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Flyer week: Feb 28, 14 - Mar 06, 14

Goochman - Why farts smell?
commented on Mar 5 2014 12:44PM
So the deaf can enjoy them!

Flyer week: Feb 14, 14 - Feb 20, 14

Carol Schultz - On-line flyer
commented on Feb 18 2014 9:11PM
I really appreciate being able to get this flyer on this site because I cannot get the flyer from the e-mail that Metro sends me. Thanx

lol - lmao
commented on Feb 15 2014 7:33AM

Flyer week: Oct 11, 13 - Oct 17, 13

Mike - People who blog need to get a life
commented on Oct 12 2013 6:55AM
People who blog need to get a life

lakisha - how my home was save
commented on Oct 11 2013 1:59AM
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Flyer week: Oct 04, 13 - Oct 10, 13

C.Lo - Irrestible Apple Pie
commented on Oct 10 2013 2:29PM
I don't usually comment but seeing the one about the pie I couldn't resist.
I actually have bought it several times and have followed the instructions to the letter. Perrfect every time!

Flyer week: Mar 08, 13 - Mar 14, 13

d.howison 684- 3720 - irrestible apple pie
commented on Mar 12 2013 9:51AM
had guests for dinner, bought deep dish apple pie, cooked as instructed on package top looked lovely until sliced then we had a pan of juice and uncooked lower pie crust really terrible , needless to say no dessert for our guests
mrs. p. howison 4 hazel d.d.o. que.

d.howison 684- 3720 - irrestible apple pie
commented on Mar 12 2013 9:49AM
had guests for dinner, bought deep dish apple pie, cooked as instructed on package top looked lovely until sliced then we had a pan of juice and uncooked lower pie crust really terrible , needless to say no dessert for our guests
mrs. p. howison 4 hazel d.d.o. que.

Flyer week: Mar 01, 13 - Mar 07, 13

SuperSaver - 'Price Isn't Right' Keep your money out of sight!
commented on Mar 1 2013 7:58PM
Metro has good sales from time to time like any other store however if you keep track of what is a good and bad price then you'll know when to spend and when shop around the bend.

Flyer week: Dec 28, 12 - Jan 03, 13

Pissed - Smile in every Isle
commented on Dec 29 2012 9:46AM
The Flyer says there is a Smile in every Isle .. Will how about some of your cashiers they need to learn how to Smile ..

Flyer week: Dec 07, 12 - Dec 13, 12

commented on Dec 11 2012 11:04AM
:-) fjghdmdgdyghdu

Flyer week: May 18, 12 - May 24, 12

tia - to M.Mia re soy milk
commented on May 24 2012 6:25AM
dont give your child soy is not good for anyone.the industry has lied to us about that.give rice milk instead

Flyer week: May 11, 12 - May 17, 12

commented on May 12 2012 9:19AM
good oysters and seafood.

Flyer week: Apr 13, 12 - Apr 19, 12

Alicia Bennet - NOT FRESH
commented on Apr 18 2012 4:58PM
Walter, those baked goods that you think are fresh are NEVER fresh. All Metro bakeries now get all of their products in FROZEN. Either they just thaw it out, or they re-heat it in their ovens to give it that 'just-baked' impression.
Seriously, take a look around the bakery (as well as the whole store in general) and you will notice that there are very few employees there now. The company doesn't care about paying an actual baker to BAKE if there are corners that can be cut, thus money saved.
Metro is a big joke now, and its no wonder everyone bad mouths that company. I mostly shop at independant supermarkets now, because at least I know they still do things properly there. And wouldn't you know it, there are actually workers to be found inside their stores!

Flyer week: Apr 06, 12 - Apr 12, 12

Walter Velichko - Bakery
commented on Apr 7 2012 5:39AM
Metro is one of the few stores that offer fresh baked goods, daily.

Flyer week: Dec 23, 11 - Dec 29, 11

commented on Dec 27 2011 4:29AM
I found alot of good sales at Metro,I hope they keep this up.

Flyer week: Dec 16, 11 - Dec 22, 11

Bill Thomas - Critiquing the critics
commented on Dec 16 2011 11:48AM
Just read some of the rants against Metro here, and you'll see how inarticulate, spiteful and uneloquent they are. People of that ilk could not dissuade me!

Flyer week: Dec 09, 11 - Dec 15, 11

Alicia Gordon - PATHETIC
commented on Dec 12 2011 5:31PM
Metro just plain sucks! Everyone knows it by now, just how dirty and filthy this company (more like a criminal empire) really is. Ask anyone, even their own employees won't hesitate to tell you what they really think of the very company they "work" for.

Dave - Wierd or what?
commented on Dec 9 2011 12:06PM
I have been reading some of the rants by this Scott dude. I believe he has spent so much time in grocery stores looking in freezers and over the meat coolers that his brain froze.

Flyer week: Dec 02, 11 - Dec 08, 11

Scott - This weeks specials
commented on Dec 2 2011 3:42AM
Looking for chicken breasts, why pay 3.99 at metro when you can get them for 1.88 a pound at loblaws.

Flyer week: Nov 11, 11 - Nov 17, 11

Charles Munroe
commented on Nov 15 2011 4:08PM
Metro Sucks! I've never been to a supermarket before that is way beyond understaffed. Even the employees won't hesitate to tell you how much they hate it there.

Flyer week: Oct 07, 11 - Oct 13, 11

commented on Oct 11 2011 7:14AM
Paper towels are 1.99 at Shoppers, Tissue Paper is also 3.99 at shoppers, bread and milk always much cheaper at shoppers, butter, why pay 5.29 at metro when its always 2.99 at shoppers. ice cream is cheaper at shoppers. sunny food market you can get vegetables and fruits cheaper. 5 bags of veggies for 20 dollars cheaper themn metro. keep visiting SCOTT THE CAPED PRICING CRUSADER WHO IS HATED BY CAPITALIST PIGS for further special pricing.

Scott - Susan Why Dont YOU get a life?
commented on Oct 11 2011 7:09AM
Susan, why dont YOU get a life. If I want to inform the public of best pricing and goods I will and I do not need to wear a cape to do so. Maybe you need to wear a cape over your head to hide your stupidity even further. As for anger issues, I do not need your fortune cookie philosophy or pop psychology. I will continue to inform and educate and share with others on where to get the best prices for goods that they pay for out of their money. You are one person and if you do not care about how much money you spend or save, thats your problem so do not bother to read my posts or respond to them because only intelligent people have any intelligent responses and you are not one of them.

