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Which are the good deals and are there any coupons to help save even more?

15   Responses

Flyer week: May 02, 13 - May 08, 13

Ian McGraw - Wed Site Wonder
commented on May 8 2013 12:38PM
Brutal web site, out of memory stack, totally disfunctional.

Flyer week: Jan 03, 13 - Jan 09, 13

frkan - wood stoves
commented on Jan 9 2013 6:20AM
you have no idea how bad your site really is

Flyer week: Nov 08, 12 - Nov 14, 12

brian - finding products on your site is painful!
commented on Nov 13 2012 6:50PM
I spend 30 seconds on the Lowes USA site and find exactly what I am looking for, same with Home Depot, Walmart...etc.I have spent 5 minutes and am frustrated!
I have tried it repeatadly for a couple years and everytime I try it. Improvements are few and far between!

art rickan - web site is bad
commented on Nov 10 2012 11:53AM
this is probably the most useless web site i have ever used?????

Flyer week: Oct 25, 12 - Oct 31, 12

Harvey wernham - Canada Website
commented on Oct 29 2012 6:38PM
your website sucks,will shop at your competition, or shop Lowes USA

Charlie - Can you make it any smaller
commented on Oct 29 2012 4:02PM
Seriously, I think you should visit the Home Depot site for tips on an online flyer, its aweful.

Flyer week: Jul 05, 12 - Jul 11, 12

Donald Wayne - Water Heaters
commented on Jul 5 2012 1:29PM
I have never seen a site with absolutely "NO" information required to buy one of your products. Home Depot from now on!!!!

Flyer week: Jun 28, 12 - Jul 04, 12

Debra Bates - Website not user friendly
commented on Jul 2 2012 10:59AM
What a nightmare trying to navigate through your website. How do I get to a selection of bathroom mirrors/vanities? I'm not wasting any more time - I will go elsewhere.

Flyer week: Jun 14, 12 - Jun 20, 12

ron mccabe - flyer
commented on Jun 14 2012 7:23AM
I agree that this is worst flyer set up ever visited

mike marshall - an absolute frustration
commented on Jun 14 2012 2:21AM
It is indeed most disappointing to navigate a website with such poor layout and difficult search process. Does the compny realize how much profit it is missing by turning customers away because of a badly designed website? Perhaps not and thus one more reason to go elsewhere namely Home Depot. Please wake up!!

Flyer week: May 24, 12 - May 30, 12

commented on May 25 2012 3:22PM
your website is to Home Depot !

Flyer week: May 17, 12 - May 23, 12

Denis Bourgeois
commented on May 23 2012 6:00PM
Your website is just a waist of time to look at,Hire people that knows how to do it.

Flyer week: May 03, 12 - May 09, 12

Gerry Landers - THe Website Sucks
commented on May 8 2012 6:50PM
For a national company your website is the worst I have ever had the displeasure of visiting. A complete waste of my time. This is 2012 get with it!

Flyer week: Feb 02, 12 - Feb 08, 12

brenda brown - orders
commented on Feb 5 2012 11:24AM
I purchased a bathroom cabnet,tub with surround and the shower doors a few weeks ago. The sales rep said they would be in for pickup in a couple weeks. Four weeks later still no call saying they are in. When can I expect the items to be ready for pick up I am gettting a little concerned for the fact that I needed to pay for them first.

Flyer week: Feb 03, 11 - Feb 09, 11

larry brunschot - no lowes flyer
commented on Feb 7 2011 8:57AM
live in leamington ontario we donot receave lowes flyer

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