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Flyer week: Jan 24, 14 - Jan 30, 14

commented on Jan 30 2014 1:08PM
in this store, there is a chinese cashier so mean, she is short, long hair, very little eyes, i never see any cashier like her. she is a gready person, last year, she stole my 1 dollar when i dropped on the floor. Last week, i went and pay the line next to her. she told the cashier next to her don't give me vietnamese newspaper, she just want to take personal revenge but this is a business she should not do that, i am thinking she is never went to school before that is why she does not how to treat customers. I wish that i have her name so i can post here. I hope the manager in this store watch her.

Flyer week: Nov 01, 13 - Nov 07, 13

Fed-Up - No Credit Card?
commented on Nov 5 2013 8:04PM
A lot of time prices do not match o not in stock.
That's why I shop at Yuan Ming, BTrust T & T

Flyer week: Oct 18, 13 - Oct 24, 13

mr bean
commented on Oct 18 2013 5:34AM
RUDE! These people don't speak english you ask them a question theey look at you like you have four heads.People go to school learn english this is a english speaking country

Flyer week: Oct 11, 13 - Oct 17, 13

commented on Oct 14 2013 7:08AM
Are you guys open today ?

Flyer week: Jun 14, 13 - Jun 20, 13

commented on Jun 14 2013 8:18PM
The price for Oasis Juice was $1.59 they charged me $2.59. When complained they just adjusted the price. I asked about for free according to the Canadian stores price match policy since it was less than $10. The manager refused. I am planning to complain but could not get any email id or anything from Oceans store website.

commented on Jun 14 2013 5:51PM
The price for Oasis Juice was $1.59 they charged me $2.59. When complained they just adjusted the price. I asked about for free according to the Canadian stores price match policy since it was less than $10. The manager refused. I am planning to complain but could not get any email id or anything from Oceans store website.

Flyer week: Mar 22, 13 - Mar 28, 13

commented on Mar 28 2013 11:00AM
they are rude but i bet those that made the comments will go there again. If you dont like the service, you dont go back period. When their customer base disappears, then they may see the light. But one comment was on point, customer service is not a RIGHT, a business does not have to provide you great customer service, all they have to do is provide product. Just saying

fhlgfh - yfgiyfyf
commented on Mar 27 2013 8:59AM

Flyer week: Feb 15, 13 - Feb 21, 13

Rose - Very Disappointed Customer
commented on Feb 15 2013 2:29PM
The people in the dimsum section ignored me for more than 15 minutes of getting their attention to get my order. They can see me talking and waving my hands to get their attention, but they just ignored me, even they are not servicing other customer and just standing in their area. I made sure that they can see me, but still no response from them. It was like I was talking to dead people.

Flyer week: Jan 11, 13 - Jan 17, 13

R - Professionalism is a right
commented on Jan 14 2013 6:12AM
It's so sad those of you who have low self esteem and are coming from places where obviously respect is not an option for you and being treated less than is your norm. Where I come from dealing with the public is about providing high standards, end of. I feel sorry for you.

Flyer week: Jul 06, 12 - Jul 12, 12

jen mendez - WHY?????????????????????????
commented on Jul 12 2012 4:21AM
The plastic bag cost us 5 cents

Flyer week: Jun 15, 12 - Jun 21, 12

Cijoe - Stop Shopping At Ocean
commented on Jun 20 2012 8:15AM
The issue is not about how many employees are Chineese but rather how to communication to provide GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE

All these comments are true and the problem is not with the employees but rather with management. I bet you all, management knows about all these issues and have refused to take any action to ractify them, because they know that you and I will STILL go back and shop at Oceans despite all these ROUGH, RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL ATTITUDE. It is time that we let them know that we are FOOLS and should STOP SHOOPING AT OCEANS.

In fact, I was going to order some party size trays for rice and noodles for my wife birthday party on this weekend but after reading all these comments, I have refused to give them my business and I hope others follow suite until there has been changes in the way they do business.