Flyer week: Sep 30, 11 - Oct 06, 11

Susan - Scott the Price Crusader- Get a LIFE!!!
commented on Oct 5 2011 1:42PM
Hey Scott...why so upset? Give your head a shake!!! Make that TWO! You have some anger issues my friend. Life just ain't THAT BAD!
There's a lot of stuff going on in the world these days. Don't make it your main focus in life to be a "Price Crusader". We understand we can go to "no frills, wal-mart, dollar store...". Okay...we get it! Thanks for pointing out the obvious!!! Keep up the good work Scooter!!! Next time, please wear a "cape" so that we (those who are not forced against our will to shop at Metro) can identify you and give you a "high five"!!! Thanks scoots!

Scott - Susan: Are You Sure You Are University Educated?
commented on Oct 3 2011 12:01PM
Are you sure you completed your degree? If you did in fact graduate. Do you read the news? Alot of people in Toronto are unemployed and living below the poverty line. This is why food banks are around. Even Metro takes food donations for those who cannot afford their prices or the cost of food. I think your comment directed towards Mia is both inappropriate and lacks any social awareness or intelligence about childrens health or about health and safety in general. It does not matter if its a store or a food bank. You and the other posters here are missing the point. Not everyone has an income to shop at Metro, Loblaws, Longos etc. Not everyone has that luxury or choice. Even people who take home an honest weeks pay have very little money for food even basic staples. My intention was to help people save some money. Perhaps thats not important to you because your income is disposable or you like others just do not care. I am not a former employee of Metro and so what if I was that does not mean that I have no right to an opinion or to inform customers as to where to get an item cheaper. And if you and other posters do not like my opinion, just go ** yourself and the problem will be solved.

Flyer week: Sep 23, 11 - Sep 29, 11

Susan - Scott --- Gimme a break
commented on Sep 25 2011 9:47PM
You say that the Food Bank has more regulations and food control??? I used to "volunteer" at the Food Bank when i was in university...gimme a break! We picked up spoiled fruits and leftovers from bakeries, St. Lawrence Market...not sure where you're standard of living is at...but it wasn't exactly "fresh" as per your claim. I love your enthusiasm to "volunteer" at the food bank, but leave Metro alone. If you don't shop there, why you bashing them? Former employee? We all understand that its' "competative pricing"; they won't be the cheapest. No problem...we CHOOSE to shop there. You don't like it? Go somewhere else. My friends and I love its quality, 24 hours and cleanliness...If you like eating "spoiled" food, then joing Mama Mia!

Susan - M.MIA is irresponsible and childish
commented on Sep 25 2011 9:40PM
You will never go back to Metro? LOL! Love how people think they have sooo much individual power. I'm sure you're cheap business tactics at Metro will SAVE them money. I love how you say it wasn't about the money, yet waited for 2 days to hear a response from them...get a grip honey...and then get a life! Looking for a million bucks from soiled milk? Try working for a living. I love Metro for its cleanliness, hours and terrific locations. Here's a tip for you MIKA...don't cry over spilt milk babes!

Not Scott - lol Scooter
commented on Sep 24 2011 2:07AM
Scott I trust that you get paid what you're worth at the food bank. You hand out food that is stale dated all the time. Metro offer's fresh dairy, meat, produce.I'd continue but you get my drift. Oh, that's right, people who work food bank's don't get paid, do they? Carry on Scooter

Scott - Mia Call the Public Health Dept
commented on Sep 23 2011 3:50AM
Mia: Call the public health dept and report this to them. I will call them too and if they get several complaints, they will think more about selling spolied milk or give the spoiled milk to sam, will or susan, they seem to like spoiled products cause they are spolied brats.

Scott - Susan FYI: Its not the 80s anymore
commented on Sep 23 2011 3:47AM
Please re:read your post: its not the eighties anymore. Get er done? Didnt pass grade 2?

Scott - Sam Stop Calling Yourself Sam
commented on Sep 23 2011 3:45AM
Sam: Can tell from your post who you are. Ever seen the Wizard of Oz? I think you know what I mean. Yes, I am a Super-Hero, my mission in life is to rid the world of Facebook/ online bullies like you. By the way, bought any SUGAR lately?

Scott - Will Please Will You Get Your Facts Straight.
commented on Sep 23 2011 3:41AM
Will: Actually I have volunteered at the Food Bank for 2 years. What have you done? Also, my purpose for posting what I did was to SAVE people who have to rely on food banks money. Have you ever worked at a food bank because you have your facts wrong like the same way your head is screwed on wrong. The food at food banks is monitored strictly and more regulations and standards are in place at food banks than your beloved Metro.

Scott - Rick: News Flash
commented on Sep 23 2011 3:34AM
News flash to you. I have a job and I also pay taxes. I work with seniors and ask the thousands of people in this city that I have helped over the years just what kind of better person I am.

Flyer week: Sep 16, 11 - Sep 22, 11

M.Mia - Metro Sales spoiled food
commented on Sep 21 2011 12:41PM
I bought 3 Soya milk for my baby from Danforth Metro and did not test before giving him the milk. He remains without taking the milk for the whole day just took one time and ran away putting the milk bottle on the ground. At the end of the day I tested it and found spoiled very badly. We are so anxious now about his health. I returned them and I was so upset I did not even ask for the money. 2 days past and we had not had a response yet from any one. Think how much they care about customer. I will never go back to metro in my life. There are so many good store like Sobeys, Loblaw’s why spoiled food seller metro ???

will - Scott is a freak!
commented on Sep 17 2011 11:13AM
Scott thanks for telling us about the cheap chicken at Wal Mart but you forgot to tell everyone that the cheaper chicken at wal mart is from the states where most of wal marts meat comes from, you also forgot to warn everyone of the salmonella that comes in all the american poultry. So for those of us who can afford to eat disease free canadian poultry shop at Metro where for a bit more money you A.) buy Canadian
B.) Buy canadian graded food which is disease free. Scott too bad you have such a hard on for Metro, you could apply all your resources tosomething worth while like working in a food bank or something. But then again you would probably direct eople to the canned foods that are old and have Botulism.

Flyer week: Sep 02, 11 - Sep 08, 11

susan - Get 'er Done Rick --- Thanks for "cleaning up"
commented on Sep 7 2011 12:45PM
Hi Rick, Thank you, thank you, thank you for 'ridding this world of scum! We absolutely need more people like you! I love Metro and its clean environment. I've read some of the ignorant comments on this page and i find it weird that if people have so much complaints about Metro...then just shop somewhere else. All my family and friends are loyal Metro customers and love the freshness of their meats and produce. Thanks Rick...and i'm now going to look out and confront the shoplifters!!!

Flyer week: Aug 26, 11 - Sep 01, 11

Sam - Scott the Price Crusader- Get a LIFE!!!
commented on Sep 1 2011 11:47AM
Hahaha...was just reading some of the "older" posts from were informing another customer about the price of chicken??? LOL!!! You're letting people know they can buy gatorade cheaper at Shoppers??? WTF??? LOL!!! What are you? Who are you? Are you a "Superhero"? Get a grip dude!!! Why such a Crusader against prices? WOW...such a superhero! They should make a comic book / movie out of you! Oops, i forgot, they already have the movie out.."Dumb and Dumber". BTW, i always buy gum balls at the grocery store...please let me know when they are on sale. Okay Stevie? (if thats your real name). Thanks peewee...i mean steve. Good boy steve...good boy.

