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127   Responses

Flyer week: Mar 07, 14 - Mar 13, 14

Admin - response to next week's flyer
commented on Mar 6 2014 11:23AM
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the support. The No Frills flyer for the next week usually comes out a day before before the current week's flyer expires. On every Thursday the new flyer will be available, so using your example, it would be available on Feb. 13th

Flyer week: Feb 14, 14 - Feb 20, 14

Glenn - County Fair Plazza access to No Frills
commented on Feb 17 2014 9:41AM
Why is there no access to the No Frills from the County Fair shopping mall in Thunder Bay? No Frills appears to have isolated itself and does not want me as a customer. I do my main shopping at Walmart, but would like to pick up some items at No Frills. However, due to the location of the entrance to the new No Frills I will not go through the trouble of the great distance from the mall. Sorry No Frills I will not be shopping at your store anytime soon.

Flyer week: Feb 07, 14 - Feb 13, 14

Michael Bakker - Trying to locate next week's flyer
commented on Feb 12 2014 9:12PM
Great site. Why are we unable to locate next week's No Frills flyer? (Feb 14-20) Today is Feb. 12th. Thanks.

Flyer week: Jan 10, 14 - Jan 16, 14

normal - Alizee response
commented on Jan 9 2014 7:18AM
No frills does not accept visa-company policy and yes please shop somewhere else- Im sick of waiting for people to find their card while in line- if you dont have the money -DONT SHOP! period!

Flyer week: Dec 20, 13 - Dec 26, 13

alizee - no frills that accept visa credit cards
commented on Dec 20 2013 2:10AM
does anyone know which no frills stores in Toronto accept Visa as a form of payment? Or are they going to lose me as a customer too cause this is so annoying when u go shopping and u used everything on your bank debit card and don't have a mastercard but do have a Visa and are trying to buy groceries at no frills?

Flyer week: Oct 25, 13 - Oct 31, 13

joe romao - cell phone promotion with Public Mobile
commented on Oct 28 2013 9:55AM
can you advise as to which store has the cell phone promotion with Public Mobile

Flyer week: Oct 18, 13 - Oct 24, 13

TARA SEED - how to apply for jobs at the new thunder bay store
commented on Oct 23 2013 2:56PM
went today to apply at the store but the workers outside said it is closed.once again thi is in thunder bay ontario

commented on Oct 21 2013 4:15AM
My favorite place to shop!

Anne Simister - New on-line flyer
commented on Oct 18 2013 7:10AM
It used to be very easy to navigate in your flyer. Now with the new setup it is nearly impossible. Please restore your previous, flowing pages. I will not be using this page unless it reverts. I will have to depend on the flyer delivered only. Regards, Anne.

t frils
commented on Oct 17 2013 6:20AM

Flyer week: Oct 11, 13 - Oct 17, 13

Vidya - Cashiers
commented on Oct 16 2013 1:22PM
No Frills is great for saving money but they need open more checkout counters at busy periods. I used to go to the one at Malvern but when it takes you longer to check out than it does to shop, you need to go somewhere else. Anyone living in east Scarborough, go to the one on Port Union Rd, never had to wait in line for more than 10 minutes.

lakisha - how my home was save
commented on Oct 11 2013 4:05AM
i just want to share my experience and testimony here.. i was married for 4 years to my husband and all of a sudden, another woman came into the picture.. he started hailing me and he was abusive..but i still loved him with all my heart and wanted him at all cost…then he filed for whole life was turning apart and i didn't know what to do..he moved out of the house and abandoned the kids.. so someone told me about trying spiritual means to get my husband back and introduced me to a spell caster…so i decided to try it reluctantly..although i didn't believe in all those things… then when he did the special prayers and spell, after 2days, my husband came back and was pleading..he had realized his mistakes..i just couldn't believe it.. anyways we are back together now and we are case anyone needs this man, his email address his spells is for a better life. again his email is

Flyer week: Oct 04, 13 - Oct 10, 13

Sonam - Customer service sucks...
commented on Oct 4 2013 6:42PM
My mom bought a astro yogurt on sept 27 and it's expired on sept mom couldn't read properly but she trusted the store n bought when she brought it at home and she started to eat then after few days later I found out that she is eating expired product plus she has been complaining of severe abdomen pain and we also went to I went to no frill at park dale and talk to manager...I didn't like the way how she handled it..her customer service apology or nothing...she just point me at cashier and told me to get refund which I don't really care of refund..I just wanted to let them know there are few old people who don't know how to read so let the staff make aware of the mistake....I don't do much mom does all the grocery shopping so now am worried..

Flyer week: Aug 16, 13 - Aug 22, 13

Corado Gondzales
commented on Aug 15 2013 1:30PM
Come on guys, no one is perfect, they plan the best they can and and sometimes they drop the ball, we all do, me first. But I tell you this the end of year your saving will be put money in your pocket to spent anyway you want. No Frills thank you for good food for cheap price. Continue I'm back next week again.

