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42   Responses

Flyer week: Mar 01, 13 - Mar 07, 13

discovery - flyer and job
commented on Mar 5 2013 11:50AM
i don't know how some people can't access the flyer or find the loblaws web. very easy, use google and type the word loblaws and you are there, then you can search the stores, which store you like to go to, just type the word.
i only have other problems with loblaws, they do not want to give me job after so many aplications that i had submitted, specially Loblaws@50 Musgrave, Victoria Park and Gerrard St. they should be ashame of themselves specially the people from HR and Department Managers, i do have some experience and how come they can hire the other people with no experience, those people receive training in the store. i can only say this store hire only youngsters with no job experience. Loblaws is the Bigest Age Discriminator.

Flyer week: Jul 20, 12 - Jul 26, 12

commented on Jul 20 2012 4:46AM
It was great when Zehr's came out with the foot long hotdogs. But NO buns to go with them. DA Then they came out with the buns. GREAT But the dogs are packed 6 but the buns are packed 8. HOW STUPID IS THAT. I thought the big stores would have some bright people in head office. But i guess not. DA

Flyer week: Jun 08, 12 - Jun 14, 12

amir - price
commented on Jun 12 2012 5:39AM
i want to now how much is meet prices?

Flyer week: May 25, 12 - May 31, 12

andrea - stupid flyer
commented on May 28 2012 9:20AM
this is not a grocery store flyer do not label it as one if it is not

Flyer week: Feb 10, 12 - Feb 16, 12

C. Robertson - Useless
commented on Feb 10 2012 12:28PM
It is useless to try and look at the Loblaws flyer in order to plan your grocery shopping. There is no access to the flyer.
Customer Service????

Flyer week: Jan 20, 12 - Jan 26, 12

Betty - flyer
commented on Jan 26 2012 12:38PM
All of the above comments are still true. Your access of the weekly flyer is really bad but no one ever seems to change anything.

Flyer week: Dec 23, 11 - Dec 29, 11

sue - hours
commented on Dec 26 2011 1:05PM
where are your Christmas holiday hours posted?

Flyer week: Oct 14, 11 - Oct 20, 11

chickie mcpherson - frustrating
commented on Oct 14 2011 3:25PM
I didn't think a large business like Loblaws would by satisfied that customers could take twenty minutes to find their website and still not know what is on sale!
I am not driving there to find out.

Flyer week: Aug 05, 11 - Aug 11, 11

theodore Pituch - loblaws flyer
commented on Aug 9 2011 7:27AM
Our condo building at 2269 Lakeshore blvd.toronto does not receive your flyer, Why is that? Can we exect to receive them soon?

Flyer week: Jun 10, 11 - Jun 16, 11

Ron - Make Your Meat Trays Recycleable
commented on Jun 10 2011 6:28AM
Why is it that some of the major stores can't use these trays-this includes Farm Boy and ?

Flyer week: Jan 21, 11 - Jan 27, 11

joni neita
commented on Jan 21 2011 9:34AM
It would be helpful if Loblaws and its weston management could respect the people who buy anything in their stores. For the grand privilege of even looking at their flyer one must be perfectly eauipped with the details of name and address of their stores. They better not presume that the loblaws store is anything but an isolated silo with no connection of one store to another. They must spend the time to go through the loblaws or no-frills hoops wasting time and effort and being the servant of loblaws in their exclusionary dirty market ploy. Well Folks, There are other stores that respect the time and dignity of people. Stay away from loblaws and no frills and ther backward and inaccessable flyers. Working people do not need the the hassel of climbing loblaws barriers

Flyer week: Jan 07, 11 - Jan 13, 11

Molly - Pack own groceries
commented on Jan 9 2011 11:37AM
With the prices at this store, there should be packers supplied, not have to do it yourself, like at No Frills or Food Basic$

Flyer week: Dec 31, 10 - Jan 06, 11

Another complainer - This online flyer page SUCKS!
commented on Jan 6 2011 1:40PM
Hopefully you read these suggestions and complaints.

Please make you flyer in a easy to read and fast loading format.

commented on Jan 1 2011 2:36PM
All those grocery stores are run by Presidents Choice.
Guess they aint losing any money dumbass

Flyer week: Dec 24, 10 - Dec 30, 10

commented on Dec 27 2010 10:12AM
Thanks. You just saved me a trip to your store.
Can't see what's on sale, would probably buy lots of other after Christmas stuff, but since I can't view your flyer will go to No Frills or Valumart instead. You just lost ANOTHER customer...Adios.

Flyer week: Dec 10, 10 - Dec 16, 10

Greg - Morons
commented on Dec 15 2010 5:20AM
It's funny how many of you idiots there are on this website. THIS IS NOT A LOBLAW WEBSITE. It is so clearly labeled as having no affiliations with Loblaws.

michele w. - Where's the flyer
commented on Dec 10 2010 7:15AM
I have trouble accessing your flyer. This seems to be a common problem.

Flyer week: Nov 12, 10 - Nov 18, 10

barbara sherriff - holiday crap
commented on Nov 15 2010 6:43AM
Why can't you use the word Christmas at least once? if at least to avoid being repetitive? who the ** are you afraid of offending.

Flyer week: Oct 15, 10 - Oct 21, 10

Ronald Dews
commented on Oct 20 2010 2:00PM
I followed the website to where it says pick a proince ,city and address nothing happens WHY?