Rick - Unrealistic Scott
commented on Sep 1 2011 10:53AM
Hey Scott...appreciate the comments; but i find you live in a fantasy world. Please stop making excuses for others or maybe yourself. is tough...does that mean you or they should steal? Your logic is backward and primitive my friend. I will keep "snitching" out the criminals as i absolutely love Metro and their hours. Good luck on your future endeavours and job search! Don't give up on life my friend...and please stop making excuses for will prevent you from becoming a better person! :'-)

Scott - Rick is a Snitch
commented on Aug 28 2011 8:56AM
Rick, you are a snitch. No one likes people who snitch. Sure stealing is wrong but maybe they were trying to feed their kids and could not find a job. Maybe they applied for a job at Metro and were turned down because by the way Metro would rather hire young inexperienced workers or people who speak very little english. If Metro managers were not sitting on their asses and watching what goes on in their stores then people would not be stealing.

Flyer week: Aug 19, 11 - Aug 25, 11

rick - METRO is the best supermarket chain
commented on Aug 20 2011 9:10AM
I absolutely love Metro...they have everything i need and they are usually open 24 hours. Perfect! PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE A THING!!! I even helped them catch two shoplifters last week. I was so happy to help them. I wonder what happened to those two guys! Hopefully the can turn their life around. :'-)

rick - METRO is the best supermarket chain
commented on Aug 20 2011 9:05AM
I absolutely love Metro...they have everything i need and they are usually open 24 hours. Perfect! PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE A THING!!! I even helped them catch two shoplifters last week. I was so happy to help them. I wonder what happened to those two guys! Hopefully the can turn their life around. :'-)

Scott - This Weeks Specials
commented on Aug 20 2011 4:52AM
THis week Metro is selling Kraft Peanut Butter for 4.49, the same size jar of Skippy is on for 2.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart. Juice at Metro today is 3.49, you can find it for 2.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart. Gateroade 3 for 5 bucks at Metro, you can get 6 pack for 5 bucks at Shoppers Drug Mart. Just thought you would like to know.

Flyer week: Aug 12, 11 - Aug 18, 11

Scott - Five Fingaz
commented on Aug 14 2011 1:22PM
Hey Five, You said would like me to get a life. I will, after you learn to get an education and spell properly. There is no question mark after the word life and fingers is spelled wrong too. There are free courses at community centres or you could use a dictionary..... if you can read.

Scott - Steve
commented on Aug 14 2011 1:17PM
Steve, wow 20 bucks for a hooker? How would you know? Did you pay that much out of your money you steal from peoples homes? or from stolen bicyles?

Five Fingaz - Chicken
commented on Aug 12 2011 1:03PM
And you wonder why the manager hates this dude Scott. Stalking Metro stores and turning away their customers. Get a life?
Scott the Stocking Perv.

Flyer week: Aug 05, 11 - Aug 11, 11

Steve - Chikens
commented on Aug 10 2011 2:58PM
Scott needs a hobby instead of always choking the chicken. Save your twenty dollars for a hooker.

Scott - 20.00 for a chicken?
commented on Aug 10 2011 7:06AM
Went to Metro yesterday to get a slice of pizza. Noticed whole chicken was 20.00. A customer was about to purchase 2. I informed him that he could buy 2 chickens for 12 bucks at Walmart. He hightailed it out of there and thanked me. Sorry, but I am going to continue coming into your store and informing customers about the lower prices elsewhere. Who the ** charges 20.00 for a chicken? Only greedy Metro.

Scott - Dawn Mills
commented on Aug 10 2011 6:59AM
Hey Dawn Mills: How would you know what my face looks like? Can you see through the internet? As for people laughing in my face. Most of the disgruntled workers at Metro have more respect for me than any of the rude ass managers there who do not know how to deal with people. Is that the same pie hole, you shove up your ass, than sell to customers? pawning off as food?

Dawn Mills - Rude Managers
commented on Aug 9 2011 11:44AM
Scott has a very funny face and people like to laugh in it all the time. Nobody cares if minimum wage slaves are disgruntled so quiet your smelly pie hole. If you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen loser. Nobody wants to hear your lies and nonsense.

Scott - Ignorant and Rude Manager
commented on Aug 6 2011 3:31AM
The manager )female) at the Don MIlls and Lawrence location is the rudest and most ignorant manager I have ever dealt with. She does not listen to customers, looks down on you when you bring up a concern and basically laughs in your face. I really do not understand why Metro keeps her around. The staff and other customers there cannot stand her.

Flyer week: Jul 29, 11 - Aug 04, 11

Danielle - Thanks for caring
commented on Jul 29 2011 5:13PM
Thanks for caring Holly, but I'm sure when I am finished university, I will be getting paid more then that :) The job I have now is just paying for my schooling, which I attend so I can be smarter then the average grocery store shopper.

Flyer week: Jul 15, 11 - Jul 21, 11

holly - "danielle"
commented on Jul 20 2011 3:10PM
"Danielle", aka lifetime minimum wage employee; Your ignorant comments are the reason you are unhappy in a minimum wage job. You should start to love your job, as with that attitude, you are lucky to have one. even at minimum wage.

Flyer week: Jul 01, 11 - Jul 07, 11

chasta hinkson - You are all gay (except the Food Basics Girl)
commented on Jul 5 2011 10:23AM
Come on why on Jehovah's green earth would anyone spend time commenting on a FOOD STORE FLYER SITE???? I know I'm doing it but that's ok if I do it, because I am totally perfect in every way.
Soooooo sorry if you are not.

BTW I like the sale on the berries.

Come on, get a life and go to a real forum.

Love you all!

linda - no title
commented on Jun 30 2011 7:35PM
are metro stores closed on Canada day.

Flyer week: Jun 24, 11 - Jun 30, 11

commented on Jun 25 2011 9:07PM
their employees run around trying to do everything themselves while their managers stand there

Dear Dave - Dave
commented on Jun 24 2011 11:15AM
Hey Davy Boy: Next time you are in my checkout, I am gonna punch your butter tarts out

Flyer week: Jun 10, 11 - Jun 16, 11

Dave - When Metro Took Over.......
commented on Jun 16 2011 10:50AM
When Metro Took Over....... I looked forward to lower prices and better service. Didn't happen. If anything, prices are higher.

