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Flyer week: Apr 25, 10 - May 01, 10

Terry - Flyer
commented on Apr 25 2010 1:37PM
Their site bites! There is no way to view any flyer even after you set a store as your preferred store. I have tried several times. They want you to sign up for their newsletter which is stupid. I just wanted to check to see if a post found on another site is true about them giving away a free reusable bag until May 1. Not signing up for a store that I don't shop at. lol

Flyer week: Apr 20, 10 - Apr 24, 10

Melissa - flyer
commented on Apr 19 2010 1:44PM
Followed the above instructions & STILL CANNOT access the flyer! What gives?

Flyer week: Feb 06, 10 - Feb 06, 10

Graham - FLYER
commented on Feb 3 2010 1:26PM
You have to click on "set as my prefered store" under the store of your choice. You will find the list to the left of the map. Once you have a prefered store selected, you will be able to veiw the flyer from the main page. This may have to be done from, NOT though this site.

Flyer week: Dec 10, 09 - Dec 12, 09

linda - about the flyer
commented on Dec 8 2009 9:16AM
why cant the flyer be found on line.all i fun is where the stores are

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