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55   Responses

Flyer week: Jan 24, 14 - Jan 30, 14

steve - price matching
commented on Jan 29 2014 11:41AM
why does zehrs not price match

Flyer week: Aug 16, 13 - Aug 22, 13

Thomas Lovell - Old Mill Bagels
commented on Aug 22 2013 1:48PM
Aug. 22 2013 Just went to the store on Malden Road in LaSalle Ontario. I bought a bag of Bagels (Ols Mill) marked 6 bagels in the bag. There were five. Checked other bags they all had 5 (five) bagels in the bags. Someone at the store went through and removed one bagel from each bag. Charged the same price. Have meats marked USDA Choice in the past. Complained to the manager he don"t care. This is a direct effort to defraud the public. I only shop there when I am in a rush. But rush or not I will never go through those again.

Flyer week: Nov 09, 12 - Nov 15, 12

Nona - Why so expensive on non- luxury products???
commented on Nov 11 2012 6:45AM
So many of your products are 1 and 2 dollars more than the No Frills, Freshco or the Metro.
The other stores produce is usually much better quality and fresher. What is up with you guys?
I only shop at Zehrs in an "emergency". On a 100 dollar shop I found myself spending 20-30% more than I would at At Other stores.
Sobeys is kind of a rip-off too.

Flyer week: Aug 31, 12 - Sep 06, 12

Cindy - Just click Zehr's Flyer Icon!!
commented on Sep 5 2012 4:14PM
If your having trouble getting the flyer..just click on the Zehr's flyer underneath
Grocery Stores > Online weekly flyers > Zehrs Flyer Ontario Canada. Once you do that voila! And might I add..not one grocery store has the best price on everything..You have to look for the sales and go to a couple of stores for the savings.

Flyer week: May 18, 12 - May 24, 12

paul - high prices
commented on May 19 2012 3:13PM
Zehrs is a nice store with outragious prices.

Flyer week: May 04, 12 - May 10, 12

Faith Lewis - Zehrs Weekly Flyer
commented on May 9 2012 2:03PM
every wk when i try to check sales it takes forever to pull it up, because of this i end up going to sobey's or another store that i can pull sales up easily,,,,very frustrating cause i do prefer Zehrs meats, oh well, guess it's their loss

Flyer week: Mar 02, 12 - Mar 08, 12

Ron - sucks
commented on Mar 3 2012 10:35AM
can't see any flyer i'll go to sobeys for my food this week

Flyer week: Feb 17, 12 - Feb 23, 12

flyerguy - cool new site
commented on Feb 21 2012 4:42PM
Check out
They go thru all the grocery flyers each week and figure out who has the best prices for you. No more going thru the flyers!!!

Flyer week: Jan 06, 12 - Jan 12, 12

Barbara Cormier - Why??
commented on Jan 7 2012 4:52AM
Why do you keep store hours a secret?Prices too high-
so open or closed-don't care

Flyer week: Dec 23, 11 - Dec 29, 11

Margaret - worst site
commented on Dec 29 2011 8:55AM
Time and time again I try to get this flyer online.
complete waster of time and VERY frustrating.
Does ANYBODY from Zhers check out the complaints and do anything about it!!!!

Flyer week: Dec 02, 11 - Dec 08, 11

jane mcmullen - prices
commented on Dec 3 2011 8:25AM
zehrs nice Sotore ;But give Me a break your prices
are way out Of control.

Flyer week: Aug 19, 11 - Aug 25, 11

Don - Bad flyer page
commented on Aug 23 2011 4:54AM
wow...Meijers and Kroger are way easier to operate!!!

Flyer week: Jul 22, 11 - Jul 28, 11

charlie richens - accessing flyer on line
commented on Jul 28 2011 6:31AM
The Zehrs site for on line access of the flyer is the worst site I Known. Fix it.

Flyer week: Jul 15, 11 - Jul 21, 11

Tanya - Terrible
commented on Jul 19 2011 11:20AM
This is by far the worst site I have ever used to find a flyer. I've wasted 20 minutes and have gotten nowhere. Perhaps the people who created this site should actually use so they realize how awfully designed it is.

Flyer week: Jun 17, 11 - Jun 23, 11

toyotaguy - waste of time
commented on Jun 17 2011 2:25PM
Once again I wasted my time

Flyer week: Jun 03, 11 - Jun 09, 11

Sue - Flyer
commented on Jun 7 2011 9:24AM
You better get someone from another store to get your flyers on line easier....COULD NOT GET IT so am going to shope somewhere else today.

Flyer week: Apr 29, 11 - May 05, 11

martin - zehrs?
commented on May 3 2011 11:42AM
so whose fault is it????...zehrs or this site.....regardless...not worth the trouble zehrs this week for my money.....but i will spend it all somewhere else....