Flyer week: Jul 26, 13 - Aug 01, 13

abby - love the store
commented on Jul 27 2013 6:05AM
i love no frills.they are friendly and i save large money by shopping there. All other grocery stores rob your savings

Flyer week: May 31, 13 - Jun 06, 13

james - what are the hours
commented on May 31 2013 4:30PM
what are the hours

Flyer week: Apr 26, 13 - May 02, 13

Noni - sale items are all gone the first day by evening
commented on Apr 30 2013 9:51AM
yah dats nofrills the sale items are all gone the very first day by evening.(shepard & kennedy)or anywhere in scarborough! lol...why do they have so less of a stock up of the items .is becuz they just want to lure people by showing one item and when it is not available they end up buying other stuff!!1NOT GOOD

Flyer week: Mar 22, 13 - Mar 28, 13

mary - please
commented on Mar 23 2013 11:44AM
please put a no frills store in gander newfoundland.

Flyer week: Jan 25, 13 - Jan 31, 13

Mike Latendresse - No Name laundry products
commented on Jan 28 2013 5:35AM
I would like to see more no name or cheaper laundry products regularly sold in your chain stores.

Flyer week: Dec 21, 12 - Dec 27, 12

Not Me Again at That Store - Price Match
commented on Dec 24 2012 7:20AM
A few weekends ago I price matched some grocery items at the NoFrills located at Mavis and Steels in Brampton, Ontario and the cashier defaced my flyers by scratching over the items with a black marker. When asked why she was marking on my flyer she said it was their POLICY to prevent me from price matching those same items at another time.

Since then and before I have shopped-and-compared at many places including other No Frills stores and that has never happened to me before.

I have never felt more unwelcome at any store before.

I left the store wondering if this was personal or is it really a policy for No Frills to embarrass it's customers.

Flyer week: Oct 19, 12 - Oct 25, 12

commented on Oct 19 2012 7:06PM

""" Lucy commented on May 23 2012 5:05AM

Tried to price match at Mikes NO FRILLS in Port Dover.What a farce.We don't price match items that r at other store if they r on sale 3@ what ever price.Our cashier doesn't know how to break it down at the cash register.OK so dividing the product by 3 is a hard task.take down the sign if u don't price match.FALSE ADVERTISEMENT>>>>>>>>>> """

Its not false advertising, I worked at nofrills when this whole price match came into effect. The main rule to it was we dont support buy 1 get 1 free or 2 for 1... things like that. Its clearly and easy to read on the back of every single flier. We should be able to charge ya more just for not reading the rules to price match.

Flyer week: Oct 05, 12 - Oct 11, 12

pixles Dumas - unethical advetising
commented on Oct 7 2012 1:28PM
No Frills have sales and they plaster the counter with low price tags. It makes you think the low price refers to the item on display ,but the price tag is usually for something placed on top above having nothing to do with the sale item. It is a total deception and planned to catch your eye

Zoltan Lugosi - no numbers
commented on Oct 7 2012 12:34PM
I am trying t find out the stor hours for a local No ,Frills but there are no phone numbers to call. No listings in the yellow pages! The telephone operator couldn't even help me. ARE YOUR TELEPHONES SECRETLY LISTED SOMEWHERE?

Flyer week: Jul 13, 12 - Jul 19, 12

slimeball detector
commented on Jul 13 2012 9:37AM
Please note: if you see ads placed here which have absololutely nothing to do with grocery shopping, avoid them like the plague. Those individuals posting irrelevant crap here have no respect for the purpose of this site. Therefore, it's hard to imagine them respecting you in any business transaction.

Flyer week: Jun 15, 12 - Jun 21, 12

Frills - Unable to access flyer
commented on Jun 18 2012 6:49PM
Alexis-I have a similar problem. Ihave been told by my ISP that the problem is using the IE6 Browser. You should upgrade to IE8 or IE9. I have not tried this yet so I can't confirm.

Flyer week: Jun 01, 12 - Jun 07, 12

commented on Jun 1 2012 12:44AM
I love to get my weekly flyers at this site but for 2 weeks I cannot open the No Frills flyer. It goes only to province and no furthur. All other flyers are viewable. Please correct this. TY

Flyer week: May 18, 12 - May 24, 12

commented on May 23 2012 5:05AM
Tried to price match at Mikes NO FRILLS in Port Dover.What a farce.We don't price match items that r at other store if they r on sale 3@ what ever price.Our cashier doesn't know how to break it down at the cash register.OK so dividing the product by 3 is a hard task.take down the sign if u don't price match.FALSE ADVERTISEMENT>>>>>>>>>>

Flyer week: Feb 24, 12 - Mar 01, 12

commented on Feb 29 2012 12:42PM

Pauline - ?????
commented on Feb 24 2012 9:40AM
Why are most people wasting our time with "crap" that is garbling on about everything but No Frills. Let's keep to the topic folks! As for No Frills in Kitchener, I find that they most often have what is on special, and I enjoy going there - even if it is a bit further to drive. Very helpful staff at this location. Will keep going there.