Dave - Dear Danielle
commented on Jun 16 2011 10:47AM
You are one of the reasons I DON'T shop at Food Basics. But then why should I care because you obviously DON'T.

commented on Jun 14 2011 4:57PM
One more thing, people actually think that threatening anyone by saying you are going to report them is just a laugh. Go right ahead, nothing ever comes of it. The managers do not care!!! Ha!

commented on Jun 14 2011 3:43PM
I work at a food basics and I love being rude to customers. Most of them anyways. Why? Well, everytime I do my job as required by head office, people decide to be rude. No, you can't use your mothers credit card, your signature is not the same. I am required to put stickers on things myself you do not need to attempt to run me down with your buggy. Furthermore, there is a 14 day return policy. I do not care if you did not realize milk needs to be kept in a fridge you cannot return it because you are an idiot. Also, there is a bar to separate orders for a reason. If you chose not to use it and push your things together with someone another customers, it is not my fault that I think it is one order. Do not yell at me. Also, if you call the store and yell down the phone at me, it hurts my ear and I will hang up on you. Why should I allow my hearing to be damaged for minimum wage? Furthermore, if you don't know how to use a chip card, yous should consider using cash, you are holding the lines up BIG TIME

Flyer week: Jun 03, 11 - Jun 09, 11

Bill Needle
commented on Jun 4 2011 5:10AM
Does any one like the music they play over the sound system? Every time I'm in the store I hear some singer screaming at the top of her voice. If they they played something soft or something with a beat instead of some diva in emotional agony I might stay in the store and shop.

Flyer week: May 27, 11 - Jun 02, 11

john kirst
commented on May 27 2011 5:40AM
i am a person on ontario disability saport program and a lot of us have been upset that the sales are always in mid week or close to end week we all get our checks at end of month and we never are able to take advantage of savings the rich do and we dont we all would like to know if it is at all posible to have this matter changed thank you for your time

Flyer week: Apr 22, 11 - Apr 28, 11

Ellie Z - Metro: The Sinking Ship!
commented on Apr 25 2011 5:08PM
I'm shocked that this company is still in business after they aquired A&P/Dominion. Prices are super high. Product is of very poor quality. Employees are rude and miserable (though you can't really blame them). Management there are obese slobs that smoke weed and drink during their breaks & lunches. And there's maybe 1 employee per department these days, and good luck trying to find that poor sod if you need anything. Someone needs to give this company a major overhaul, or else just put it out of its misery!

Flyer week: Apr 15, 11 - Apr 21, 11

b kitchen - metro staff great
commented on Apr 20 2011 8:20AM
staff at trenton store A1 but managers not so much

Jeff Wilson - LINDSAY
commented on Apr 19 2011 10:31AM
See you were well trained as a bagger , still got the Poor Old BOO HOO POOR ME attitude.

Regardless of what I do or the $ I make no reason to be treated like CRAP by store employees.

Flyer week: Apr 01, 11 - Apr 07, 11

Jennifer - Metro Staff Attitude
commented on Apr 2 2011 1:33PM
I dislike shopping at the METRO on 3221 Derry Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5N 7L7. The attitude of the staff there sucks! They look at you and act as if you are disturbing them and just ignore you. I perfer to drive further away to find another store.

Flyer week: Mar 11, 11 - Mar 17, 11

commented on Mar 11 2011 7:37AM
Don't usually shop at Metro unless they havea sreaming sale, which isn't often. More often than not their sale prices are still more expensive than soem of the other stores in my area, like No Frills, Food Basics or Price Chopper...and some of those even sell the exact same products!

Flyer week: Feb 25, 11 - Mar 03, 11

Janet Wilks - Get Real
commented on Mar 3 2011 8:41AM
Just where do they EXPECT the grocers to get NORTH AMERICAN grown Bananas LOL :)

Most METROS are staffed by DROIDS that could care less about the customer or the store .

Flyer week: Feb 18, 11 - Feb 24, 11

commented on Feb 21 2011 8:15AM
just love shopping at bathurst and sheppard. the some of the ladies at customer service counter are very helpful, always with a smile, ready and willing to assist. going there for almost 15yrs.some deserve some recognition and if you dont know who they are...check them out...girls you are FABULOUS....

Flyer week: Jan 28, 11 - Feb 03, 11

commented on Feb 1 2011 12:44PM
Dominion was way better or at least prices and management was....

Flyer week: Jan 14, 11 - Jan 20, 11

Gord Hurce
commented on Jan 16 2011 5:02PM
MC, the criminals at Metro don't even know the meaning of the word respect there, and it doesn't matter how hard their employees work. The managers in the Toronto stores are all obese, alcoholic lowlifes that submerge themsleves in the political game. I used to work there but quit on principle alone. I couldn't and wouldn't work for a company that partakes in dirty business and embraces corruption. And to verify what other posters have said: yes, the employees DO hate it there, and yes, Dominion was 1000X better than this joke of a company it turned into.

MC - Respect
commented on Jan 15 2011 1:51PM
I have respect for anyone who does his or her job well, no matter what it is.

Flyer week: Jan 07, 11 - Jan 13, 11

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commented on Jan 6 2011 11:13PM
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Flyer week: Dec 31, 10 - Jan 06, 11

Lindsay - Hilarious
commented on Jan 6 2011 12:52PM
Jeff Wilson, the person who posted last...
I love how you say that the employees at Metro have a poor a former grocery store worker in my younger years, think about're on your way home, picking up your dinner....or even shopping on the weekend...but these employees are stuck bagging your miserable butt's groceries for next to minimum wage...I know what you're thinking, maybe they should get an education and find a new job. Not all of us are dealt the best cards in life...But so sorry sir for your bruised tomato..what a travesty!

Jeff Wilson - Poor ATTITUDE
commented on Dec 31 2010 10:13AM
Why is the ATTITUDE in Metro stores so POOR. The employees push right in front of customers not so much as EXCUSE me , carry on multiple conversations with 1 another and ignore you.

Ask for a bag politely , get a dumb look , cashier tossed my 2 tomatoes around so much that they werre bruised

Flyer week: Dec 24, 10 - Dec 30, 10

Irene R - I like Metro
commented on Dec 29 2010 10:38AM
I like Metro. It doesn't have the lowest prices, that's true. That's because it isn't trying to be a low price store. It is one of the better quality grocery stores and they have better quality and a better range of produce and products than the lower price stores. Their sale prices for the most part are great. I pick and choose which store I go to depending on what I need to buy, since I live in an area where there are 4 grocery stores. No, I don't have any friends or relatives that work at any Metro. And Yes, I am grateful that I can afford to buy groceries and live in this great country, Province, city, where we have such a wonderful variety of food (and stores).

commented on Dec 26 2010 12:31PM

commented on Dec 26 2010 11:17AM

Flyer week: Dec 17, 10 - Dec 23, 10

Ashur - All of You
commented on Dec 23 2010 6:38AM
Im sorry for my last ignorant comment. Maybe I should take my meds and try to realize that I am not in this world to judge the comments made by others, or preach to you what is important. I have a lot to learn.
My deepest appologies...

