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Flyer week: Apr 09, 11 - Apr 15, 11

commented on Apr 14 2011 11:33AM
i used to work at a sears outlet, it was ok until we got a new manager, then we got a new asst manager and the 2 of them are very greedy, pushing employees to far and have made it a horrible work environment. most of the people i talk to their hate them,

Flyer week: Jul 10, 10 - Jul 16, 10

can of beans - i lov u
commented on Jul 14 2010 9:45AM
i like sears it is fun

can of beans - i hate sears
commented on Jul 14 2010 9:44AM
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hav it with u

can of beans - i lov u
commented on Jul 14 2010 9:42AM
i like sears it is fun

Flyer week: Jun 26, 10 - Jul 02, 10

barb - flyer?????
commented on Jun 26 2010 10:26AM
Yeh why do you make it so hard to find the local flyer how difficult is that. mMaybe you should find yourself a new web designer. You should be able to type in ottawa weekly flyer and it comes right up without going through all that CRAP. You seem like a new business that doesn't really know what they'rre doing. make some changes fast or walmart will still be the top retailer in canada. they know what they're doing. take some lessons from them.

Flyer week: Jan 09, 10 - Jan 15, 10

Jen J - Store hours
commented on Jan 15 2010 5:37PM
Upon selecting the store locator and hours button there was no store hours for the Newmarket Upper Canada Mall location only an address and telephone number. Is the idea for the customer to contact their local Sears store on their own? I don't think the hours change all that often and you could provide the "regular" stores with the caveat that certain sales and times of the year may have different hours....check your flyer to find out. BTW: the flyer wasn't helpful either. It did not provide this information.

Flyer week: Nov 14, 09 - Nov 20, 09

Lori - Hard to find flyer.
commented on Nov 17 2009 9:39AM
I finally found the flyer when i entered my postal code on the map. Maybe this will help.

Flyer week: Aug 08, 09 - Aug 14, 09

c. smith
commented on Aug 11 2009 8:59AM
If you want to increase sales why dont you make it easy to find your flyer? I never did find it so I'm shopping elsewhere

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