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21   Responses

Flyer week: Jun 28, 13 - Jul 04, 13

karen smith - colthing sizes
commented on Jul 2 2013 6:36AM
all walmart stores need to relook at their sizes, you have lots for tweens and lager sizes but very little in 12 to 18 why? Also you footwear dept is very bad in Sarnia very little variety

Flyer week: Nov 18, 11 - Nov 24, 11

Brenda - Online flyer
commented on Nov 17 2011 9:36PM
Shape up Walmart. Everyone else can get their flyer online by midnight. Why can't you? I don't come back in the morning to see if you've got anything special.

Flyer week: Sep 23, 11 - Sep 29, 11

commented on Sep 29 2011 1:51PM
Where the ** is the flyer?????

jack - flyer
commented on Sep 23 2011 12:54PM
Why does the flyer not show as requested?

Flyer week: Jul 29, 11 - Aug 04, 11

commented on Aug 4 2011 8:24AM
Yes theres something wrong with the site still, i think they are updating the site.

Doug - cannot view flyer
commented on Aug 4 2011 7:44AM
i am unable to view your flyer What is wrong with your site

Flyer week: Jul 15, 11 - Jul 21, 11

commented on Jul 20 2011 9:53AM
I found the Wal-Mart Superstore flyer realitively easy to find, and you can choose to view either the grocery one or the store one

Flyer week: Jul 08, 11 - Jul 14, 11

cb - useless
commented on Jul 8 2011 4:33PM
your flyer is incredibly useless. how about something user friendly.

Flyer week: Jun 17, 11 - Jun 23, 11

Katie Perry - flyer
commented on Jun 17 2011 12:52AM
Your on-line flyer is a pain....can't seem to see the flyer page for page like all the other stores...need to fix this...I will not waste any more time looking for this and will shop at the other locations just because this is not visible.

Flyer week: May 06, 11 - May 12, 11

chris - Walmart supercentre flyer
commented on May 12 2011 3:00PM
For such a large organisation, Walmart has the worse online flyer. You can never access it. Maybe you should check with Loblaws how to how to have an efficient online flyer.

Flyer week: Apr 08, 11 - Apr 14, 11

commented on Apr 8 2011 1:32PM
Awful site.... what's the point of having the View Flyer option when it doesn't work!!! will be great if you guys have that fix!

Flyer week: Mar 18, 11 - Mar 24, 11

Elva Paulin - groceries
commented on Mar 18 2011 8:34PM
I am not impressed with your grocery flyer,and I would like to know the prices too.

Sam37 - web site
commented on Mar 18 2011 2:32AM
Worse site ever. Have spent 1/2 hr and still can't seem to find weekly flyer re grocery items.

Flyer week: Jan 21, 11 - Jan 27, 11

Alissa S - Bad website
commented on Jan 25 2011 3:58PM
Your site really does suck.. You would think that someone with some computer skills would at least update and provide a full list of grocery items and any grocery items on sale..If I had an alternative I would not bother shopping at your stores.. I can't wait till target kicks your ass..

commented on Jan 22 2011 1:30PM

Flyer week: Dec 24, 10 - Dec 30, 10

Carol - December 29th
commented on Dec 29 2010 8:44AM
Since you have change your site it is impossible to view the full flyer. Would be nice to view the grocery items.

Bev - website
commented on Dec 27 2010 5:50PM
you have the worst site I have every been on why can't I find out which of your stores have fresh produce and it location and see the flyer just for the grocery end of things just as you get it with the paper

Flyer week: Dec 17, 10 - Dec 23, 10

Lee - "Limited Time Offer"
commented on Dec 17 2010 9:40AM
I am so disgusted with these words attached to almost all grocery items as weekly specials.
You could be there when the store opens on Friday and these items would never be there.
I have to drive a distance to shop at Walmart and it has become a waste of gas and time.Nothing you want is there,,,not to mention the items I need weekly,,that have been discontinued.

Brenda - Grocery
commented on Dec 17 2010 7:56AM
Is there some reason why we can't see the grocery items anymore?

Flyer week: Jun 25, 10 - Jul 01, 10

commented on Jun 30 2010 3:10AM

Flyer week: May 14, 10 - May 20, 10

commented on May 16 2010 4:28AM

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