Ashur - All of you
commented on Dec 21 2010 10:30PM
Maybe all of you should just be damn well grateful that you can afford to buy groceries and have food in your fridge and cupboards, and think of all the people that don't have that luxury and stop ** **ing so much! No one knows how to damn well be grateful for what they have any more! Its truely pathetic!!!

Flyer week: Dec 10, 10 - Dec 16, 10

Tracy Lynn - horrible company!
commented on Dec 16 2010 7:29PM
Can't argue with all the negative comments on here. I shopped there for 8 years and it became SO MUCH worse once Metro bought Dominion. Jacked up prices, lower quality product, more out of stock items, less employees in the store, and the service there is now a joke. It's true the employees really hate it there. Shoppers are better off just going to a No Frills or one of those discount type stores. You'll get the same sub-par quality but at least you'll save some money and you don't have to wait around in those departments where you need "service".

Bel Biv Divoe - That Girl Is pooooooiiison
commented on Dec 15 2010 10:41AM
"Never trust a big butt and a smile!"

katz - Metro is a quebec store
commented on Dec 10 2010 6:49AM
You wonder why the fruit is bad the next day or mouldy even in the store. Well, Metro is a quebec store, thats why you don't get so many brand names any more. All those irresistable brands are quebec ones. That's the priority and thats why the quality is second class.

Rick Allan
commented on Dec 9 2010 9:27PM
I was at the Vaughan metro location today (Major Mack + Dufferin) and I just wanted to say what a pleasent experience I had. The produce was fresh and the specials were well in stock. When it was time to check out, there was only 2 tills open with large lines however a stock clerk noticed and offered to open a third till to check me th\the good work!

Flyer week: Dec 03, 10 - Dec 09, 10

yob elam - metro sucks
commented on Dec 5 2010 2:14AM
I really cant stand shopping at metro for produce any more. It's bad enough the berries and grapes are all soft and moldy the day of or after they make it to the store, and the bananas all turn black within two days, but those disgusting, bitter, rotting from the inside out and turning black, south african oranges are just adding insult to injury.
Why should we here in North America keep supporting a grocer that won't support North American Produce.
I'm tired of wasting my money at their stores.

rabbi - food
commented on Dec 3 2010 11:19AM
sorry i kidding i cant find any deals better

rabbi - food
commented on Dec 3 2010 11:16AM
your food sucksssssssssssssss

Flyer week: Nov 26, 10 - Dec 02, 10

commented on Nov 26 2010 8:16AM
No frills and every other store runs out of stock on "GOOD" sale items just as fast as metro.

When people go to a store to buy alot of only 1 item(special) it happens.

Sorry for you people who don't have a car, but maybe you shouldn't have had kids and then you could afford one?????

commented on Nov 26 2010 8:10AM
EVERY THING THAT HAPPENS AT METRO HAPPENS AT EVERY OTHER GROCERY STORE!!!, do u retards not realize this. I hate metro becuase i work their but i also have the same problems everywhere else.
Its called capitalism!

Flyer week: Nov 19, 10 - Nov 25, 10

David - posted flyers
commented on Nov 25 2010 10:06AM
@Mira.. sale items change on friday, so on Thursday afternoon I would expect the current flyer to be shown still, so I know what to expect in the store on Thursday.

Flyer week: Nov 12, 10 - Nov 18, 10

Mira - Where's tomorrow's flyer?
commented on Nov 18 2010 12:51PM
I'm getting the actual flyers tonight for next week, so you would think that they would actually have it on line now, but they still have last weeks flyer posted on line @ 3:50 p.m.
Yes I did like Dominion Much , Much better.

Flyer week: Oct 29, 10 - Nov 04, 10

Alison Byrne - AWFUL
commented on Oct 29 2010 4:55PM
Mary, the reason why Metro stores have gone "down the tubes" since acquiring Dominion is because they cut back on their staff big time! Therefore, its a given that food will be less fresh, there will be more expired items, there will be more empty shelves, and the place will be much dirtier. Where are the people to do these jobs? The media likes to praise Metro on how much record profits they've been making since buying Dominion. Sure... they've cut down on expenses across the board. But I think its all coming back to haunt them, because the shoppers/customers are starting to see that they don't get the quality and service that they used to, and the stores are looking more and more like dumps! The Dominion and even the small A&P store that I used to shop in were great. Metro, on the other hand, is now basically a No Frills or Price Chopper with higher prices!

Flyer week: Oct 22, 10 - Oct 28, 10

dewar, susan - metro sucks
commented on Oct 28 2010 8:01AM
nothing is a deal. no turkeys at thanksgiving, a bunch of red tags sticking out all over making it look like some festive, sale events, suggesting reward points for who knows what. it is a giant rip and the only show for blocks around my area.

Mary Fitzpatrick - Food Pass the Expired Dates
commented on Oct 24 2010 11:54AM
I use to love shopping at our store when it was owned by Dominion (Port Union and Lawrence). However since Metro took over, it has completely gone down the tubes. I like to buy groceries on a daily basis so the food will be fresh, but Metro does not know what fresh means because they buy sub-grade fruits and vegetables have little selection. I can't count the number of times the milk and cheese have expired. I have no issue paying higher prices if you are getting the value, like you get at Loblaws. But, Metro has by far the lowest food standards around, yet their prices are similar to Bruno's and other high end stores. The staff is fine, but the food is crap.

Flyer week: Oct 15, 10 - Oct 21, 10

steve - tough chicken
commented on Oct 17 2010 11:16AM
I bought a cooked chicken at Metro the other day and it was probably the worst chicken I have ever had in my life. It costs more in gas than the chicken was worth so it went in the garbage. tougher than leather, more packaging than a landfill, probably older than me from the store shelves past it's best before date, toss it in the oven and then see if someone buys it...

Jackie - Metro sucks!
commented on Oct 14 2010 10:46PM
Chris, you are very right in what you say. **ty managers & disgruntled workers indeed. At the store near me, all the employees look and move around like they're half dead, but they probably do that on purpose because of the way they're treated.

Flyer week: Oct 08, 10 - Oct 14, 10

commented on Oct 12 2010 7:06AM
I think that when Metro as a sale on they do have a good sale on. I like it when they have the buy 1 get the other free that is the best sale you can ever have. It is pricy but sales are the best.Thank you

Flyer week: Sep 24, 10 - Sep 30, 10

chris - metro grocery sucks
commented on Sep 27 2010 7:32AM
I have never seen managers so useless as most at my local Metro store. Where do you get these losers? I guess you get what you pay for. These mangers need food handling management courses as well as people skills courses. No wonder so many employees hate this place.I wouldn't be suprised if there are cameras in the toilet stalls at these ** holes. Too bad this store is going to change nice young peoples outlook on employment.Young people are our future so please treat them well or you will pay down the road.