Flyer week: Jun 08, 12 - Jun 14, 12

DANIEL DIAZ LOPEZ - job pleease
commented on Jun 13 2012 2:23PM
Im maet cutter

Flyer week: May 18, 12 - May 24, 12

liz - open today
commented on May 21 2012 4:31AM
hi iwas just wonderimg is open today may 21'

Flyer week: May 04, 12 - May 10, 12

commented on May 10 2012 1:36PM

commented on May 7 2012 1:30AM
I was at Ocean's on Hwy 10 on Saturday May 5th, 2012,while picking out a Chinese cabbage, when I attempted to remove two broken stems from the attached elastic band, a young male produce employee yelled at me very loudly twice and came grabbed the cabbage away from me. I then went to ask another middle aged employee to see speak to the manager, then this middle aged employee looked at me and said: you are sick! I then went to the customer services desk demanding to see the manager, and of course the manager was not there, nobody could help me.
My folks once went to buy meat at the meat counter, after they told my folks to pay at the meat counter, my folks argued that they always had pay for meat at the front cashier. The next thing happened was several big guys came out from the back of the meat counter as if they wanted to wolf pack my folks. My folks just left the meat and walked away.
My family shop there regularily since this hwy.10 store opened and now we will take our business else where and never return back. These people have NO MANNERS, and they fail to understand this is Canada, customer services is as important as pricing and everything else. I am of Chinese origin, and after reading all the comments on this board, I must let you all know weather those Ocean's employees speak English or not, they are ignorant to everyone that go there. I will call the headoffice this week and file a formal complaint, but looking at the attitude from the store clerks, I probably am just wasting my time. DON'T SHOP THERE, DON'T PAY PEOPLE TO INSULT YOU. DON'T SUPPORT JOBS FOR DISGUSTING CUSTOMER SERVICES EMPLOYEES AND POOR MANAGEMENT.

Flyer week: Apr 13, 12 - Apr 19, 12

betty - rude cashier
commented on Apr 12 2012 10:06PM
A few weeks ago, I went to this Ocean at Hurontario, when I checked out, I dropped $1 and I am about to picked up, this cashier she picked up and said it was her, I told her, I just dropped it when I tried to find change to pay and she said "no". just $1 is nothing for me, but I just want to let every one know that she is a greedy and rude cashier that I never she in my life. I don't know why Ocean hiring her...she is so greedy...

Ann - bad customers service
commented on Apr 12 2012 9:59PM
This Ocean market is very nice except some cashier really bad service, no English and un friendly, bad attitude....I never want to come back this place again....

Flyer week: Mar 16, 12 - Mar 22, 12

Laurence - Staff Attitude
commented on Mar 18 2012 10:26AM
Worker at cook food area, soya chicken etc has a very negative attitude towards customers. Angry face and refuse to cut chicken when you are willing to pay for it. Good supermarket but this kind of attitude will put you off. If staff is not happy to work then he should not be there. Seen this staff negative attitude so many times.

Flyer week: Feb 17, 12 - Feb 23, 12

lola - comment
commented on Feb 20 2012 7:19AM
i wounder if oceans is always open

Flyer week: Jan 27, 12 - Feb 02, 12

commented on Jan 31 2012 10:33PM
My family shop at Oceans for our groceries and food every week because of its good prices and fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. And we can find almost everything we need...but there was one thing, I bought Nido Fortified powdered milk 1.6kg for my toodler and the price was $39.99 which was very much higher than the other Asian Grocery (where I usually buy) which sells at $29.99 only. I don't know if Oceans overlooked the price of this item by mistake in computation or in pricing. Hoping they will check this out.

Careful Shopper - Freezers and Freezer shelves getting "TOO DIRTY" !
commented on Jan 28 2012 11:46AM
There is obviously something really wrong with Oceans' management and people !! Rude and Cold.
I've had my receipt thrown at the counter as they look away to the next !! Horrible & Hopelless !!
BUT: I go there for "SOME" types of food "ONLY".
My trust level is "0".
HOWEVER: I go there to "SAVE" $$ and happy to leave quickly.

When the Mississauga location first opened, the store was fairly clean....but as time goes along it is becoming predictably dirty in the usual areas, such as the cold food shelves and freezer.
LOOK AT the shelves where the refrigerated TOFU is !!! Full of UNCLEAN BACTERIA FOR MONTHS !!


Flyer week: Jan 13, 12 - Jan 19, 12

Ron - Kaffir Lime leaves
commented on Jan 17 2012 4:13AM
This product is being used widely all over the GTA, and fresh or frozen Oceans needs to bring them in - can you bring them in to your stores?

Flyer week: Nov 18, 11 - Nov 24, 11

good shopper
commented on Nov 22 2011 11:59AM
Oceans is O.K.try their ready made hot food!

