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Share your thoughts on this week's Roberts Boxed Meats flyer:
Which are the good deals and are there any coupons to help save even more?

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Flyer week: Feb 13, 14 - Feb 19, 14

commented on Feb 15 2014 12:49PM
get sobeys to show tomorrows flyer the day before

Flyer week: Jan 16, 14 - Jan 22, 14

Phil - fresh beef
commented on Jan 21 2014 2:22PM
Best steaks in town and best price. Love their Steak tails. Also love their potato skins and great deals on luncheon meat.

Jane - best place in town
commented on Jan 21 2014 2:21PM
Since their renovation a year ago this place is my favorite place in town. Best deals and great quality. Love their fresh chicken and fruits and veg.

Flyer week: Jan 06, 11 - Jan 12, 11

Jane - deals deals deals
commented on Jan 12 2011 6:47AM
just wanted to share with everyone that i was recommended to this place 3 years ago; i have been a frequent customer since. have found many deals and consistently purchase by vegetable and fruits here. they have the best quality that i have found. also very cheap luncheon meat on top brands such as Schneider meats and Pillers

Paula - dont miss out
commented on Jan 11 2011 9:30AM
I just purchased 15pc 4.4/lbs of schneiders boneless chicken breasts for $14.99 this is the best chicken i have tasted in a while. i saw there flyer on here and decided to give them a try; i even got 3 packs of maple leaf hot dogs for $2.99 this place is worth the trip

john - wow
commented on Jan 11 2011 9:25AM
im impressed with the fully cooked angus burgers i got and i noticed several items that were in-store specials that i purchased; i wont be waiting for flyers anymore im going in every week; what deals

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