Flyer week: Oct 01, 10 - Oct 07, 10

kaven - october 1st flyer
commented on Oct 4 2010 10:51AM
The flyer is very hard to access - I gave up after a long wait.

Penelope - Lower Socio-economic non-customer
commented on Oct 3 2010 6:43AM
As with most things with Loblaws, the flyer is now geared to the upper-middle to upper income group. They don't want us wandering around their stores in the clothes purchased from value village or goodwill. Relegate this class of customer to No Frills - imagine, that flyer makes sense to even us mentally challenged people. Forget it, I'm going to Walmart!

Nick Ruest
commented on Oct 2 2010 7:52AM
correction to post: multi-billion dollar company. im going to metro or a local company.

Nick Ruest
commented on Oct 2 2010 7:46AM
I guess Loblaws doesn't want me to buy things from the flyer??? I will not put up with ancient website design. It's funny how a multi-million dollar company has such a horendous web setup. I could make this website better and I do not consider myself tech savy lol...

Flyer week: Sep 24, 10 - Sep 30, 10

commented on Sep 25 2010 8:30AM
here's an idea, why don't you piss off all your customers by making them answer 30 questions before getting to an almost flyer and make them click more times to get to a flyer better suited to a sideways monitor - scroll 7 different windows to see a single page - way to go - the company must be run by the over 90 crowd - still having problems with the VCR eh?

Flyer week: Aug 20, 10 - Aug 26, 10

Olivia - FLYER
commented on Aug 20 2010 7:02AM

Flyer week: Jul 02, 10 - Jul 08, 10

M.L.**inson - complaint re flyer
commented on Jul 2 2010 2:08PM
It's so hard to access your online flyer that I've given up. It's easy to get flyers for the other supermarkets in my area, what's the problem?

Flyer week: Apr 23, 10 - Apr 29, 10

Courtnet Haas - I NEED TOILET PAPER!
commented on Apr 29 2010 9:33AM

Flyer week: Mar 26, 10 - Apr 01, 10

Ken - Loblaws Blocking
commented on Mar 27 2010 6:16AM
I think it is a new corporate thing where they block any attempt to compare prices. Go figure eh!

Flyer week: Mar 12, 10 - Mar 18, 10

commented on Mar 13 2010 6:08AM
see the flyer

Flyer week: Feb 26, 10 - Mar 04, 10

Bob - great deal on Old Spice Deodorant,free OS bodywash
commented on Mar 3 2010 11:42AM
Got a coupon from the store's coupon bulletin board that was good for a free OS body wash with the purchase of the deodorant. So this was a great deal since the deodorant was also on sale this week. I went to the Leslie and lakeshore store, not sure if other locations offer a coupon bulletin board.

Flyer week: Feb 19, 10 - Feb 25, 10

marie lopez
commented on Feb 20 2010 10:14AM
very frustrated that i cannot view your flyer, have no problem with other grocery store, but superstore is a chore and still the flyer is not accessable.

Flyer week: Feb 05, 10 - Feb 11, 10

Seung-Hee Kim - Flyers
commented on Feb 9 2010 5:21PM
I want to see the flyers online.

Flyer week: Jan 29, 10 - Feb 04, 10

Gordon - It works!
commented on Feb 3 2010 8:06AM
Works for me, don't know what Tony was complaining about????!!!!

Flyer week: Dec 11, 09 - Dec 17, 09

Tony - Christmas at Loblaw's Bah Humbug!!!
commented on Dec 16 2009 12:25PM
Why have a Web site for your flyer if you cannot access it? I do most of the grocery shopping for my family and as we live in the country I check out the flyer's before leaving work so I can make a grocery run on the way home. As I cannot access your flyer to see what exactly you have on sale I tend to stop elsewhere. By the list of complaints and comments listed here, I would think you are losing quite a bit of business as well as building up a lot of bad PR.

Flyer week: Nov 27, 09 - Dec 03, 09

chatter - Can't find the flyer????
commented on Nov 29 2009 7:09AM
Just read your screens and they clearly tell you to go to your location and then you can easily click on your weekly flyer...

Flyer week: Nov 20, 09 - Nov 26, 09

commented on Nov 26 2009 12:30PM

Flyer week: Aug 28, 09 - Sep 03, 09

karen - shopper
commented on Sep 3 2009 9:12AM
can't see today's flyer after time and frustration. I'll go somewhwere else.

Flyer week: Aug 21, 09 - Aug 27, 09

Anne - Flyer August 21
commented on Aug 21 2009 8:12AM
If one could access the flyer then one would be able to comment on the prices of the product being offered. This is an ongoing issue and needs to be rectified in the near future.

commented on Aug 21 2009 7:17AM
It's true.. there are more problems with Loblaws flyers than any other... but... someone should tell Loblaws, not Grocery
I did once, and got the usual hollow thank you, but maybe if thousands did they'd hire a competent web manager. At one point, you had to scroll down on two different scroll bars just to see the bottom of the page. Why can't they learn from the others?

Flyer week: Aug 14, 09 - Aug 20, 09

commented on Aug 17 2009 10:52AM
It is very difficult to find the Loblaws flyer on line... it just not posted even though it says it is.. what gives?

commented on Aug 14 2009 1:59PM
I am completely disappointed in your flyer (or its lack of accessibility). You are the only store whose flyer is never online. I have been frustrated repeatedly, and at this point, refuse to even come into your store.

Flyer week: Jul 31, 09 - Aug 06, 09

Seung-Hee Kim
commented on Aug 5 2009 7:41AM
show your flyers.

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