Flyer week: Dec 16, 11 - Dec 22, 11

s**y - not going to No frills anytime soon
commented on Dec 17 2011 4:03PM
All these complaints about no frills...thanks for all these people who are honest and post there comments saved me a trip

Ina Duquette - coupons
commented on Dec 16 2011 12:01PM
No Frills in Chatham, ont, should have more coupons in the flyers in the penny saver

Flyer week: Nov 11, 11 - Nov 17, 11

Ina Duquette - No Frills is the only store I shop at for food
commented on Nov 13 2011 4:10PM
They have the lowest prises in town

Flyer week: Nov 04, 11 - Nov 10, 11

ML - Terrible customer service at No Frills
commented on Nov 4 2011 4:26PM
I tried to return a $5 item to No Frills (where I shop practically daily) and the STORE MANAGER said "We are in the business of making a profit, not taking returns". Seriously? I asked about customer service and she just shrugged. I won't shop there again.

Flyer week: Oct 28, 11 - Nov 03, 11

James - No baskets in store
commented on Oct 31 2011 6:39PM
I am very disgusted by the lack of shopping baskets
at the joe's no frills at Kingston rd and lawrence.
There are hardly never any when you walk in, and finding one is no easy task. Staff are no help. Cashiers suggest it's because a few of them are being stolen. Is
this any reason to punish the regular customers? Many customers are walking around with their hands
full of groceries. It's become a joke. Worst part is
that nothing is getting done and no one seems to care.

Flyer week: Sep 23, 11 - Sep 29, 11

babs - yeh for no frills
commented on Sep 25 2011 4:41AM
I think their swell to shop especially when your low on cash!You seem to get alot for your money.

Brian Dougan - Good Reading
commented on Sep 24 2011 8:23AM
**o Folks!

This is good stuff--so funny. "Fake bananas"....Ice cream cones that "crumble in your hands." I live and work in South Korea, and have good memories of shopping at Food Basics in Orleans, ON; on Tenth Line. Friendly; hands-on owner and his son; low prices, and always honored his flyer ads. Complain if you must; but be thankful for what you have. Come to of the mill beef steak; unaffordable at $20-30 /kg. Ground beef; 200 grams (a small hamburger) for $7.00. Fruit and vegetables? Ha ha. Very limited selection. Spinach is now $5.00 for a small package (out of season.) Apples? About $1.00 each. (Fresh and locally grown.) Rice: This is Asia; after all. Ready? Four kilogram bag of rice=$13.00. Carrots; a bag of two washed carrots for almost $2.00. Cheddar cheese...only sold in the big chain supermarkets. English old cheddar; 200 grams; $5.48. "Fake" cheese slices (taste like wax; makes a low quality grilled cheese. Five slices=$2.25-3.50. Bread; good price; but mostly heavily sugared.

Prices have increased world-wide, and I'm okay over here; but I miss shopping for food in Canada. I really enjoyed reading all of the comments; quite nostalgic for me.

Flyer week: Sep 02, 11 - Sep 08, 11

Fintan - Meat and Produce
commented on Sep 2 2011 7:52AM
I love no frills for everthing but produce and Meat. The meat selection is scarce and the produce is rarely fresh.

Flyer week: Aug 26, 11 - Sep 01, 11

nightshawks1 - No pros but deff CONS
commented on Aug 28 2011 4:54AM
No Frills is exactly what you get when you shop there.No Selection, No Signs of intellect, No Interest in patrons,No Meats. Personally, i would stay away from anything that could possibly be cross contaminated.Think about it . If they operate the meat section the way they operate the rest of the store, WELL ????

Jayne MacRae - No Frills, Corunna, Ontario.....
commented on Aug 27 2011 4:05AM
I thoroughly enjoy shopping at the Corunna No Frills..clean, efficient, friendly, rarely out of stock,(it happens, people!!)...Very "hands on" owner....

Flyer week: Aug 12, 11 - Aug 18, 11

jim wolanski
commented on Aug 15 2011 8:11PM
We have a no frills in Beaumont. the only other grocery store is Sobeys. sobeys is pricing themselves out of the market. We love no frills andtheir prices are way cheaper than most grocery stores.

james stephens - no frills no flyer no sale no customer
commented on Aug 15 2011 10:58AM
Attention no frills: I just want my weekly flyer . Your head office decided I did not need it. l0e-1e0

Flyer week: Aug 05, 11 - Aug 11, 11

Muie - Repeatedly lying No Frills fliers!
commented on Aug 9 2011 10:43AM
Bounty paper towels nowhere to be found on sale as promissed by this week's flier. Another of many other attempts from this chain to get people in to buy other crapp. Disgusting way of conducting business. What's this world comming to? They didn't even own up to their mistakes by aknoledging the error or trying to make it up to the customer by an equivalent product

Flyer week: Jul 29, 11 - Aug 04, 11

Dan - out of stock
commented on Jul 30 2011 1:32PM
no frills on brant st. never seems to have chocolate milk when its on sale they allways tell me that it will be in the next day. It happens all the time.

Flyer week: Jul 15, 11 - Jul 21, 11

Jean McCarthy - Comments
commented on Jul 14 2011 12:49PM
I've just spent some time looking over the comments left. To me, many of them are just crass, vulgar and unnecessary. You know who you are and should have a better manner in explaining yourselves without the objectionable language and absolutely rude comments about some of the other commentators. I shop at No Frills in Brampton and have always had courteous attendants, and no problems, however, some of the other shoppers leave much to be desired.