Flyer week: Sep 16, 11 - Sep 22, 11

commented on Sep 16 2011 7:37AM
I love to shop at oceans i think the prices are really great when they have a sale. i don't care for customer service. i know my way around and can read and see what i want to buy.... love it

Flyer week: Sep 09, 11 - Sep 15, 11

AD - Cheap Deals = Rotten Vegetables
commented on Sep 11 2011 2:12PM
In this week flyer Oceans has 8 Corn on the cob for a dollar. Looks like a great deal right? I bought them and only to realize that 7 out of 8 are no good. Black and red spot all over the corn. Had to trash it immediately. Save you money rather than putting it into the trash. This is the fourth such case happened to us after lichi, Radish, and Kiwi.

What my neighbour and I have concluded that WHATEVER YOU SEE IN THE OCEAN FLYER DO NOT BUY THEM.

Flyer week: Sep 02, 11 - Sep 08, 11

s - ssschool
commented on Sep 5 2011 3:36PM

Flyer week: Aug 26, 11 - Sep 01, 11

audrey - bottom line...
commented on Aug 29 2011 6:47PM
If you don't like it, don't shop there.
No, great customer service is not a human right so don't complain like you're entitled to it.
If you want better service be ready to pay for it, for me, oceans is a great store with great selection and prices.

Flyer week: Aug 05, 11 - Aug 11, 11

Brown Canadian - Really people!?!
commented on Aug 6 2011 9:36PM
Really people.... Most of the employees are exchange students working to pay for school and everyday needs. Can't belive the remarks of how stupid they are. If you want a cashier with a PHD/MD/ or BACH..... Trust me you won't be paying $0.79 for lettuce.
Now the "only Asians" work at the store.... As a brown skin born Canadian. Koudos to them, and the Indian stores. At the place I work (300+) employees .... You can count the non-white people on both hands. You just feel threatened when you walk into a place you have no control of that environment. And yes English & French are the official languages of Canada, (I am bi-ligual as I grew up in Quebec) but I have Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, Ukrainian friends that parents get by with their english, and grandparents that speak no english. Why is it not a problem with them.... Because they look white? I've been to the Italian or Portuguese bakery and was just stared at because the ladies behind the counter couldn't or refused to speak english or french. Doesn't bother me... I just point to what I want. I grew up in the late 70's / 80's ..... I've seen / felt racism, seen it sort of fade away in the 90's .... But now it's back .... Just people use polite complianing to voice it. Just come out and tell us all to go back from where we came from... (like I haven't heard that before) .... Funny thing is that we have somewhere to go...... Aside from the stolen lands of the American Indians ..... Where could you go? England or France don't want you back...... LOL !

Flyer week: Jul 29, 11 - Aug 04, 11

C**e - Diplomacy and Professionalism is key
commented on Jul 31 2011 6:31PM
It seems to me that many of the commentators on this site are obnoxious in stating their views about the service being provided to them. I absolutely agree and understand the irritation and angst against those who are there to provide a service to the public, however if you feel that speaking with lower level management is not working for you, then i suggest that you take your complaints straight to the top of the food chain.

This requires the said customers(you) to write a letter to the company explaining the situation that you had encountered, the date, time and name of individual (if you can get that). I also suggest that two letters should be sent, one in english and one in Chinese, mandarin, or whatever dialect or language used.

If you can take time to curse and berate customer service on this site, then you can take time to write a professional, non combative letter to the organization should you feel that you are not being listened to at the lower level.

Those individuals who stated that the cashiers or customer service "managers" were ignorant in how they dealt with you, perhasp you should consider that maybe they thought you were ignorant in your own way. Personally I would be pissed off as well, however, i look it this way: if the grocery store employees in any of the locations mentioned did not accomodate me as they should as customer service employees working in a public area should, then i take my business elsewhere.

Once upper management see business not as successful as it once was, or should be then things would change gradually.

Remember it's all about money.

Flyer week: Jul 08, 11 - Jul 14, 11

pretty - i dont care
commented on Jul 11 2011 1:24PM
Those who commented about costumer service, don't go back there..IF ur not satisfied then go to other grocery stores...I dont care for costumer service the important is cheaper than other g.stores!

Flyer week: Jun 17, 11 - Jun 23, 11

commented on Jun 17 2011 5:52AM

Flyer week: Jun 10, 11 - Jun 16, 11

Erin - Wow
commented on Jun 13 2011 1:33AM
I personally had an AMAZING experience when I went to Oceans in Brampton or Mississauga!! The take out food was REALLY great and the spring rolls I got were really tasty! The price are so reasonable (CHEAP) it isn't funny! The staff was helpful and I experience no problems or language barriers with them. My family agreed the experience was surprisingly GREAT (compared to other grocery stores)!

