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Which are the good deals and are there any coupons to help save even more?

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Flyer week: Feb 21, 14 - Feb 27, 14

Rosie Bartolome
commented on Feb 22 2014 1:46PM
Do you send orders by cargo?
thank you

Flyer week: Mar 15, 13 - Mar 21, 13

commented on Mar 15 2013 3:00PM
Got charged more for dungeness crab than what it was on sale for.

Flyer week: Feb 22, 13 - Feb 28, 13

Vidya - Service
commented on Feb 22 2013 8:43AM
Noticed that if you were not oriental, you get little to no service from staff and when you do, they are very unfriendly. I we to the Miliken store and hated the experience

Flyer week: Oct 19, 12 - Oct 25, 12

Shou Bu - Bad behaviours from fish department!
commented on Oct 25 2012 5:30PM
I like T&T food, every week go there (715 Central Pky W. Mississauga)

But few times I saw bad behaviours from fish department! Employees to select bigger & good crabs for themselves, then put rest of samll crabs outside for customers. Especially this happened in front of customers. I didn't see this in other Chinese Supermarkets near the same location like Betrust, YuanMing or Oceans. I am not sure T&T allows employees have these behaviours?? Hopefully, they can change or improve it.

Flyer week: Sep 21, 12 - Sep 27, 12

gold - organizing
commented on Sep 26 2012 11:19AM
about the flyer: I would put 4 columns and devid:
1 seafood
2 sweet
3 vegitables
4 meat
5 miscelenious.

Gold - very clean, fresh product, and neat!
commented on Sep 26 2012 11:01AM
I think if u want to have clients from all over the world, you need to hire people with the knowledge of diferent languages, Russia, China, as well are the biggest countries to open T&T superstores. This is a big opportunity, consequently big cash.

Flyer week: Jun 15, 12 - Jun 21, 12

D. Young - so difficult to view your weekly flyer
commented on Jun 15 2012 7:54AM
It is impossible to view your weekly flyer. The language box always gets in the way. If you are lucky you get to see the flyer otherwise always stuck on the screen with the selection of languages. You computer technical team should correct this problem. Otherwise you will loose a great deal of customers.

Flyer week: May 25, 12 - May 31, 12

commented on May 25 2012 12:53PM
very good

Flyer week: Dec 09, 11 - Dec 15, 11

V - When will you open in Kitchener
commented on Dec 13 2011 11:22AM
When will you open in Kitchener

Flyer week: Jun 03, 11 - Jun 09, 11

cuumber pickle - good
commented on Jun 3 2011 1:47PM

Flyer week: Nov 19, 10 - Nov 25, 10

Lee - store in WIndsor
commented on Nov 19 2010 1:50PM
when will you have a store in Windsor area?

Flyer week: Jul 31, 09 - Aug 06, 09

Admin - $1 majesta bathroom tissue
commented on Aug 6 2009 7:58AM
Use your $1 majesta bathroom tissue coupon to reduce the flyer sale price from $5.99 to $4.99

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