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Flyer week: Jan 17, 14 - Jan 23, 14

wondering - false addvertising
commented on Jan 23 2014 6:08AM
every week is a supposedly rollback. but why get new stuff in . or is it just to think they are pulling one over on their customers

Flyer week: Dec 13, 13 - Dec 19, 13

Lenny - Holliday hours
commented on Dec 17 2013 9:07AM
I work late and liked when 24hr holiday shopping was a option. My friend works their and says walmart is to cheep to pay a cashier to work. Is this true?

Flyer week: Nov 08, 13 - Nov 14, 13

betty smith - store hours
commented on Nov 10 2013 5:40AM
I went onto this site hoping to find your store hours but unfortunately there were no mention of store hours at all on this site. This is just a tad disconcerting to say the least.

Flyer week: Oct 18, 13 - Oct 24, 13

The Voice of God - Online Flyer
commented on Oct 20 2013 6:09AM
This is crap; I can't find my flyer!

Flyer week: Dec 07, 12 - Dec 13, 12

Lou - r u ppl 4 real??
commented on Dec 12 2012 6:54AM
OMG! These comments are some of the funniest stuff I've read in a long time. Please people... keep the ignorant comments coming.

If you actully have something valid to say please don't bother

Flyer week: Nov 30, 12 - Dec 06, 12

Dave - Cusromer Complaints
commented on Dec 1 2012 2:49AM
Thank you non gender specific contributors to this whine fest. I've just stumbled onto the site, and am laughing myself silly. Please, keep up the good work.

Flyer week: Nov 16, 12 - Nov 22, 12

Joyce - Grocerys
commented on Nov 21 2012 10:23AM
I shop at walmart every week for my grocerys,
I have bought the same thing at other grocerys stores, and I have to say I save a lot more at walmart, it pays to shop their I have also saved a lot on other items throughout the store, I have 4 cats and it is cheaper to buy their treats and food at walmart

Joyce - Grocerys
commented on Nov 21 2012 10:23AM
I shop at walmart every week for my grocerys,
I have bought the same thing at other grocerys stores, and I have to say I save a lot more at walmart, it pays to shop their I have also saved a lot on other items throughout the store, I have 4 cats and it is cheaper to buy their treats and food at walmart

Joyce - Flyer
commented on Nov 21 2012 10:16AM
I get the local paper every day and I never get a
walmart flyer what is with that, but from now on I will check on line it will save a lot of on the recycle bin

Flyer week: Oct 19, 12 - Oct 25, 12

Mary - Does anyone have a life?
commented on Oct 18 2012 10:44PM
If all you have are complaints about Wal Mart , hey stop **ing and go somewhere else to shop. There are more important things in life to be concerned about!!

Flyer week: Sep 16, 11 - Sep 22, 11

Lorrie - Thornhill comment
commented on Sep 16 2011 2:48AM
Glad to hear that your walmart actually answers the phone. Here in Windsor, Ont., Walmart employees do not answer the phone. I have called and been transferred to their so called extensions and no one answers even after 50 rings, i counted them. One employee ignored the phone the whole time it was ringing. She was talking on her cell phone. Great phone service at walmart. Cannot wait to phone again.

Lorrie - walmart flyer
commented on Sep 16 2011 2:41AM
what a crock of **. i give it my postal code and still nothing comes up. if it is one or the other in terms of area and postal code, why does entering just the postal code not work. So much for the internet being quicker. just open the paper, you are not even required to type anything. just look. that's all i want to do, just see what is on sale. why do we have to go through all this bull** just to see what is on sale. this is really stupid. so much for technology.

Flyer week: Aug 12, 11 - Aug 18, 11

Max - We are not all GUYS
commented on Aug 12 2011 3:11PM
To all the people that are referring to everyone else on this thread as GUYS, please refrain, as it's gender bias and non-inclusive. Try Folks!

Flyer week: Aug 05, 11 - Aug 11, 11

marlen - flyer
commented on Aug 5 2011 5:53AM
Lets stop playing games trying to find your flyer,I have better things to do than waste 10 minutes of my if my time looking for your FLYER try the KISS system.

Flyer week: Jul 22, 11 - Jul 28, 11

commented on Jul 28 2011 4:54AM
This is ridiculous to have to go through this for a flyer. Not asking for store locater, yet I have to go through this multiple times just to get a flyer. Give me a break. No wonder people don't want to check on-line for flyers. This is just stupid. Why do they need all your info just to view a flyer. Wait for the paper. The poor trees that have to suffer because on-line is crap.