Flyer week: May 27, 11 - Jun 02, 11

commented on May 31 2011 5:14PM

Flyer week: May 20, 11 - May 26, 11

MGF - No racists, just used to better service
commented on May 25 2011 11:25AM
After reading all of the comments, it seems to me that most people, including myself all do agree: Oceans is a good place to shop, but they have very poor customer service, and this is due to the fact that practically no one there speaks English. This is not a racist comment - it is what it is. I have encountered that myself on many occasions. I tried to explain to someone in the bakery department of my dissatisfaction with a product that I bought - that it was dry and not fresh, and she can't and won't do anything about it, because she doesn't understand what you're saying. It is truly very frustrating, because as a consumer in this country, we are very used to customer service, and our businesses pride themselves in providing customer service. That's what sets us apart from other countries that do not practice this. Oceans needs to wake up to that fact if they, indeed, want to keep the "non-Asian" shoppers, and from what I see in their stores is a lot of non Asian customers. Hopefully, someone could print all of these complaints and give them to the owners of Oceans, so that they can improve their service. T&T also has many employees that don't speak English, but they have a very good, solid, customer desk, that will take care of any complaints or issues you may have. Their quality is excellent and their prices are good. Perhaps everyone should try shopping there for comparison.

Flyer week: May 13, 11 - May 19, 11

Sum Yung Guy - Cheap! Cheap Cheap!
commented on May 15 2011 10:19PM
Yes, cheap, cheap, cheap smelly fish. Dead fish bob in the tanks and presumably provide food to the rest of the critters. Algae in the tanks looks like the fish are camouflaged. Shop cheap, cheap, cheap we don’t care we are sheep, sheep, sheep.

commented on May 13 2011 8:43PM
I don't want to bash anyone from any ethnic background...I HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AT OCEANS AT SHOPPER'S WORLD!! "EXCEPT FOR IN THE SEAFOOD DEPARTMENT" LOL...Funny thing is..oceans now charge the same amount and sometimes more for groceries compared against Longos and Metro where I used to shop...

The problem with oceans is CUSTOMER SERVICE..I for one spend around $300 per week in groceries..I have a large family four kids under 12 , mysedlf and husband..and because of the rudeness I have recieved from the employees..I have STOPPED BUYING GROCERIES completely at save $20 per week..I will pass and I HAVE GONE BACK TO SHOPPING AT LONGOS .

If anyone really value their money, time and effort..they will STOP SHOPPING AT OCEANS FOR IT IS DISCRIMINATING AND THE EMPLOYEES ARE BEYOND RUDE...DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR,.,Shop elsewhere..choose Longos least you leave happy with all of your products in hand<mostly organic> and GREAT SERVICE!! Plus free bags:-0

Flyer week: Apr 29, 11 - May 05, 11

Sultanana - Oceans – Hwy 10 location – Super, Super Rude
commented on May 5 2011 7:33AM
I shopped at the Hwy 10 Oceans location as it is closer to home. Been there several times already, here are my findings:
1. Only Chinese employed in the store, it’s like they have something against hiring other ethnic invididuals. Canada is an ethnic country, particularly Mississauga; if the management is wise enough and obey the laws of this country they must grant employment opportunity to other ethnic community and be fair in their hiring process. Given 95% of their customers is from English speaking countries from all over the world
No manner – non whatsoever
2. They post incorrect, incomplete and deceiving ads
3. Pushes groceries after scale like throwing it at you
No English or any other langauge (except Chinese). I believe they speak English but pretend that they don’t so they get away from helping customers. If U speak to them in English they nod their heads and walk away rudely (you might be lucky if you show a picture). No one apparently speaks English.
4. What the Oceans management needs to understand is that the key to satisfaction is to have customer-centric staff who can smile, are friendly and that 95% of the customers do not come from China so reasonable level of English is required and make it mandatory. All of this can be tackled with good and adequate training of the staff.
5. English and French are the official language in Canada. Can we begin to mobilize against the hostility of ocean employee?

After all Ocean does not give me free grocery and if they don’t make radical changes they may not exist 5 years from now because people want service, good service for their money. I for one will pay extra for the service.