Flyer week: Sep 17, 10 - Sep 23, 10

sue - idiot managerat metro
commented on Sep 23 2010 6:05AM
I work there for 8 years manegement never gave you a thanks on aything you did they need tito go to a program to lear to appreciate the employer metro you suck

Chris - Don't like Metro at all
commented on Sep 21 2010 8:19AM
Too expensive,bokar coffee went from 8.69 to almost 12 dollars for 900g. What the f?. My kid worked there for a while and was a good hard worker but almost all management sucks at this store and showed little appreciation. All **es even the males. Once in bakery a bun hit the floor and the manager picked it up and was going to put it back in the batch but was stopped by an employee! Also bakery mangement changing best before dates on bake goods. What the f!!! I treat Metro like a convenience store now and never will I do a major shopping here again. Metro, clean up your act and you WILL fail.

Patricia Cade - AWFUL
commented on Sep 20 2010 8:33PM
Worst supermarket chain in Canada! Even their own employees hate it there, and they will tell you that everything went downhill since Metro bought A&P/Dominion. High prices, lousy service, and as someone else already mentioned, rude employees. Better off going to a No Frills or Price Chopper, at least you'll save some money.

Flyer week: Sep 10, 10 - Sep 16, 10

James Nagy - Left behind
commented on Sep 10 2010 3:35AM
I bought some nice steaks, only to realise I left them at the cash. The long weekend only allowed me to return three days later. They had documented the error and politely allowed me to choose some more. Thank you Metro in Beaconsfield Quebec

Flyer week: Sep 03, 10 - Sep 09, 10

Rob - Prices
commented on Sep 4 2010 12:33AM
We had an A&P here in Owen Sound, that got changed into a Metro.
The prices for years had been outrageous, and sadly, still are.
Being centered in the downtown core, the poorest that have to live there(elderly, students, low income people) live in apartments, with no cars. Sure you can take the bus, or a cab, but Metro is right there.
I one day, after having shopped around, stopped in to pick up supplies so I would have lunch for the week at work.
I liked to take a couple neilson fruit on the bottom yogurts a day, so I needed 10 for the weeek.
At the time Owen Sound had a flat rate of $5.00 for a one way cab. After loading up my cart with a few things I needed including the yogurt, I did some math.
I could have gotten one yogurt cup for about 50 cents at no frills, but I didnt want to pay for a cab, too expensive right?
Not really. Instead of buying $9.99 for 10 from A&P, I could pay $5.00 at no frills, costing me 1 penny in difference for a cab there. The additional savings more than payed for the cab back I'm sure, and it's REALLY sad to say that No Frill selection beat A&P, because No Frills has low thrills selection.
As far as switching to Metro, I can say this. Just like A&P, you can cherry pick them for great deals if you have the time, just dont shop when in need.
The selections vs the old brand whatever it was is way better.
Even not on sale, selections has specialty cheese such as swiss, havarti etc for about 4.99 for a good sized chunk, and they go on sale for super cheap.
I love swiss cheese, and can now afford to have it in my fridge all the time.
Their prices are still outrageous, and the old slogan about being fresh obsessed is luckily gone for them.

They did away with that after switching to Metro, because you definantly more than most places need to make sure that you are checking the freshess out for yourself!

Flyer week: Aug 27, 10 - Sep 02, 10

Helena - too expensive
commented on Aug 27 2010 10:24AM
according to the flyer dated from aug 25 to sep2, the flyer said that red pepper cost 0.88cents a pounds, bought 3 pepper weighing 0.300kg, ihad to pay the regular price instead of 0.88c a pounds. i returned the product got the money back. metro im sorry but I WISH I COULD LIVE CLOSE BY NOFRILLS...

Flyer week: Aug 20, 10 - Aug 26, 10

Nancy Anne Johnson
commented on Aug 26 2010 8:59AM
The Metro store in my area is absolutely wonderful, from customer service to management personnel if you have a concern or question they are only more than pleased to assist you. The store is spotlessly clean, shelves are always stocked ready to handle the big sales items as advertised, if sold out they are more than pleased to provide you a rain check. The check out service is always proficient and expedient, and many of the older employees will package your grocery items with care. I've never experienced any problems and is the only store in my area where I will shop. I find some of their meat prices a little on the high side, since I'm not much of a meat eater it doesn't really bother me. Everything is fresh, clean and well stocked.

Tom - Worst Grocery Store Ever
commented on Aug 25 2010 8:14AM
Highest prices of any grocery store. Worst and most rude employees. They sell 3 day old bakery items for maybe 50 cents less. I threw out a whole bag of cheesesticks after one day they were awful. They have an awful selection too the shelves never seem to be filled on time. Just an awful business. Quebec run so not surprised.

marcel labonte - bbq chicken
commented on Aug 19 2010 6:37PM
i bought a cooked chicken at metro in ottawa st laurent blvd and when i got home i saw the chicken was missing a leg went to return it and the manager said the deli department would not sell something like this .basically he was saying i was lying
.the people in the deli are not to clean .one time there was this girl working and she wiped her nos on her sleeve .anyways i dont buy deli meat there .

Flyer week: Jul 02, 10 - Jul 08, 10

commented on Jul 7 2010 7:30AM
Young & Eglington store sucks for having enough but employees run to run the place, if you are an early person for shopping they are always out of stock and would say the truck have not come in yet, Bayview & Eglington is the best, great customer service.

Flyer week: Jun 25, 10 - Jul 01, 10

Timothy Grandin - Cool people
commented on Jun 27 2010 10:20PM
i know the person who states he "steals" from metro. this guy is...what i call "mentally challenged". please don't worry about his bravado...he lives at home, has only been employed a few times and received "disability allowance" for his "inability" to keep a job. he goes on blogs like this and hypes himself up because...he's bored! i know u guys think he's a loser...and well...he is...but at least he's harmless to society! please don't let him get to u, he's just a harmless nobody!

Flyer week: Jun 04, 10 - Jun 10, 10

honest ed - get a lawyer
commented on Jun 4 2010 3:42AM
attention quick flick and fivefinga.... hey a-hole it is because of you and your criminal behavior the rest of us have to pay more for our groceries so watch your back BIG BROTHER IS NOW WATCHING

Flyer week: May 21, 10 - May 27, 10

Quick Flick - Shoplifting
commented on May 21 2010 10:54AM
Thatis correct Mr. Five Fingha Discount.The employees of Metro store are goofs.They allways follow wrong guys.How come I never get caught and I'm stealing $1000 to $2000 a day from Metro on Victoria Park/Danforth.Thanks Metro staff for being goofs and helping me to prosper.Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 fingha discount - discount
commented on May 21 2010 10:45AM
It`s so great and easy to have store like Metro available 24/7 to get whatever u want without spending a single penny.God i love stealing in metro...perfect discounts daily.Thanks Metro 4 making me a fortune!U Canadian guys a babies for Yankees!

bonnie spriggs - coupons to save on grocery's
commented on May 21 2010 9:12AM
on any thing i buy at metro,usually go every day there to shop.

