (table itself took 1 month) to deliver the tables legs. They refused to give a discount, and the number they provided for head office was a personal cell phone number with no voicemail. They even laughed a couple of times when I called to ask if my table legs were in yet. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money at a brand name retail chain. At least you will get some semblance of customer service.

Flyer week: Jan 11, 11 - Jan 15, 11

Wendy - Terrible service & quality
commented on Jan 10 2011 12:02PM
Ordered a dinning set at La Vie, promised ready for pickup on Thurs. Called the store on Thurs, the guy's response was it was not ready, and couldn't give a confirmation date. Then, the store called back in an hour saying that they're ready for pickup. The quality of chairs are crappy, found a few dents on the legs and a corner of the back was chipped. The leg of the table was cracked after 10 days.

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