Flyer week: Apr 22, 11 - Apr 28, 11

Zaid Abdul-Hadi - Service Level
commented on Apr 24 2011 4:30PM
Some of the comments were harsh, but the reality is that the service level is definitely far below expectations. This contrasts with the genrally very good quality of food, especially fruits and vegetables as well as fish. What the Oceans management needs to understand is that the key to satisfaction is to have customer-centric staff who can smile, are friendly and that most of the customers do not come originally from China so reasonable level of English is truly required. All of this can be tackled with good and adequate training of the staff.

commented on Apr 23 2011 6:01PM
To say the employees at oceans are rude is a gross understatement, they are super rude. I have been to that store well over 500 times and I have never had any of the employee assist me. Most of them will just walk away while very few will simply say I don't know. Even when you try to be nice to them, they are already defeated by the language barrier. English and French are the official language in Canada fro God sake. Can we begin to mobilize against the hostility of ocean employee?

Sal - Oceans
commented on Apr 23 2011 5:16PM
I love the veggies I just put up with them...9 out of 10 times they charge me wrongly now I correct them rite on the spot...otherwise I like the stuffs there to hangout!!

Flyer week: Apr 15, 11 - Apr 21, 11

Ed - contd.
commented on Apr 21 2011 3:45PM
@ chie:
Feel out of place at Oceans? lol That's funny. Try not to fear what you do not understand. Do your homework, or else, stick to Lablaws, Whole Foods, and Metro. sucka!

Ed - Oceans grocery at mississauga
commented on Apr 21 2011 3:37PM
Great store. Staff friendly. Food tasty.

(understandable, how sometimes staff might not be overly joyed while operating the registers all day, probably after coming from a skilled trade or administrative profession in East Asia before arriving here with an Oceans work visa. --- be patient, you will soon get your immigrant I.D. and then you can follow your career dreams and pay a little less income tax than you are currently paying.) Good luck.

Flyer week: Apr 08, 11 - Apr 14, 11

commented on Apr 12 2011 12:06PM
anything on sale, cannot be found

Friday - Re: FINALLY!!!
commented on Apr 8 2011 6:15AM
Ha ha! I meant to write "skills", but at least I know I'm not a perfect typist.

Friday - FINALLY!!!!
commented on Apr 8 2011 6:11AM
I'm glad that someone finally made the comment that the vast majority of people who complain about the language barrier cannot handle the basic grammatical principles of the English language. Why do people have no tolerance or understanding for something they obviously fail at themselves? I have seen more rudeness and childish behaviour from customers than the employees. The employees have actually been very helpful to me, when I ask in proper English. I'm going to suggest that perhaps you've been offered bad service because they don't understand your poor English skils?

Flyer week: Apr 01, 11 - Apr 07, 11

commented on Apr 3 2011 4:27PM
Can you buy Nori sheets and seaweed here?

my opinion - a great store
commented on Apr 3 2011 4:18PM
After reading the comments on this site it dawned on me, most of the people that are complaining about the service and language barriers that most employees at Oceans have CAN'T EVEN SPELL. IF YOUR GOING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE WHO CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH MAKE SURE YOU ARE FLAWLESS AS WELL. I AM MAKING A COMPLAINT ABOUT THE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE THAT NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL TO LEARN HOW TO SPELL. That's my opinion.

commented on Apr 1 2011 11:57AM
i agree this that.must of the people who works at OCEAN they dont know how to speak english!!! there ignorant!!!

Flyer week: Mar 18, 11 - Mar 24, 11

jeanette - service
commented on Mar 23 2011 6:59AM
poor service comes from poor managment

Flyer week: Mar 11, 11 - Mar 17, 11

commented on Mar 11 2011 2:39PM
HI my name is Maria I would like to no if theris anthore way yo see your Flyer.

Blah! - GET OVER IT!!!!
commented on Mar 11 2011 10:35AM
I shop at Ocean's in Mississauga and they aren't racist, but all those that think they are, maybe you're just ignorant. The customer service is lacking but if you want great service then go to Loblaws, Metro or the Superstore. If you want good prices then stop complaining and shop at Ocean's, it's very simple. The people that feel out of place shopping there should grow up and stop caring about what others think.

Flyer week: Mar 04, 11 - Mar 10, 11

commented on Mar 10 2011 9:56AM
so cool i love them things

commented on Mar 5 2011 7:33PM
I have shopped at both the Mississauga and Brampton Oceans and have never experianced poor service. True that for a lot of their staff English is not their first language but that is true for all of teh Asian markets. If you want good food at a fair price Oceans is a good place to shop otherwise don't shop there.

Flyer week: Feb 25, 11 - Mar 03, 11

jonathan - horrible cashiers......but one exception
commented on Mar 2 2011 1:46PM
The prices there are pretty decent but the customer service is absolutely horrible!!! Except for one cashier named Fen who is very polite and actually KNOWS how to speak and understand English and provides excellent customer service! But everyone else can go rot in a hole for all I care.

commented on Feb 25 2011 4:21PM
lol @ ching ching no like us - rude asians

Are some of them rude? I think so but come on, racists!? You sound more like a racist to me.