Flyer week: Apr 15, 11 - Apr 21, 11

Carol - line just for disability (notta)
commented on Apr 16 2011 6:36AM
why would walmart or any other stores have a check out just for people in wheelchairs. the ratio of people in wheelchairs to not is very low. They are not going to pay to have a cashier stand there and ONLY ring-in people with wheelchairs.(they already have someone standing at the door heheh) If the disabled person can handle the shopping time, l am sorry but (hopefully) they can handle the check out time.(the lady before mention she was with here freind who was disabled) what l have had to do before when l was to sore and excussed, l had my older son or daughter pay and the other one help me into the car. l have even gone to the customer service in the scooter and said l would like to pay here as the other lines are too long! I know that l have been in Zehrs and they have a check out line that is wider, making it easier for the skooter to go threw. This wider check out is open to all people to check out. Walmart has been there for me when it comes to the skooters.. Thank god as l would only be able to walk threw the doors. Thanks

commented on Apr 15 2011 11:58PM
To all the rude customers...why do you feel you can yell and swear at associates. You just make yourselves look uneducated and not worth our time.2 If an associate walks by and does not speak to you get over yourself. They are overworked and have a long list of duties to complete and guess what Walmart does not include customer service in their lists. Part time associates do not have access to order so don`t yell at them. 3 MY BIGGEST PEEVE WHY DO YOU PARENTS THINK IT IS OK TO TELL YOUR KIDS TO PLAY IN THE TOY DEPARTMENT WHILE YOU SHOP BUT YOU WILL NOT BUY THE TOYS THEY OPENED OR DIRTIED. THE NERVE OF YOU ARROGANT SO CALLED PARENTS. Stop complaining and be polite to the overworked underpaid associates

Flyer week: Mar 11, 11 - Mar 17, 11

commented on Mar 15 2011 7:33AM
Based on experience, customers who say associates are rude are the ones who didnt get their way. We are constanly bombarded with rude customers, normally, associates dont answer back, and just take all the verbal abuse with a nod.

Just to share a story: just very recently, a customer wanting price match was berating me for not knowing what i was doing when i refused and explained why. she got upset and mentioned i was giving her a hard time, wanted me to call for a manager, which i did. she was constantly talking, not giving us a chance to explain our side. she threatened to report me to store manager and head office bec. of my attitude. she mentioned as well that she worked at walmart for 11 years. i was surprised at the arrogancce, since she worked the same department yet she did not understand where i was coming from. I guess she was trying to show her weight around. most of the time we try to please customers but at the same time follow the rules/instructions of store management.

If you are no longer happy with how your shopping experience goes at Walmart, you can always take your business somewhere else. It is a sad reality that we have to all accept.

Flyer week: Feb 18, 11 - Feb 24, 11

enika - hi
commented on Feb 18 2011 1:49PM
hi everyone

Flyer week: Jan 28, 11 - Feb 03, 11

vicki - *customer* service
commented on Feb 3 2011 4:02PM
Customer service should be just that. But, instead, we have young people ogling each other over my shoulder instead of looking me (the customer) in the eye and asking how they can be of service. When you are waiting on a customer....look at them, talk to them and stop carrying on your conversation with your co-worker!!

Walmart, Evergree Park, IL - I need help in filing a lawsuit against Walmart
commented on Feb 1 2011 12:41AM
February 1st, 2011 3:36 am ET
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
I need advice. I am disabled and I suffer from depression, stress and anixiety. I went to my local Walmart Pharmacy to fill my meds. They said it was not ready when another associated confirmed it was ready. They would not call a store manager after several requests nor security. The employees, technicians and managers wispered and mocked me behind my back. I was so humillated that I had a panic attack on my way home. I have more of the footage on my personal camera but wanted to know how can I get the entire tape to show how ignorant and racist the Walmart Pharmacy in Evergreen Park, IL. I was in the store so long trying to get a prescription. They said it was not ready when the automated system left me a voice mail message saying to pick it up. Basically, Walmart associates were wrong behind the counter and would NOT acknowledge or apologize to me that it was their fault and my meds were ready and covered by the insurance. The Pharmacist made fun of me in front of other customers. I am so stressed. I had a ffinder binder on the way home. I missed my son's birtyday. My daughter was traumatized behind the humilati9on. I want Walmart to provide a tape–audio and visual. Any help here or direction would be appreciated.

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Flyer week: Jan 07, 11 - Jan 13, 11

Lainie - Frustrated
commented on Jan 8 2011 2:13AM
Walmart NEVER has enough staff to operate the cash registers. Most employees are rude and will cross right in front of you without acknowledging you're there, while almost tripping you. They seem to forget that the reason they have a job is directly related to how they treat customers.

