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18   Responses

Flyer week: Jul 13, 12 - Jul 19, 12

commented on Jul 13 2012 2:28PM
Trying to find out store hours for Ontario. Terrible site!

Flyer week: Feb 03, 12 - Feb 09, 12

commented on Feb 7 2012 10:39PM

Flyer week: Nov 18, 11 - Nov 24, 11

Mr jaime - Brick
commented on Nov 22 2011 2:23PM
The customer service is worse, the delivery people are rough, they throw your things around and damage them, hard to get replacements etc.. it;s bad, they want to use up your warranty for the delivery damages they caused

Flyer week: May 13, 11 - May 19, 11

BillMcKush - store hours
commented on May 15 2011 6:28AM
I find the brick to be so helpful with their prompt delivery, easy to find internet info, and paramount store hours, oh and their flyer is awesome too.................

Flyer week: Feb 18, 11 - Feb 24, 11

sherrill - store location
commented on Feb 22 2011 11:41AM
it is very heard to find store locations i will like to get the store number on Dufferen and finch

Flyer week: Jan 07, 11 - Jan 13, 11

leila - services
commented on Jan 9 2011 11:12PM
i heard about the bad service,i was wrong not to beleive it, i bought a table from Gary location, the manager, the sale associat are rude.i will never go back. my table was leaft on the ground(it is a marble table)i found a chip on the corner!!!

Flyer week: Nov 12, 10 - Nov 18, 10

svetlana - hours:)
commented on Nov 18 2010 1:05PM
alright, i found the store hours for ppl who live in b,c.
finally after like 5 minutes of searching:)
Monday 9:00 AM-9:00 PM Friday 9:00 AM-9:00 PM

Tuesday 9:00 AM-9:00 PM Saturday 9:00 AM-9:00 PM

Wednesday 9:00 AM-9:00 PM Sunday 10:00 AM-6:00 PM

Thursday 9:00 AM-9:00 PM

dewy - hours
commented on Nov 14 2010 7:13PM
can not find store hours anywhere on the site. This site sucks

Flyer week: Oct 01, 10 - Oct 07, 10

commented on Oct 7 2010 3:56PM
Was shopping at the Heritage Medows store and the Store Manager was very rude. Even the sales associates looked frustrated with his behaviour.

greg - Customer service terrible
commented on Oct 1 2010 3:46PM
I wanted to shoot myself after listening to all the options and still not getting the one i wanted. Called the online buying site and they hung up on me.

Flyer week: Sep 17, 10 - Sep 23, 10

Theo - customer service
commented on Sep 22 2010 5:35AM

Flyer week: Sep 03, 10 - Sep 09, 10

Barb - Locations
commented on Sep 9 2010 12:19PM
Site does not show locations??????????????????

A. Dawson - hours
commented on Sep 5 2010 10:19AM
Can't find your store hours posted anywhere!

Flyer week: Aug 13, 10 - Aug 19, 10

Kris - store locations
commented on Aug 14 2010 10:43AM
do look under "COMPANY INFO"
then clearance centers.
and yes - they developed a very poor site

Flyer week: Aug 06, 10 - Aug 12, 10

Stevo - locations
commented on Aug 9 2010 10:04AM
Been all over trying to find store locations....rather frustrating!

Flyer week: Jun 18, 10 - Jun 24, 10

commented on Jun 22 2010 3:11PM
where are our locations----terible site

Flyer week: May 14, 10 - May 20, 10

commented on May 17 2010 12:17PM
Where on the webside do i find store locations

Flyer week: May 07, 10 - May 13, 10

joanne - store location request
commented on May 10 2010 8:30AM
where on this website do I see the store locations?

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