Flyer week: Feb 18, 11 - Feb 24, 11

commented on Feb 20 2011 4:40PM
Oceans should not have opened until they can speak english in this country. Instead of having dummies who never know what you ask for even if the item is in front of them. Very rude and ignorant!

ching ching no like us - rude asians
commented on Feb 18 2011 1:47PM
their rude and rasist

Flyer week: Feb 11, 11 - Feb 17, 11

commented on Feb 17 2011 5:47PM
I like to no if there more pages to the Ocean food market flyer because I only see one page

why me? - bad cashiers
commented on Feb 11 2011 5:33PM
I hate the cashiers they always throw my stuff in with other customers stuff after they ring in my items it gets all mixed up with other customers stuff. When I get home I find out that some of my items are missing cause the cashiers mixed in my stuff with other customers stuff and other customers end up taking some of my stuff home. When you complaint they just stand their like a statue and when you email them they never reply!

They should let the customer bag their items first before they move on to the next customer.

&#27809;&#26377;&#22909; - bad cashiers
commented on Feb 11 2011 5:31PM
I hate the cashiers they always throw my stuff in with other customers stuff after they ring in my items it gets all mixed up with other customers stuff. When I get home I find out that some of my items are missing cause the cashiers mixed in my stuff with other customers stuff and other customers end up taking some of my stuff home. When you complaint they just stand their like a statue and when you email them they never reply! They let the customer bag their items first before you move on to the next customer.

Flyer week: Feb 04, 11 - Feb 10, 11

jay catuds - Rude servers in the hot food bar department
commented on Feb 10 2011 11:35AM
They are talking and talking while serving imagine all the saliva going to the food? you ask them a simple question of "do you have steamed rice" and the server sarcastically told me it will be ready in 8 hours( this is the one located at shopper's world..they can't speak and can't understand, all their staff, english..I think it is a racist store because you only see their own kind working..

BabyGirl - What do you expect? Five star Grocery Store? lol!
commented on Feb 9 2011 4:49PM
Its just a grocery store, honestly, relax guys LOL!

JFK - Restuarant
commented on Feb 9 2011 1:16PM
The food is good but the service just plain sucks during a week day. Not good for a quick lunch. Wait was too long for both food and seat. Servers were rude when asked a simple question of 'Is it possible to speed up the food if we're in a hurry' The response - "YOU'LL GET THE FOOD WHEN ITS READY".

Me - Cashier
commented on Feb 5 2011 12:07PM
Cashiers is the biggest problem ,there alway talking each other when they are cashing out ,making alot mistake.

andy woo - weirdo
commented on Feb 4 2011 4:36PM
@**AHEM** you been to Oceans but never buy anything? are you one of those people that goes to restaurant just to look at the menu and never buy anything? I'm asian so what do I know.

Flyer week: Jan 28, 11 - Feb 03, 11

**AHEM** - btown Oceans
commented on Feb 2 2011 7:11PM
just a heads up Ive been to the one in btown and they are very nice.not only are they busy and are not around often but Ive never had any bad experiences there.have not tried the food yet but am looking forward to it when I have more time.yes theyre rude at the customer service.I have noticed.which is why I flip them the bird whenever I see the,.or laugh at them because they cant speak english..but thats just ME being ignorant because Im European and have no time for petty immature other words..the price and food are good.if all these bad things are happening then why arent people doing something more legal about it?if I got sick after eating their food you wanna know how fast I would have that store closed down?instead of bickering about it on the no.I have not had any bad or weird experiences there.thank you. :-)

Flyer week: Jan 21, 11 - Jan 27, 11

commented on Jan 21 2011 8:09AM
I've never had any issues with staff. They've always been very efficient and I frequently get smiles from the cashiers. The only time I saw an issue with a customer was the time a lady demanded the 5 cent bags for free. My only complaint is that the parking lot is horrible - but that's the building owner's issue!

I also shop at T&T, Fortinos, Seasons, Superstore, etc. and have never had any issues there either.

Flyer week: Jan 07, 11 - Jan 13, 11

wong ton lai - me no anglais---no go there cheap price
commented on Jan 9 2011 6:43AM
cheap english ok...rude dont care......better go metro 5 time price

Flyer week: Dec 31, 10 - Jan 06, 11

Sunny - Hwy 10 Location
commented on Jan 1 2011 9:14AM
I find their customer service to be the worst I have ever experience. I will shop at B Trust if i have to.

