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Which are the good deals and are there any coupons to help save even more?

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Flyer week: Oct 06, 12 - Oct 12, 12

Anonomouys - YES, THE STORE HOURS!
commented on Oct 8 2012 10:06AM
Sun 10am-6pm
Mon-Fri 9:30am-9pm
Sat 9:30am-7pm

Flyer week: Jul 28, 12 - Aug 03, 12

hannah - monster high
commented on Aug 3 2012 7:42PM
monster high rocks so much i found some new monster high dolls like dot dead or rollor blaze

sarah - when does toys r us close on fridays.
commented on Aug 3 2012 7:37PM
hi i was wandering when toys r us closes on friday if you know please write it on this page thank you so much.
p.s does toys r us carry the lagoona plushes thanks . p.p.s i found the last skate board at mine

Flyer week: Jul 07, 12 - Jul 13, 12

stupid - stupid
commented on Jul 10 2012 12:46PM

jenna - toys r us
commented on Jul 10 2012 12:45PM
Im trying to look for plush jumbo alley animalsat toys r us for my daughters B- day,i looked on their website but they do not have any in canada.HELP ME!!!

Flyer week: Mar 24, 12 - Mar 30, 12

Lux - store hours
commented on Mar 25 2012 4:58PM
im looking for the store hours on sundays does anyone know???

Flyer week: Feb 04, 12 - Feb 10, 12

Dawn Carl - I'm looking for store hours in Toys r' us
commented on Feb 10 2012 2:25PM
Hi! Does anyone know the store hours are for Fridays? Send reply to my email at:

Dawn Carl

Flyer week: Jan 21, 12 - Jan 27, 12

Hannah - Monster high dolls at toys r us!
commented on Jan 22 2012 4:30PM
I love how toys r us carrys monster high dollsl

Flyer week: Sep 18, 10 - Sep 24, 10

Michael - TOYS R ME
commented on Sep 19 2010 7:23AM
I really love toys r us it's just that i have never been their well yesterday was me and my sisters B-day and to day i thing our couson might take us thier today so i hope i go their.I CAN'T WAIT.

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