Flyer week: May 27, 11 - Jun 02, 11

commented on Jun 1 2011 9:27AM
wow get a life ppl fighting over food lmao

commented on Jun 1 2011 9:25AM
wow you people need to get a life lmao fighting about food lol

Flyer week: May 06, 11 - May 12, 11

smh - @ Vince
commented on May 5 2011 6:18PM
What exactly are "fake bananas"??? WTF??? Green (unripe) bananas I understand, but FAKE.....

Flyer week: Apr 15, 11 - Apr 21, 11

commented on Apr 17 2011 4:55PM
gobbles go f yourself
don't discriminate against my BIG my family
food items are for personal use
not selling at a store
have a nice day you sorry butt

commented on Apr 14 2011 11:20AM
in london awful service, anything on sale not in stock, rude cashiers,

Flyer week: Apr 08, 11 - Apr 14, 11

Barry - Danny's no frills hamilton ontario
commented on Apr 12 2011 7:31PM
This one is pretty good. Of course some of the same issues with sale items not being available, but have had pretty good luck when going on the first day of the sales. The manager is this crazy fella of unknown nationality who is constantly cracking jokes with the customers, chasing shoplifters like a madman while screaming and cursing in whatever his language is, and is a genuinely helpful (if creepy) guy.

There is another no frills about 12 blocks away and its like night and day, this other store is everything that is wrong with grocery stores today. So if you find a good one, stick with it and support it.

JGriffiths - No Frills, sales etc.
commented on Apr 12 2011 2:33PM
Just an attempt to address a few of the issues raised on the forum. I am an employee of No Frills and am in no way defending them or attacking them rather explaining the position employees are often placed in. In regards to rain checks employees don’t give them out because none exists rain checks are not company policy it is a situation that is out of our hands. In regards to sale items in the weekly flyer, it is true we are often out of stock and very often the company is aware in advance that they cannot stock these sales from the get go. Sales are a method to get people into the store, chances are once you’re there you will make purchases. Different stores have different priority levels sort to speak, some cities are given a higher preference for stock if you fall at the end of the line in west no-where-ville perhaps your store’s stock won’t be as high a priority as say the GTA. A product’s country of origin is a great concern to customers again this is not a decision made by individual stores or it’s management this is a head office decision, trust me they don’t care about buying local, Canadian or anything else they care about their cost and their profit. It’s a nightmare for employees I’m the first person you see I have no power and am not in charge of ordering product nor am I permitted to make signage but I take flack for all levels of performance failure. I would suggest to customers that they call the number on the flyer or email their complaint this will get Loblaws’ attention. Those clerks and cashiers you see on the floor are minimum wage employees that only repeat what they’ve been instructed to tell customers. Retail is not a democracy! Even amongst department managers there is very often limited power, the decisions are made from head office and the individual store owner. If customers truly wish to be heard you have to take your concerns directly to them.

MusclesGlasses - Dummies and Morons
commented on Apr 9 2011 12:39PM
All you Dummies and Losers that think this is a No Frills Website should learn how to read. It clearly states in bold letters GrocerySavings does not represent nor have any affiliations with No Frills. Nobody cares what you have to say including No Frills. Go soak your head.

Gobbles - Kidz
commented on Apr 9 2011 12:25PM
Nobody cares if you take your sorry butt to Walmart.
Good luck trying to get any sale items at Walmart.They are the absolute worst. It's idiots like you that clean the isles and dont leave anything left for the next guy. Seriously go somewhere else and do us all a favour.
No Frills

Flyer week: Apr 01, 11 - Apr 07, 11

commented on Mar 31 2011 7:32AM
i don't shop no frills(haven't for awhile)
tired of being "discriminated" for have a large family(2 adults and 6 kids)
i have to drive an hour to get there,to find out that there's a limit
yes, i stock up on items
with the price of gas,i only go into town every 2-3 weeks
i just go to walmart,might have to pay a few cents more,but for the aggravation i get at no frills it's
worth it
plus i get what i want
no frills loss, we can easily spend $300.00-$400.00
i have contacted no frills head office,but they don't give a ** either

Flyer week: Mar 25, 11 - Mar 31, 11

linda - thanks
commented on Mar 30 2011 4:13PM
thanks to deb for sticking up for me , linda about bracco putting me down.

Flyer week: Mar 11, 11 - Mar 17, 11

commented on Mar 15 2011 4:12PM
To Big Bob. You had best learn how to spell before lecturing others. I think the word you were trying to spell was whining.

Big Bob - get a clue
commented on Mar 14 2011 7:10AM
Most of these people commenting seem to have no clue about retail. I can go to any major retailer, Wal-mart. Canadian Tire, basics on and on. You find the same thing. Stores run out some times, stores have issues,Wal-mart is one of the worst for not having a sale item first day of the ad.get off you butts, learn how to spell and stop wining.
Dennis' No Frills in Tilbury is the best no frills i have been to yet.