Flyer week: May 14, 10 - May 20, 10

commented on May 19 2010 2:48PM

Flyer week: Apr 16, 10 - Apr 22, 10

Anonym - bunus bonus Air miles
commented on Apr 20 2010 12:48PM
It's a big fuss about nothing, well I want to correct myself - A big fuss about penny - especially you will notice this when you look at the promotional products earning 2 airmiles or 3; which may amount to 25 cents.
I am not against advertising, but look at how they do.
Actual product information is nothing. I think they are shy to say there was an excess production which then available as bonus rewards for us.

Flyer week: Apr 09, 10 - Apr 15, 10

daily shopper - metro yonge and eglinton
commented on Apr 11 2010 8:41AM
\\\\\this store sucks for having enough but employees run to help u and actually give a rats ass.
\lots of nice people work there

Flyer week: Apr 02, 10 - Apr 08, 10

Jason - Overpriced and Miserable!
commented on Apr 2 2010 2:56PM
I agree with some of the comments below. This is just a money-hungry company now, with overpriced groceries, miserable staff, and yeah, where did all the employees go? No wonder the ones that are there ARE miserable. I'll admit, some great specials in the flyer sometimes, but all their regular priced items are WAY overpriced! Gotta keep those shareholders happy I guess...

Flyer week: Mar 26, 10 - Apr 01, 10

Lisa Lu - flyer fight club rules
commented on Mar 29 2010 6:33AM
Just remember - the only rule on the Metro flyer fight club website is that there ARE NO RULES!!!

On a serious note, this is the best website I've ever stumbled across simply trying to find the weekly Metro flyer!! Too Funny!!

Mandy - Go Away
commented on Mar 26 2010 11:36AM
If you don't like shopping at Metro, then I suggest shopping somewhere else. Stop acting like a bunch of babies who just thrive on drama and gossip. Yuck, makes me sick.

commented on Mar 26 2010 8:29AM

Flyer week: Mar 12, 10 - Mar 18, 10

commented on Mar 15 2010 4:06PM
"Please note that does not represent nor have any affiliations with Metro. So please do not post any comments directed at Metro on this page. You are better off contacting them directly."
... clearly most of you cannot read very well. hope you had fun wasting your lives complaining to no one and spamming this page with BS that helps no one. (ps. they can't post the flyer until it's been delivered...try the metro site.)

Flyer week: Mar 05, 10 - Mar 11, 10

commented on Mar 8 2010 4:32PM

Flyer week: Feb 26, 10 - Mar 04, 10

Anneke - crap service
commented on Mar 3 2010 8:19PM
They used to have good specials and decent service at Metro... well moreso when it was still Dominion. Now the employees are all miserable, and **, you can barely find any employees left in the stores these days. Seems like there is 1 person per department lately, which is why I don't bother going there anymore. Better off going to a No Frills or Price Chopper where you can just grab your groceries and check out, instead of waiting around for that one person to serve you your items over a counter.

Flyer week: Feb 19, 10 - Feb 25, 10

Kathleen Fish-Chuck - CHICKENS ON SALE!!! RUN...
commented on Feb 19 2010 8:01AM
Hey cathlean...chicken's on sale...i'll race u to the store...remember, no rain-check babes!!!

commented on Feb 19 2010 7:58AM
lol. u actually go to a grocery store for "service". sorry dummy but if u're looking for service why don't u go to a five-star hotel. u guys are hilarious. i came by this website because i saw a co-worker looking at the flyers. i really hope u are a normal human being b/c from what i see...u are an imbecile!!! sorry, call it like it is...wouldn't u agree? btw, i would like ketchup with my fries. thks babe!!!

Mike - Metro is decent
commented on Feb 19 2010 7:32AM
i really like metro, it is a well dencent run store some of these comments are just horific

Simmon - Metros has the worst service
commented on Feb 19 2010 4:59AM
Metro have the worst service, they don't ever ask for airmiles or bag our stuff anymore untill we ask. When we ask, they tends to throw the fragile stuff together with cans and meat. I use to like going their... but not anymore... service needs to change they SUCK!

Steve Smith - Mic**'re fired!!!
commented on Feb 18 2010 6:01PM
Hey Mic**e, with an attitude like wonder u're unemployed. Get a "reality check" are LOOKING FOR WORK...THEREFORE U MUST BE THANKFUL TO WAIT FOR THE EMPLOYER. Man, u dumb!!! BTW, good luck on yur job hunt. And btw, i take a double-double when i see u at timmies. Thks babe!!! :'-)

Flyer week: Feb 12, 10 - Feb 18, 10

Amy - STFU
commented on Feb 16 2010 7:18PM
OMG you are all a bunch of **es. You whine and say that there is no stock for the sale item you want but yet you don't want a raincheack. they are good for thirty days and if the metro doesn't have the item at the time you inform the cashier and she'll put a new date on it. Your lucky you can get a raincheak at metro at some stores you can't. Also the chicken sale was a special metro did't have to give you a raincheak for it. Plus your asuming all metros are like the one you have been too, this is untrue every store is different and have different managers, any store can suck depending on the manager.

roc**e - inviting for an interview
commented on Feb 15 2010 10:58AM
i was invited in for an interview for employnment
METRO...I was early FOR MY APPOITMENT and let staff Know I was ther to meet the manager, 3-4 employees asked me if I was still waiting to see the manager they we're very apologetic but he never came out to meet me not even a phone call to explain what happen even though I left a written note for him, I waited 1 hour & nothing thats very unprofessional...I didnt even have a chance.

Steve Smith - Complainers are ridiculous and hilarious
commented on Feb 15 2010 8:16AM
Reading the comments below makes me laugh. U cheapskates, whiners and "poor babies" make u look ridiculous and "retarded". LOL. Keep up the great work complainers!!! And see u in!!!
Oh yeah, i forgot to lodge my complaint!!! Cheese is now 10 cents higher...WHAT GIVES??? :'-)

Kathleen Fischuk
commented on Feb 14 2010 3:59PM
Regarding your 3 day chicken meal special, I was extremely disappointed, when arriving Sun 10:45 am to find out, SOLD OUT NO Raincehecks, WHAT GIVES!!!! while quanities last, not true your flyer DID NOT stipulate this, your fine print SAYS your have the right to limit qty to households. I was advised by the staff, that the local store manager put up the sign...then was told by staff that it was HEAD tell the truth. I spend approx $150 plus each week, I think you can not value me as a customer to pull this. I can understand running out, but at 10:30 am don't think so.

Flyer week: Jan 22, 10 - Jan 28, 10

Frank T. - Metro owns Food Basics!
commented on Jan 24 2010 12:27AM
Food Basics is now 100% owned by Metro! I guess that's why all the prices have gone up at Food Basics too!...and I'm not the only one that noticed that either!

