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6   Responses

Flyer week: Nov 12, 11 - Nov 12, 11

dina - huge disapointment
commented on Nov 9 2011 1:38PM
it start ok but in time everything change,the store is not clean like before.the staff is very..funny they do not speak english or they pretend they do not know ,they do not say hi ,bye,or thank you.The products very often are out of date but they still sell them ,why is that?Why we couldnt have in this area a difrent super market?

Flyer week: Mar 14, 11 - Mar 12, 11

rafaela - not to fresh...
commented on Mar 10 2011 4:22PM
Buying some fruits and vegetables at Sunny store is not a bargin because some of them are "fresh " in the store but as soon as you bring them home they are not.most of the time they are in the last 2days of avalability and after that they are sour or bitter or smelly not a bargin to shop at Sunny store,you just loose money, better shop a little but in a diffrent store.

Flyer week: Dec 08, 10 - Dec 04, 10

barry green - only friendly to their own people????
commented on Dec 3 2010 3:01PM
holy **
what kinda statement is that????
These cashiers are all work and yes they are unfriendly, but I assure you as an asian they aren't any more friendly to me.

Flyer week: Dec 01, 10 - Nov 27, 10

roberta - curios...
commented on Nov 26 2010 2:24PM
The Sunny store on Don Mills is open and right now is clean .i wonder for how long but my problem is the staff.The cashiers in this store dont know how to say hi or thank you for shopping in this store etc.I know the chinesse people are not very friendly except their own people but i was hopping diffrent.maybe the management need to have a meeting with them.I am very curios how this store will be and the stuff in 6 months time.

Flyer week: Nov 29, 10 - Nov 27, 10

Cherry feng - Cardboard disiplay
commented on Nov 25 2010 11:45PM
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Flyer week: Nov 10, 09 - Nov 14, 09

D Saxe - Trojan embedded in weekly flyer fr Sunny Supermkt
commented on Nov 9 2009 6:52PM
There was a trojan file with this that wanted to download itself. Fortunately, my Rogers software caught and quarantined it, but I was unable to see the Sunny Supermarket weekly sales.

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