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Flyer week: Mar 09, 12 - Mar 15, 12

Ronald George McCleery - Family link
commented on Mar 15 2012 2:14AM
Have just discovered that my Grandfathers brother
Andrew McCleery married a Priscilla Shaver(nee Young) in Canada on 14-7-1926, was wondering if you were a descendant . and if so I am trying to find
if there is any connection to the original Fitzgerald and Samuel McCleery. My Great Great Grandfather was a Samuel McCleery and Samuel and Fitzgerald are of about the age that they may have been his sons. Just wondering

Flyer week: Apr 29, 11 - May 05, 11

Andrew John McCleery - Grocery Management
commented on May 2 2011 2:31PM
**o there,
Despite all of the years that I have worked within the Supermarket Trade, today was the first time that I learned about your company.
Anyhow with my 25 years background experience within the Grocery business, I was wondering if you might be interested in strong business leadership within today's marketplace. If you would like to contact me sometime, I will be very pleased to submit my resume to you. I can be reached either by telephone (416) 528-8110 or via e-mail. It would be nice to have a business conversation with you. All the best. Andrew McCleery

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