Vince - Discounted items are final price no refund or exch
commented on Mar 11 2011 7:02PM
Had unfortunate experience with no frills selling fake bananas, green and not consumable, attempted to refund or exchange, and instead manager refused to accept it I could even understand what he was saying, has no ideas about what he selling anyways. The management of no frills is straight trash, if you cannot understand that customer is always wright than ** you, I'm not your customer and eat your fake food yourself dumbass no frills

Flyer week: Mar 04, 11 - Mar 10, 11

El Taquero - They have Maiseca
commented on Mar 6 2011 6:40PM
You guys have Maiseca so I can make proper Mexican style tortillas. Thats pretty much all that matters!

Flyer week: Feb 25, 11 - Mar 03, 11

Consumer 55 - no name ice cream cones
commented on Feb 25 2011 8:26AM
I find the quality of the no-name cones offered at
No Frills to be the absolute worst when compared to other
generic brands. They are so flimsy they litterally
crumble in your hands. You can forget about trying
to apply any pressure. I so wish they would use another supplier.

albert - out of stock
commented on Feb 25 2011 6:37AM
this particular store is repeatedly out of stock on key features,even on ad break day.i do understand the internal problems,but am really ticked off you do not offer rainchecks to offset your inability to provide these features.this is not an isolated case,i find it to be the norm in your stores in general.

Kevin - Spelling and Decency
commented on Feb 24 2011 8:30AM
I'm amazed at the lack of proper grammar among adults. Furthermore, your petty arguing makes me cringe at the wisdom of our adults today.

Flyer week: Feb 18, 11 - Feb 24, 11

Deb - Uncalled for people bashing!
commented on Feb 21 2011 9:07PM
To Beraco...apologize to Linda, that was rude & un called for. This area is to comment about No Frills, not each other.
A lot of stores don't have the product because the ads are made in advance. That's why rain checks should be given out.
To don't print comments that have nothing to do with the subject. We are losing the topic here.

linda - rudeness message for Beraco
commented on Feb 21 2011 11:06AM
this message is for beraco...i don't feel you have to be so rude as to critize me thinking i am on welfare , which i am not..!!! my husband is on disability. you know nothing about us and if you do, it is none of your business if we go to food banks or not. i am not on crack.. it shows your mentality by saying these things. all i was saying is that often when you go to no frills they don't have items etc. i still like the store. this section is for that purpose not for people like you..

commented on Feb 20 2011 11:02AM
Why would a grocery store put sales on for a certain time of the month?????? thats just stupid!!

linda dumoulin - sales
commented on Feb 20 2011 9:27AM
why don't you put these sales on when we have the money such as the 28th of the month. by there you are either waiting for the truck to come in, out of stock or the sale is over. this is very irritating..

Flyer week: Feb 11, 11 - Feb 17, 11

commented on Feb 10 2011 10:15AM
Amherstburg store runs out or discontinues high volume items (sale or not). My friend works there and is still making min. wage after 8 years! something about a loophole concerning min. wage going up at the same time as their required hours for a raise. Total bulls#*t! Employees need to stand up for their rights and get their union to do their job for them and not kiss the corporate butt

Flyer week: Feb 04, 11 - Feb 10, 11

Larry Wittenberg - Complaint
commented on Feb 6 2011 6:59PM
If you have a sale on at least let me buy the product at the listed sale price

commented on Feb 3 2011 11:51AM
i love no frills
CHEERY JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flyer week: Jan 28, 11 - Feb 03, 11

john doe - ** joke
commented on Jan 31 2011 10:17PM
no frills sucks, i work at the no frills in chatam-kent, i personely think that the owner treats everyone like a bag of chit even the cutomers, its a supprise he is still there for the amount of stuff he takes out the back door no wonder they can only afford to pay us minium wage i thought as a owner they are requierd to work 40 hours you, never even see this guy just hear how much he complains about everybody and how crooked he is. what a joke no frills is. or at least this one

what ever - sales
commented on Jan 30 2011 2:00PM
why is it that they put things on sale to attract people into the store..and then you go to buy it and theres a limit...and then fuss aboout it...just write on the damm flyer that theres a limit! it aviods so much arguing and shyttt if you just let everyone buy as much as they wanted and stocked on sale items like crazy you wouldnt have to argue with us! and you would make shyt loads of money!!!

Flyer week: Jan 21, 11 - Jan 27, 11

alex marka - wanna see empty shelves....
commented on Jan 21 2011 7:42PM

Flyer week: Dec 24, 10 - Dec 30, 10

commented on Dec 23 2010 9:03PM
All the stores go though a warehouse...and they divide the goods up among the stores.Not every store always will get whats in the flyer on the firt day the flyer goes into effect.

Sometimes the item does not get to the store untill the 2nd or 3rd day of the sale.

So if you go the first day and your item isnt there chances are it will be sometime that week.I know its a P.I.T.A...most managers i have seen are willing to write a rain cheque on that the next time your in you can get it at the sale price you wanted.

