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Flyer week: Jun 06, 12 - Jun 12, 12

Dave M - Store Hours & Locations
commented on Jun 11 2012 6:52PM
Here is another complaint about your Store Location links pointing to anything but. You seem to have ignored all the earlier compl,aints so I don't expect this will be any difference. Off to Office Depot....

Flyer week: Mar 28, 12 - Apr 03, 12

becy - store hours
commented on Mar 31 2012 7:40AM
there is no store hours on the flyer or the website. why? this is annoying. the links do not give you the information. the website is not easily navigatable.

Flyer week: Mar 21, 12 - Mar 27, 12

winston tinglin - Store hours
commented on Mar 27 2012 3:39AM
Why aren't store hours shown anywhere? The site supposedly provides a link to "store hours" but when one clicks on it, the page provides no such information. This is annoying - fix it !!

Flyer week: Mar 07, 12 - Mar 13, 12

Sam - Store ours missing
commented on Mar 11 2012 7:09AM
**o I am trying to find out the store hours of Bracebridge branch on Sunday March the 11th, couldn't find any help, as their phone is also shutting down without any voice message or any store hours info???????

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