FOOFI - mwuha
commented on Jan 23 2010 2:48PM

Flyer week: Jan 15, 10 - Jan 21, 10

Sylvie - Coffee
commented on Jan 21 2010 8:52AM
Eight Oclock Coffee used to be 8.99....(I can get it at Food Basics for 8.49)....Metro is selling it at 12.99!!!!!!!!!!!RIDICULOUS!

commented on Jan 17 2010 7:01AM
METRO corporate headquarters probably spent a fortune to re-brand all the A&P stores. Not only have they wiped out a recognized known brand, but they've also damaged the introduction of the unknown METRO label (which started here in Ontario with 'ZERO' brand recognition) by insulting the customer's intelligence with unrealistic inflated prices. What where they thinking? That may work back in Quebec, but it doesn't here! WAKE UP, you're in ONTARIO now! You better get on with the program, because you now have REAL competition!

commented on Jan 15 2010 10:45AM
Metro is way overpriced. Food Basics and Superstore beats it hands down. Shop smart!

Flyer week: Jan 01, 10 - Jan 07, 10

Pat Hendricks - Prices......
commented on Jan 2 2010 8:53AM
I don't know how anyone can afford to shop at Metro everyday prices are HIGH even some of the specials are not so special

Flyer week: Dec 11, 09 - Dec 17, 09

**o - This is NOT the store's website!
commented on Dec 11 2009 8:15AM
How dense do you people have to be to not realize that this is NOT the vendor's website? It's a site where you can collectively access flyers for multiple stores.

Quit griping and complaining here and go to the actual website.

FYI, the flyer IS online on Thursday there.

Flyer week: Dec 04, 09 - Dec 10, 09

Wake Up
commented on Dec 6 2009 4:00PM
You people need to realize that this is NOT metro's website and they have no affiliation. This website put it up as soon as Metro has released it. They don't check these message boards to look for customer problems, if you went directly to the stores website or to the store itself. Grocery Savings is providing a great service where you can find all the store flyers so stop complaining here.

Shaylyn - Oh goes on ..cheaper elsewhere.
commented on Dec 4 2009 6:08AM
Too Expensive...prefer the other teo Major grocery Stores..

Gord - WOW
commented on Dec 3 2009 4:30PM
Congratulations. The flyer is online Thursday Nite

Flyer week: Nov 27, 09 - Dec 03, 09

sue - flyers
commented on Nov 27 2009 12:48PM
I agree with the comments about putting out the flyers on thursday. Also since metro took over from the barn,the prices are more expensive and the produce is not up to par.

Joan - Ditto
commented on Nov 27 2009 11:17AM
I concur whole heartedly with all of Marisa's comments on October 20. Several times I have looked around for a Manager and have yet to find one. The fact that customer service refuses to take small orders also antagonizes me (Your competition does).

Des C
commented on Nov 27 2009 9:52AM
I love the Metro I recently started going to:) Unfortunately the deals this week in the flyers are not very good compared to other grocery stores in my area (If you're a bargain shopper like myself:). Though I do love their veggies, meats and friendly staff, when I see a lot of the exact same things on sale somewhere else for more than a dollar cheaper, they don't win my shopping this week:(

Dale - Slow down Jana!!!!!
commented on Nov 27 2009 9:17AM
Life's too short. I frequent Metro on regular basis because the beef is very good. To actually aquire the good sale items are a bonus because they are very seldom found.

Flyer week: Nov 20, 09 - Nov 26, 09

Jana Thompson
commented on Nov 26 2009 1:11PM
This is the second time I am writing this note!!!!! Please Please Please put your flyer up on Thursaday instead of Friday!!!!!!!!! I have to watch every penny and sometimes I get so mad because I will look at your flyer when I get home home from shopping and I see sale items that I could save on if I had know about them!!!!!!!!!!! The way I do it is that I look at all the flyers and then go to the store that has the most deals and I get all my grocery's for that week at one store!!!!!!!!!!! So you are missing out on my business. I usally spend around $120.00 a week in one grocery store!!!!! Think about!!!!! Please put the flyers up earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jana

KDH9966 - Flyer
commented on Nov 20 2009 1:07PM
Please have both weeks flyers up on Tuesday or Wednesday so I can decide what I need to get on which days.

Flyer week: Nov 13, 09 - Nov 19, 09

GORD - Thursday Nite Flyer
commented on Nov 19 2009 3:37PM
Nothing new here. Its Thursday nite again. I have been to all the other grocery stores flyers online, and have my shopping list made out. Have not shopped at Metro for over 3 months, as I do my weekly shopping early Friday morning. Wake up and catch up with the times.

ron anderson
commented on Nov 19 2009 4:36AM
grand opening day they did not have all items on the shelf they should have been perpared for the GRAND OPENING

ron anderson
commented on Nov 19 2009 4:35AM
grand opening day they did not have all items on the shelf they should have been perpared for the GRAND OPENING

commented on Nov 13 2009 7:34PM
I wrote to Metro head office 6 months ago asking that they put their flyers on line on Thursday rather than on Friday. They said - good idea that they would do it. They do it for their stores in Quebec. Well six months later and they still have not put their flyer online on Thursday like Sobeys, no frills and Loblaws do. GET WITH IT METRO.

Flyer week: Nov 06, 09 - Nov 12, 09

steve smith - limit per customer
commented on Nov 7 2009 7:22AM
when sales are on
if customers would realize taking more than they really need limits the amount for the next customer
if 1 person takes 10 of the same item 9 others might go without till the next order sometimes its the consumers fault not the store who sells the product(being greedy)is a sin!

Flyer week: Oct 30, 09 - Nov 05, 09

G.Terlecki - not fresh (Greenbank Mail ,Nepean ,Ont)
commented on Nov 5 2009 10:20AM
On the pictures looks good but in store Greenbank Mall it is not fresh rotten green beans ,radishes ,melons itp. check it out.

Flyer week: Aug 21, 09 - Aug 27, 09

Sharon Elizabeth Purvis - Ms.
commented on Aug 21 2009 5:28AM
Thank-you for your wonderful store at Shopper;s World. 3000 Danforth Avenue. Sharon Purvis

Flyer week: Aug 07, 09 - Aug 13, 09

Carol A
commented on Aug 13 2009 11:27AM
Superstore has their next week flyer available for viewing 2 days early. When you go online, you have the option of viewing the present week flyer as well as the next weeks flyer. What a great marketing strategy!!!

Flyer week: Jul 31, 09 - Aug 06, 09

Jana Thompson
commented on Aug 6 2009 7:03PM
Please can you put up your flyer on Thursaday's instead of Friday's!!! I always check the flyers on Thursaday so I can get me and my two kids out the door first thing on Friday!! Thanks Jana

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