I worked for Loblaw for 2 years and its not just customers that get fustrated..its employees,managers etc when your expecting something to show and it doesnt..then you have to sit and listen to people b****

If something doesnt ring up at sale price if its under $10 you get it free.If its above 10 bucks you get $10 off of your bill either way.

Flyer week: Dec 17, 10 - Dec 23, 10

sabi - halal boneless chicken breast
commented on Dec 18 2010 1:21PM
why does no frills put things on sale that are not available in stores? I checked all the stores but I couldn't find it anywhere. They all said that they didn't have it. It says "selected stores" but none of the stores have it.

Flyer week: Dec 10, 10 - Dec 16, 10

Maureen - products
commented on Dec 9 2010 12:46PM
Do you carry Arctic Gardens Products.

commented on Dec 9 2010 11:21AM

Flyer week: Dec 03, 10 - Dec 09, 10

commented on Dec 2 2010 8:44AM
Why does the flyer indicate sale but never has enough in stock to cover it, oh right it s a scam called baiting.

Flyer week: Nov 26, 10 - Dec 02, 10

kyle - price
commented on Nov 28 2010 5:12PM
prices never right charge me regular price. Not sale price. Store a rip off. Highbury and huron. In london.I only shop there when i have to. Store needs improvements. Its scary

Flyer week: Nov 12, 10 - Nov 18, 10

die - diedie
commented on Nov 15 2010 4:17PM
this website is awesome

commented on Nov 12 2010 4:23PM

Flyer week: Sep 17, 10 - Sep 23, 10

commented on Sep 22 2010 4:49PM
royal yorK
I am going there now shop food i will pick application for you ok?
You need to bring resume if you are interested and get application. $12.00 per hour

Joean Turner - no frills stock
commented on Sep 22 2010 4:27PM
I want here up job application 416-806-4719

Mike - Format
commented on Sep 20 2010 10:59AM
What an idiot format. I have made my last visit until you go back to the customer friendly previous format. See ya!

dano - new format
commented on Sep 17 2010 11:12PM
The format layout is just like super store flyer which I don't bother with anymore. Full page? Can't even see some of the items completely. the old way was good and fast and easy to see and use.
Sometimes change isn't always better, this is annoying and inconvenient.

Flyer week: Sep 03, 10 - Sep 09, 10

Penny - lol
commented on Sep 6 2010 9:38AM
Funny thought Donna..You seemed to have nothing more importaint in life to comment like the rest of us...THAT is too funny..And I agree with Dbar, I am worth the extra pennies to get what is BETTER!..SOrry your idea / suggestion SUCKS!

Flyer week: Aug 27, 10 - Sep 02, 10

commented on Aug 30 2010 7:38AM
Seiously you really think buying crap food imported from some unknown country is better then going to local grocery stores? At least at food basics there are local food options. The reason stuff is cheap in chinese markets is because the quality is low and it is purchased all around the world for a fraction of what it's worth...unripe so it can last during shipping...yet people still buy it! I will eat what's in season locally over that any day...and I will pay more for it because it's worth it and so am I!!

Flyer week: Aug 13, 10 - Aug 19, 10

Mark - Give your head a shake, Donna
commented on Aug 17 2010 11:17AM
Donna there are more than 150 No Frills stores in Ontario alone. What makes you assume there is a Chinatown nearby for the vast majority of customers outside Toronto? Pull your head out of your downtown Bohemian scene, dear.

Donna - LOL
commented on Aug 12 2010 12:50PM
Funny how all of you have the time to chit chat about grocery stores...there's more to life, folks. You want the real deals, go live close to chinatown...the food is so cheap, and at least you're not supporting some mega-corporate-taking-over-the-world crap.

Flyer week: Aug 06, 10 - Aug 12, 10

D. Thomas - Toilet Paper
commented on Aug 11 2010 1:35PM
Well here we go again. Another sale right. You go to any NO Frills store and they are either "OUT OF STOCK, DID NOT RECEIVE...WAITING FOR TRUCK". Why is it that one store gets "TOO" much as others get none. Toilet paper on sale for $5.77 this week, good luck if you can get any. Customers come from all areas of town, stock up (mainly vendors...greedy) take about 10 packages, go and load it into their vehicles and go back into the store, get more,but goes through a different cashier. Therefore putting limits on items no longer serve any purpose. My main beef is when something like this goes on sale, they run the ad for 1 week only and half that time, they never have any, while dollar days crap and I mean crap run for 2 weeks. Wow good thing other stores price match because I've seen a lot of people going to Walmart.

Heather - Out of stock sale items
commented on Aug 6 2010 12:06PM
The reason most No Frills are out of stock when something comes on sale is because greedy customers come in and take 20 or 30 of one item that is on sale so and Vendors of variety stores are the worst when Pop is on sale. They load up two carts with Pepsi and regular shoppers get none. Then the Vendors separate them and charge 10 times what they paid for them. I know this...I work at No Frills. It infuriates me when I see this. Then the regular customers don't get any because of other greedy people. Take two or three, not 30 or 40.

Flyer week: Jul 30, 10 - Aug 05, 10

josh alwaysgone - whats not going to be there
commented on Jul 30 2010 7:38AM
Guelph, Ontario, Silvercreek Pkwy store.