Flyer week: Dec 17, 10 - Dec 23, 10

commented on Dec 21 2010 3:54PM
I don't understand why people think that you have to be a Lawyer or a Doctor to make the world go around. Someone has to workd at Walmart to serve arrogant people like Julie. I guess every department stores, fast food restaurants and such like these such like these should close down and go back to school to be what Julie want them to be. THIS IS SAD THAT PEOPLE ARE BEING JUDGED BY WHERE THEY WORK. I am pretty sure there are more intelligent people working at these places than your so-called "top" jobs. A degree doesn't make one better than the other.

angie - hours of opperation
commented on Dec 20 2010 3:14AM
are you guys open at the islington and rexdale area

Flyer week: Nov 26, 10 - Dec 02, 10

wal=fart - get a life
commented on Nov 26 2010 7:59PM
your all **ed

wal=fart - get a life
commented on Nov 26 2010 7:58PM
your all **ed

Flyer week: Nov 19, 10 - Nov 25, 10

miss - julie
commented on Nov 25 2010 4:14PM
u r an asshole making fyn of people...some just cant help it ...i bet u r not perfact **

Flyer week: Nov 05, 10 - Nov 11, 10

Julie - Walmart Employees on this site
commented on Nov 5 2010 6:06PM
I can see why some of you work at Walmart and don't have careers. Perhaps you missed several classes while attending elementary school, because your spelling and grammar is unbelievable! Why people can't figure out when to use 'your' and 'you're' is beyond me and so sad.

Flyer week: Oct 15, 10 - Oct 21, 10

myrna - flyer
commented on Oct 16 2010 3:06PM
flyer not receive regularly from mirror distributor at postal code m1g2j2

Flyer week: Oct 01, 10 - Oct 07, 10

jitendra - insult of rest people who are not white and black
commented on Oct 5 2010 6:59PM
I am dissapointed to say that i have read the comment of hathor on april 13,2010 at 11:05 AM in respose to write totaly absurd, i meant that aliens? what is that we are all human so that should be polite to do human being and allude your comment appropriate not to try provoking people to be created bias or hypocrisy .

your trustworthy,

Flyer week: Sep 17, 10 - Sep 23, 10

Kevin - To S**ey (Customer Service?)
commented on Sep 17 2010 12:53PM
Hi S**ey I just have one thing to say, I have been to many big box stores and the service is the same at all of them, Walmart , Home Depot, Rona
Rediculous, you can never find antone to help you, i've even noticed some employees walking around carrrying there blue smock or Orange apron, its not your fault that the service is what it is, it simply comes down to the company not employing enough staff to cater to the public. I dont shop there any more, i'd rather give my money to someone gives me service, and not just takes peoples money..Thank you.

s**ey - Customer Service
commented on Sep 17 2010 12:28PM
**o, i work at walmart, and find it very annoying when customers complain that we dont know what were doing.Or they think more then 2 lines should be open..They can only schedule,what there budget allows them to. and its called BREAKS, we are allowed to take those. If your that impatient, go shop elsewear. You people think you know it all, but really, you have no idea. we dont have a computer to magically type in a product- YOU need to have the item number or UPC. wow

Flyer week: Sep 03, 10 - Sep 09, 10

Huey - Walmart Customers
commented on Sep 9 2010 9:48AM
Has anyone here seen that e-mail picturing Walmart customers in all kinds of rediculous dress?? By the comments here and the spelling errors, it appears that most of those folks are here and now!!

Flyer week: Aug 20, 10 - Aug 26, 10

Bill N
commented on Aug 25 2010 7:11PM
For Monica Barker and her comment ignorant people and learn to spell. Well Monica, your name is a proper noun and should be capitalized, and "i" should be capitalized also. Learn to spell yourself.

Flyer week: Aug 13, 10 - Aug 19, 10

he - costermer serves WWAAA TO SLOW
commented on Aug 13 2010 12:56PM
**o im sorry but u have vary bad serves

Flyer week: Jun 04, 10 - Jun 10, 10

commented on Jun 5 2010 8:07AM
If you mean a wheelchair accessible line, yes they should have one. I used to work at a grocery store. It wasn't just for disabled people. The only difference was the lane was wider and it had the little blue sign up above the register. Walmarts should have a lane that is wide enough for a customer in a wheelchair to use comfortably. I don't know if they do, I never looked.

Now my question is, what is the best way to get the grocery department to start carrying a new product? They already carry other products from the same brand.

Flyer week: May 07, 10 - May 13, 10

hathor - sale prices?
commented on May 7 2010 12:36PM
The dufferin mall wal-mart need to organize the sale prices, whenever i go either 1 day or 4 days after the start of a week sale no one in the baby department puts the sale price posted, the stockers just leave some items with regular price on. Theres a stack in the hallway where ppl pass a huggies big box of wipes on sale for 13.97 but posted 15.97 and it is on sale . are they doing this so they dont run out fast? if no 1 seen the flyer no 1 knows its on sale.

Flyer week: Apr 16, 10 - Apr 22, 10

M.Khalid - workers
commented on Apr 15 2010 8:39PM
i satisfy with the dealing of workers.