Flyer week: Dec 24, 10 - Dec 30, 10

Joshua - They Are Rude But Expect That
commented on Dec 30 2010 6:46PM
Oceans employees are generally rude and not helpful. Many of them act like they don't speak English when in fact they do. But I keep on going because I have accepted this and enjoy the ethnic selection and the prices.

Flyer week: Dec 17, 10 - Dec 23, 10

manoman - Brampton Rocks
commented on Dec 20 2010 11:12AM
The store in Bramton is the best lots of variety and the fresh fish is great

Flyer week: Nov 26, 10 - Dec 02, 10

BOYCOTT Oceans & T&T!!!!!!!!!! - SCAM!!!
commented on Nov 30 2010 5:40PM
the one on Hurontario they charged me 3 HST tax on my receipt what the ** is that? anyone has the same ** their receipts? and T&T also **ED they list the item at one price when you go checkout it's a different price??? what the **!!!

commented on Nov 28 2010 7:48AM
There is hardly an employee who speaks English. This is so frustrating when you ask for a product and everybody is looking at you dumb founded.

Flyer week: Nov 19, 10 - Nov 25, 10

Imelda - Mississauga Oceans online flyer
commented on Nov 25 2010 2:22PM
Why are the specials in the Brampton stores not available in the Mississauga store on Hwy 10?

We need a Mississauga Oceans online flyer.

Ocean chic - Selling sharks is very bad
commented on Nov 19 2010 2:21PM
Selling infant shark meat is irresponsible to the enviroment.
Tried to explain to manager but I believe she just didn't really care.
BOYCOTT Oceans for selling shark meat

Flyer week: Nov 12, 10 - Nov 18, 10

commented on Nov 18 2010 8:11AM
very cheap and good for fresh vegetables and fruits i live on airport road and sandlewood there is no cheap grocery store in that place please open one here also staff should know atlist little bit of einglish when custmer gets any provelem they can healp most of them can't speak english at all

commented on Nov 16 2010 1:33PM

melinda - no good
commented on Nov 14 2010 5:42AM
i will never go back... The rudest staff possible.. beware they make you feel like you shouldnt be there

Madge Palmer
commented on Nov 12 2010 10:51AM
I didn't find the employees rude, just non existent over most of the store. The wash-rooms were up a winding stairway...god help you if you had any physical challenges!!

Flyer week: Nov 05, 10 - Nov 11, 10

bad food - takeout food gave the the runs
commented on Nov 5 2010 11:40AM
i order the $5.99 combo and the got really sick for days.

** OFF!! - Dirty Oceans
commented on Nov 5 2010 11:33AM

commented on Nov 5 2010 11:31AM

Flyer week: Oct 29, 10 - Nov 04, 10

disgusted - incomplete and decieving ads-
commented on Oct 30 2010 6:41PM
incorrect, incomplete and decieving ads- No disclaimers, Drove all over visiting Oceans Mississauga, Grants Mississauga and could not find advertised sale items. when asked a clerk was just told not here.Finally found in the SHARE Community News paper at the bottom of the Oceans ads that the ad you are displaying for Oceans only apply to the BRAMPTON STORE PLEASE CORRECT YOUR POSTING ETC - WILL NOW BE GOING TO OTHERS AS IT IS LESS EXPENSIVE RATHER THAN DRIVING AROUND TRYING TO FIND OUT WHICH STORE THE PRICES ARE FOR - OR TRYING TO FIND A SHARE NEWSPAPER - JUST GO TO SOME OTHERS - SAVINGS WILL BE SAME WHEN YOU CONSIDER GAS ETC. SEND THEM A COPY WHAT USE IS CALLING THE MISSISSAUGA A FLAGSH-- STORE IF THE SALES DO NOT APPLY TO THEM.MAYBE THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF THEIR LOW BROW SALES GIMMICK WHICH PEOPLE WILL SOON DISCOVER AND KEEP AWAY FROM THEM

Teena - Disappointed with service @ Hurontario location
commented on Oct 30 2010 12:55PM
I shopped at the Shoppers World location and was excited with the opening of one closer to my work. I was extremely disappointed with the lack of customer service by the cashiers. Another cashier came to help pack the groceries and put my tomatoes and bananas at the BOTTOM of the shopping cart and put the other bags with meat can canned goods on top!

The staff need customer service training and training how to pack groceries.

Back to T&T for me too!