EVERYTIME I go to this store for things in this flyer, weather it be 10 am, or 8:30pm, most of the "great deals" advertised in the flyer are not there or there was a "mistake" in the flyer...thanks.

It seems the stock boys only stock facebook updates, and answers starting in "uhhhhhh..."

STILL...I will always shop here 'cause it right beside my house, and its a very interesting store, my International market!

Flyer week: Jul 23, 10 - Jul 29, 10

Amin - Expiry date
commented on Jul 24 2010 10:07AM
No Frills is my best store ever; however, some items are not checked very often for expiry date..

commented on Jul 23 2010 5:19PM

Flyer week: Jul 09, 10 - Jul 15, 10

commented on Jul 9 2010 11:38AM
our local paper has stoped sending the flyers out and it is difficult to find internet as im on a limited budjet and cant afford a computer.kinda frusterating..........

Flyer week: Jul 02, 10 - Jul 08, 10

Terry - What's on sale NEXT week?
commented on Jul 5 2010 5:47AM
Any way of finding out what's on special before their flyer comes out?

Flyer week: Jun 04, 10 - Jun 10, 10

commented on Jun 7 2010 9:04AM
I shop at No Frills regularly but am finding it difficult to get to the store while the flyer is still in effect. I'd like to see it go back to the way it was so I don't have to keep revamping my grocery list and make trips to several stores instead of just one. Thanks for reading this and taking it into consideration :-)

Flyer week: May 28, 10 - Jun 03, 10

Danny - lack of sale items
commented on May 29 2010 4:03AM
if you work, the odds of getting items on sale even Friday evenings or Saturday morning is impossible. It was much better shopping when sale didnt start til Sat. to give a vast majority of shoppers the same discounted price or better planning in upcoming sales based on previous event numbers.

Flyer week: Apr 30, 10 - May 06, 10

Brian Wilson - Campbellford "Bill's" No Frills
commented on May 4 2010 9:08PM
This is "hands down" the best owner of a No-Frills. Shop there regularly and enjoy the dialogue with the staff as much as the shopping. Great values, great people, great staff.

Flyer week: Apr 23, 10 - Apr 29, 10

jeff & tannis north-bay - love that store
commented on Apr 22 2010 5:02PM
i love shopping at this location in north-bay,they always have the sale items,most important of all it is clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flyer week: Apr 16, 10 - Apr 22, 10

Patti - Staff in newmarket
commented on Apr 17 2010 8:01AM
I regularly shop at No Frills in Newmarket, and there is a clerk that has been there for a while. Her name is Casee. Hands down, the nicest, friendliest, most helpful clerk i've come across. And always a nice smile on her face. I'd like to have staff like that at my office!!Hang on to this one Steve & Adele

susy main - picton no frills
commented on Apr 15 2010 11:07AM
the no frills store in picton ontario is not one of the chains best. needs some serious overhaul and maybe a head office visit. if they set up a complaint box it would always be full.

Flyer week: Apr 09, 10 - Apr 15, 10

sherry - great stores
commented on Apr 11 2010 11:24AM
i have no problems with the no frills in kitchener i go in for just the sales and come out with a cart full they have so many more in store specials before this one opened i went to the one in elmira and i think those people who are dissatisfied with a particular store can blame the owners not the store themselves

Flyer week: Apr 02, 10 - Apr 08, 10

Lyne Lavigne - Good prices!!
commented on Apr 6 2010 5:42PM
No Frills has the best prices in town!! My grocery bill always ends up being less expensive at this store then any other!!

taylor - how old do you have to be to work here ,
commented on Apr 5 2010 5:34PM
how old do you have to be to work here , and what could you do at no frills at age 14. ?

Flyer week: Mar 19, 10 - Mar 25, 10

commented on Mar 18 2010 11:46AM
i travel a distance to go to Jeffs no frills in essex ontario....i can't say that i have ever not been able to get the sale items...only once was i disappointed when i got a chocolate milk and it was bad....otherwise they are the best and sevice is with a smile.

Flyer week: Mar 05, 10 - Mar 11, 10

Margaret - Store no. 00746
commented on Mar 4 2010 11:53AM
I purchased 2% milk (Nielsen Dairy OH) and it was priced at $6.67. I just noticed the price when I arrived home. I tried to find their tel. no. but was disappointed that I could not find it. I called 211 and a lady tried to search but still could not find it. Tried 411 and just the same, their store is not on the listing. Nick & Mira is all over the Richmond Hill News except for their phone no. Thats Business!! Thank You.

Flyer week: Feb 26, 10 - Mar 04, 10

Stan - Advertised Specials are Never in Stock
commented on Mar 3 2010 3:19PM
You have a better chance of winning the lottery, than ever finding an advertised special in stock at the No Frills franchise here in Newmarket!