Flyer week: Apr 09, 10 - Apr 15, 10

hathor - to donna sewell
commented on Apr 13 2010 11:05AM
You might have a disable friend but theres no such thing as a disable cash line. If this will come to play?, then customers will want a line for seniors, kids, single, married, pregnant, black, white, and aliens. cashier lines ARE for ALL people and they should wait their turn, 1st come 1st served no budding in because your in a rush kinda line which is the ettiquete of being in line.

hathor - DONT LIKE IT? DONT GO...
commented on Apr 13 2010 10:50AM
reading these complaints make me think those people going to wal-mart and just complain are down right stupid to know you cant sue the company for bad service unless you seriously got injured there or die from bad food there, but still it will be hard to sue and get a good lawyer. which all i said about suing and trying to get the company in trouble is a waste of time, and people also learned that you cant sue large chain stores for eg mcdonald's, people tried to sue because of bad service and never won, so all these people complaining?, please stop and move on, if you don't like the store don't go there!!!!! And as for that person getting a cash-out line just for yourself ?, pleeeease you are so about yourself , you just had that luck for 1 day, THERES NO SUCH THING AS A ALL FOR YOU cash line, you just got someone that works in walmart as someone you know that works there. If someone knew about this crap they would sue walmart for such stupidity in the customer service in having a all for 1.

Flyer week: Apr 02, 10 - Apr 08, 10

monica barker - ignorant people
commented on Apr 8 2010 6:21PM
After reading all of the comments about WALMART,i have just one thing to say.Will you people please learn how to spell.

Flyer week: Mar 26, 10 - Apr 01, 10

Diane - Response to our Woodstock, ON store
commented on Mar 28 2010 7:41AM
**o Diane, I am a store manager from the Woodstock locatoin. Thank you for your comments. We take every response and concern seriously.
At this time, we do politely ask that you stay away from our location. You do continue to come into our store and we do not appreciate you "berating" our staff and customers. We do acknowledge that you work for a major supermarket chain in the Woodstock area. We have warned you to not shop here and you continue to buy our products on a daily basis.
Due to the safety of our employees and clients, please mind your manners and language. Thank you Kathy!!!

Dianne - poor service
commented on Mar 26 2010 5:58PM
Walmart has recently renovated Woodstock Ontario store and made it much bigger with many more groceries. The lineups at the checkouts are terrible. Why do you have all those checkouts and only open a few????
Although there is a very good selection of groceries and produce is nice and fresh, I am staying away from Walmart. Used to shop there once a week, not anymore. Just dont need the frustration of long lineups.

Flyer week: Feb 19, 10 - Feb 25, 10

donna sewer - I Agree
commented on Feb 19 2010 8:11AM
My name is dong sewer and i agree with donna sewer (are we sisters?). Anyways, i have low blood pressure and i want to boycott all the stores in the world that don't have a line for peeps with low blood pressure!!! Soon i'm going to have to grow my own veggies because no store wants to provide service to peeps with low blood pressure.

donna sewell - I'M A DUMMIE
commented on Feb 18 2010 6:05PM
SORRY guys, i'm a has looked into my matter and actually given me a cash line to myself. thks walmart...u guys are the best!!! :'-) I love u!!! xoxoxo
Onto my next victim...Rocco's Italian out guys...yur next

Flyer week: Feb 05, 10 - Feb 11, 10

perry -
commented on Feb 7 2010 7:49AM
Go to to see great flyers.

Flyer week: Nov 13, 09 - Nov 19, 09

teresa child - very pleased
commented on Nov 16 2009 6:10PM
I was very pleased to see that the 1-12 station has finally opened. I would like to thank the manager for looking in to this for me. I was pleased to see the new signage for the isle but it could maybe be a little brighter for the seniors to see

Flyer week: Aug 28, 09 - Sep 03, 09

sandy - I had the same problem as Diane
commented on Sep 3 2009 6:24AM
The site would not take the province give a selection of Cities and it old me there was not one within 100K of the postal code wheras there is one within 2K

Diane - finding online flyer is imposible
commented on Aug 30 2009 10:42AM
I have tried to find the online flyer for my area and it keeps saying I don't have a walmart within 100 klm.YA I have one within 10 klm . Mabe you should update your online service this walmart has been here for app. 15 yrs

Flyer week: Aug 07, 09 - Aug 13, 09

joy - customer service too lazy
commented on Aug 10 2009 2:37PM
HI! I called Walmart at Thornhill Site, because I looking for the 2 shelf Bookcase, then the customer service assigned there said to me that " I dont know, much better to call in the early in the morning to ask to the manager or associate this product" so its mean i need to wait the manager or associate to inquire something? this is not customer service, the staff no knowledge to check the stuffs or maybe to used the computer or system. please advice this in your other site specially in Thornhill.

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