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17   Responses

Flyer week: Feb 22, 14 - Feb 28, 14

Jerry Mac Neil - This is the worst web site Iever accessed
commented on Feb 25 2014 9:27AM
The average lay person could never access your flyer .
Why not simplify it like No Frills or Food Basic, etc.

Flyer week: Feb 08, 14 - Feb 14, 14

commented on Feb 8 2014 7:04AM
This is one of the worst sites ive been on. It is NOT user freindly. Someone at Shoppers really need to actually talk to their customers to get actual input on their site. It takes way to long to get to the flyer it self if you can even get that far. I do enjoy shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart but you realy need to fix this problem because I do see Iam not the only one that feels this way.

Flyer week: Jan 11, 14 - Jan 17, 14

Rick - I give up
commented on Jan 11 2014 7:06AM
No flyer delivered this week so I tried the website. After inputting my postal code at least 5 times, I give up! Still haven't seen the flyer. I respect your right to keep your flyer a secret so I will no longer look for it.

Flyer week: Dec 14, 13 - Dec 20, 13

judy swickis
commented on Dec 17 2013 4:28PM
I would just like to say your flyer is not user
friendly. The pages need to be smaller and both
the main flyer and the insert with more grocery
items need to run the same direction. The current
flyer has to the worst flyer going.

Flyer week: Nov 09, 13 - Nov 15, 13

commented on Nov 13 2013 11:01AM
Shoppers Drug Mart has the worst website ever for viewing its flyers. Why does one have to jump through so many hoops just to see a bloody flyer? I am so disgusted with their site I'm not bothering any more. How many times must one be forced to enter and re-enter one's postal code just to see a damn flyer? Ridiculous!! I am so tired of stores/organisations/companies always wanting to track every bloody move that consumers make. It makes for a very frustrating shopping experience.

Flyer week: Dec 29, 12 - Jan 04, 13

Biggo - The cosmetic girls
commented on Jan 1 2013 9:18AM
Where do they find these girls, they are all so hot and beautiful. Amazing I love they put them as the first thing you see.

Flyer week: Sep 29, 12 - Oct 05, 12

commented on Oct 4 2012 7:45PM
I would just like 2say that the southdale location is FANTABULOUS!!I think they r gr8.They r so helpful everytime i go in.Last yr i spent my points almost 600.00 in redemption i use my pts 4my 3teen girls stocking stuffers,the girls at cosmetics were so helpful and got me the best deals and tons of pts in return!And spent 2hrs with me 2assist in my family's needs and wants!I think all u haters r just grumpy when u go in.They have never been rude or anything 2me!Im just a person just like u guys so why would i b the only 1thats tret right?HMMM..respect them and they will respect u back!!I love southdale shoppers drug mart!!!!!

Flyer week: Jul 28, 12 - Aug 03, 12

Ruth McKenzie
commented on Aug 1 2012 11:55AM
Is there a Shoppers Drug Mart in Saint John NB

Flyer week: Dec 31, 11 - Jan 06, 12

linda Tuplin
commented on Dec 31 2011 4:37PM
Flyers are way to big to look through and, when pages are different sizes, I don't even try. I just check for sales when I'm in the store.

Flyer week: Dec 24, 11 - Dec 30, 11

StanNewmarket - Shoppers' Flyer Con-Job
commented on Dec 30 2011 1:56PM
We have only been sucked in by Shoppers' Flyers on three occasions; each time the advertised weekly specials were already out of stock an hour after the store opened.

Three strikes, and you're out!!

Having worked so hard at earning my total distain for their scummy "ethics"; I will NEVER again shop at Shoppers'!!

Flyer week: Apr 09, 11 - Apr 15, 11

commented on Apr 14 2011 11:13AM
shoppers drug mart in london at wonderland near southdale, rude cashiers, nothing on sale in stock, will never go ther again.

Flyer week: Jan 01, 11 - Jan 07, 11

susanforrest - flyer dec.31/10.....8/11jan.
commented on Jan 3 2011 2:36PM
unable to find pages with grocery/dairy specials

Flyer week: Dec 04, 10 - Dec 10, 10

commented on Dec 10 2010 8:22AM
great site

Flyer week: Sep 04, 10 - Sep 10, 10

commented on Sep 10 2010 11:51AM
Cannot see the flyer bad link.

Flyer week: Aug 28, 10 - Sep 03, 10

commented on Aug 28 2010 1:05PM
Unable to get flyer

Flyer week: Apr 24, 10 - Apr 30, 10

david artish - SHOPPING LIST
commented on Apr 30 2010 7:33PM

Flyer week: Aug 15, 09 - Aug 21, 09

CheapO - Clairol natural instincts for $2.90
commented on Aug 19 2009 8:56AM
natural instincts are on sale for $6.99.
Used my $5 coupon and paid only $2.90!!! Too bad the $5 coupon no longer exists, its now a $1.50 coupon but still good if you combine with the sale.

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