Frank T. - No Frills is Number 1
commented on Mar 1 2010 11:36PM
I'm very, very happy with No Frills and as long as they keep coming out with variety in their sales and keep their prices down, I will continue buying most of my groceries there. For a while, I also shopped at Food Basics but their prices have gone way up since they've been taken over by Metro. Thanks No Frills....from a long time loyal customer!

commented on Feb 27 2010 10:15AM
The No Frills I shop at usually has their specials and if not they do get them in some time during the sale you just have to keep trying, it happens at all stores. At least the cashiers are usually nice at the one I shop at that is more than can be said at other grocery stores.

Flyer week: Feb 19, 10 - Feb 25, 10

Brenda - Complete Con
commented on Feb 25 2010 2:58PM
I think No Frills is a complete con. They have all these sales but unless you get there the second they open on the first day of the sale your screwed. Also not one No Frills gives out their phone number so those of us that live more than 50k away don't make the drive for nothing. One thing I can say about the other discount grocers, they're honest and 90% of the time they have the product. I finally gave up on No Frills. My advice unless you live next door shop elsewhere.

commented on Feb 25 2010 11:51AM
There are many more $1 items in store. Best deals of the year, a lot of things are $1 instead of 2.99.

Mike - My Experience at Jims NoFrills!
commented on Feb 19 2010 7:36AM

Flyer week: Jan 15, 10 - Jan 21, 10

joseph **ey - paul and cathys london ont
commented on Jan 18 2010 7:39PM
I find that Paulk and Cathys no frills on hamilton road in london ontario is always stocked up on specials and rarely run out

Flyer week: Jan 08, 10 - Jan 14, 10

S Rudavsky - meat department
commented on Jan 12 2010 6:27PM
Your specials start on fridays and when i go to Scott,s nofrills there is hardly anything there. this summer they had a two week flyer,I made 4 special trips to get one of the items that was on sale and did not get a single package. There meat department sucks. It had better get better or I will shop elswhere

Flyer week: Jan 01, 10 - Jan 07, 10

B B - Once again BS
commented on Jan 1 2010 4:22PM
This is a reference to the Christmas flyer. I visited two different N Frills on 2 different days hoping to purchase the beef roast special advertised. Both stores had nothing on display. This has been an ongoing theme with this company and a big reason why I do more and more shopping elsewhere.

Flyer week: Dec 11, 09 - Dec 17, 09

charon - Did they forget that it's Christmas?
commented on Dec 15 2009 5:33PM
Very disappointed with the sale offerings in this week's flyer. There should have been loads of Christmas basics and goodies, very little offerings for this season. I ended up shopping somewhwere else.

Flyer week: Dec 04, 09 - Dec 10, 09

Admin - Store locator is back online
commented on Dec 9 2009 4:45PM
It seems that the No Frills website has completed it's makeover and the store locator is up and running again.

Flyer week: Nov 20, 09 - Nov 26, 09

Admin - store locator temporarily unavailable
commented on Nov 19 2009 1:38PM
No frills' store locator is temporarily unavailable because they are doing some maintenance on their website.

Flyer week: Nov 13, 09 - Nov 19, 09

Mandy - I love this site!!!!!!
commented on Nov 14 2009 4:53PM
this site is great

Maria Fernandez (Ont) - Hours of Operations
commented on Nov 14 2009 4:12AM
Can't access hours of operations, I guess it has not been available since August.

Flyer week: Nov 06, 09 - Nov 12, 09

maria - restaurante pizza
commented on Nov 5 2009 6:04PM
I went to no frills 5 days in a row to buy ten of these pizzas for my child who love them so much, it was not possible and the staff refused to provide me with raincheques, I am so disappointed of a big chain market like to denied a formal customer of this elemental service. thank you

Flyer week: Oct 23, 09 - Oct 29, 09

admin - Save an additional $0.75 on casa di mama
commented on Oct 29 2009 8:33AM
Get the following coupon from to save $0.75,

Flyer week: Aug 28, 09 - Sep 03, 09

b b - Wake up
commented on Aug 30 2009 6:44AM
More and more frustrated when I visit the store. Specials are picked over and not quickly restocked. Large price increases on some items followed by "locked in price" announcement..which is insulting. Shopping more and more elsewhere.

Flyer week: Aug 07, 09 - Aug 13, 09

Deal Hunter
commented on Aug 10 2009 2:40PM
The Catelli whole wheat pasta is on sale for 0.99, and has a cupon to save $1.00 on Catelli whole wheat noodles, which are also on sale for 0.99. You end up getting a penny credit :)

j. smith
commented on Aug 8 2009 2:33PM
cannot access store hours - link does not respond

Deborah MacDonald
commented on Aug 6 2009 2:31PM
I would like to see more Ethnic food sold in the No Frills in Parry Sound. I understand there is not a large Ethnic population, more "meat and potato" type people, but I think if it was brought to the store, people would buy it. Better selection of Asian, Chinese, Japanese and Indian foods would sell. More of thier noodles, sauces and it would be great if you could have a Seafood section. I am seafood deprived....Help.

Flyer week: Jul 31, 09 - Aug 06, 09

admin - cheaper peaches and nectarines at Food Basics
commented on Aug 3 2009 8:44PM
peaches and nectarines are $1.5 for 2lb, works out to be $0.75/lb which is cheaper than $0.99/lb at No frills

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