Mike - #1 in rude and poor customer service
commented on Oct 29 2010 11:47PM
I have visited west dr in Brampton
1) pushes groceries after scale like throwing
2) No manner
3) No English or any other langauge (except Chinese)
4) If U ask no one is there to understand (show picture of item, you might be lucky)
5) Items some times compared to seasons food market price but when U go there is not available (out of stock from start of day

commented on Oct 29 2010 4:47PM
oceans is no different than any other chinese sueprmarket, -- lower prices but BAD customer services, especially the CASHIERS. Someone needs to tell them we are not there to collect debts.

Flyer week: Oct 22, 10 - Oct 28, 10

commented on Oct 26 2010 10:01AM
Oceans customer service just SUCKS. It is beyond poor/rude. They ALL need to take a course in customer service before being allowed to open. No one apparently speaks english, they push your groceries like their mad at the world and don't want to be there. Their mannerism is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE. I would rather pay more somewhere else than ever go back their.

steve - mississauga oceans supermarket weird experience
commented on Oct 24 2010 6:49PM
went in the store first time this morning since it opened, its really big and clean and not crowded, that really impressed me, lots of choice at the food counter but i would say it still no compete with TNT, and its not cheap at all except items on special, i picked up a few items, went to the check out area and surprised there was no line up at that time of the day ( 12pm on sunday ), during a mandarin speaking cashier checking my basket, a man asking to exchange for a looney, he put 4 quarters on the counter and i could still remember he spoke very politely :"when you have a chance, can i have a looney please", the girl ignored him at first and then after like 10 seconds later, she just yelled and pushed those 4 quarters away, sounded like the man was holding her back from doing the job, what a rude attitude! the man was scared and asked "are you ok?" then he just walked away, cant believe something like that could really happen in canada, i told myself i would never come back to this place again no matter how cheap they lower their price, and now i know why there is no line up by the cashiers, not because of more check out counters opened, its because of less customers.

Flyer week: Oct 15, 10 - Oct 21, 10

Gracie - nice store .... horrible and rude employees!
commented on Oct 17 2010 12:19PM
Oceans on Hurontario St. in Mississauga is NOT worth the ignorance of their employees ... I'm going back to T&T where they treat the customers like they're actually paying for the purchases! Worst customer treatment that I have ever witnessed in any supermarket!

e. chang
commented on Oct 14 2010 11:28PM
ocean store in mississauga sucks. almost as bad as grants on dixie rd in missisauga.(overpriced, poor customer relations, no online flyer). will keep shopping at the brampton location even though it is further away.

Flyer week: Oct 08, 10 - Oct 14, 10

larry H. - descent
commented on Oct 11 2010 1:43PM
They have Bubble Tea! Wide variety of products. Sometimes you get a good check-out person, sometimes..

Good prices for take away food - spend 20.00 it's better than the Mandarin.

Flyer week: Oct 01, 10 - Oct 07, 10

commented on Oct 6 2010 7:31PM
one staff private try to take my pic and record me on his cell phone. it happen in mississauga...

Mr. - Shop At Your Own Risk!
commented on Oct 5 2010 9:03PM
The one in Brampton is great! the food is good, the price is right and the people are friendly there. The one in Mississauga on Hurontario when everytime I go there they always give me dirty looks and follow me around they treat me like a criminal. If they keep on treating there customers that way they won't be in business for very long. They have security cameras they should learn how to use it instead of going around and harassing the ** out of there customers and treating them like potential shoplifter.

Mr - Treating there like customers!
commented on Oct 5 2010 8:17PM
The one in Brampton is great! the food is good, the price is right and the people are friendly there. But don't go to the one in Mississauga on Hurontario they will give you dirty looks and follow you around like you are a criminal. If they keep on treating there customers that way they won't be in business very long.

Helen Lin
commented on Oct 2 2010 2:14PM

Flyer week: Sep 24, 10 - Sep 30, 10

Kim Browning - Pick up the Phone
commented on Sep 29 2010 10:31AM
I called and called no one ancwered the phone.
You also have a wrong phone number down for Webocal

Flyer week: Sep 03, 10 - Sep 09, 10

andy chen - RUDENESS
commented on Sep 7 2010 9:41AM
If there is a prize for poor customers service and low-brow sale gimmicks Oceans should be the winner. Their staffs are rude a

Flyer week: Jun 04, 10 - Jun 10, 10

yum yum yum - ate their 4 times this week
commented on Jun 9 2010 4:46PM
so good so cheap please open more stores in the GTA and niagara region... please..... great place for lunch or dinner

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