Flyer week: Apr 15, 11 - Apr 21, 11

valerie - anyone know cheap food?
commented on Apr 20 2011 9:46AM

Flyer week: Feb 18, 11 - Feb 24, 11

richard correia - Trying to find your fler online sucks.
commented on Feb 18 2011 12:10AM

Flyer week: Feb 04, 11 - Feb 10, 11

Shopper1 - WHERE ID NEW FLYER???
commented on Feb 4 2011 4:34AM
Where is the new flyer for Feb. 4th to Feb 10th????
Is Zehrs doing away with them??

Flyer week: Dec 17, 10 - Dec 23, 10

commented on Dec 19 2010 4:57AM
sucks, I just want to know store hours! Where are they?

Flyer week: Dec 03, 10 - Dec 09, 10

John - Sucks
commented on Dec 3 2010 4:29PM
first and last time bothering with zehrs flyer...this version sucks

Flyer week: Oct 22, 10 - Oct 28, 10

M. Martens - Online flyer
commented on Oct 27 2010 9:33AM
Terrible to navigate.... Other grocery store flyers pop right up on screen. You need to make is site easier to use.

Flyer week: Sep 10, 10 - Sep 16, 10

Michele Stewart
commented on Sep 12 2010 5:45AM
It is handy to access information such as store hours and sale items online. I use the website mainly for these purposes.
In store, I think sanitizer or staff regularly wiping carts would be a good service to offer. Ever notice how many teething children gnaw on the cart handle?
I knew a person who contrated impetago (an infectious skin condition), and the vector was determined to be a shopping cart handle.

Finally, Zehrs continues to have the best grocery produce in Cambridge among the grocery stores...second only to the farmer's market.

Keep new ideas coming in the bakery department.
Loved the poppyseed danishes that you had for awhile. Now they are never to be found.

Flyer week: Jun 04, 10 - Jun 10, 10

Al - Zehrs on line flyer...where ?
commented on Jun 4 2010 3:11PM
Gave up trying to find your flyer......?

Flyer week: May 07, 10 - May 13, 10

wayne hodgson
commented on May 7 2010 9:05AM

Flyer week: Apr 23, 10 - Apr 29, 10

commented on Apr 29 2010 1:35PM
This is nothing but junk! Can't you get someone that knows how to do a simple flyer on-line?
Give your head/s a .....

Flyer week: Apr 09, 10 - Apr 15, 10

Dan - web site
commented on Apr 10 2010 7:36AM
your web site is probably the worst that I have encountered. I just give up and go to your compeditors. Fix it!!!

Flyer week: Mar 26, 10 - Apr 01, 10

commented on Mar 30 2010 4:19PM

commented on Mar 30 2010 4:12PM

Flyer week: Mar 19, 10 - Mar 25, 10

Jannette Day - Fine with me
commented on Mar 21 2010 11:06AM
Fine with me. I can sit in comfort in front of my computer and make out my grocery list. I shop on Mondays so it's very convenient. Have been going to Zehrs for 11 years. Thank you.

Flyer week: Mar 12, 10 - Mar 18, 10

Helen - Worst site I have seen
commented on Mar 13 2010 8:36AM
Nice to see that you are keeping your flyers so personal that customers can't even see them. Well, I was going to make a trip to your store but why waste my time and gas when I can not see what the sales are online. As I do not receive a flyer in my mail from you store. I had always enjoyed Zehrs but obviously your sales are too good you don't want the competitors or customers to know. I will be unscribing, maybe you can update your website.

Flyer week: Feb 26, 10 - Mar 04, 10

fran - zehrs
commented on Feb 28 2010 2:02PM
get a life people. Do you have nothing better to with your time then complain.If you don't like Zehrs go else where!oh sorry your PERFECT

Flyer week: Feb 19, 10 - Feb 25, 10

karen - new tax
commented on Feb 19 2010 12:25PM
.. what i want to know is what is going to happen when the new hst tax kicks in this summer ... how is it going to effect our prices at the grocery store ... is there going to be a tax on everything and if so how are the working poor such as myself and those on a fixed income going to be able to afford to buy groceries ... is it going to come down to paying one's bills or eating ... i will tell you right now i am very frightened because i have very little money left over for food now as it is ... guess i can eat cat food ???

Flyer week: Feb 05, 10 - Feb 11, 10

Mrs. Patricia Meggitt - Toonies for Tummies
commented on Feb 10 2010 11:03AM
I usually shop between two grocery stores. Zehrs and Food Basics. Last week I received a coupon book for donating to Toonies for Tummies. This week I shopped at Zehrs to find out they are not involved in that program. What I find very suspicious is that many of the sale items in Zehrs this week correlated with the coupons in the book. Of course it's not until after all has gone through the cashier do they notify you that they don't take Toonies for Tummies Coupons. There was stuff I only purchased because I had a coupon. Shame on you Zehrs taking advantage of a regular customers like that.

Flyer week: Jan 22, 10 - Jan 28, 10

shopper - thanks for bringing the OLD flyer back!
commented on Jan 25 2010 6:29PM
I hated that new version!

Flyer week: Jan 15, 10 - Jan 21, 10

Melina Powers
commented on Jan 20 2010 4:52AM
What happened to PC frizzante????

rj leeson - where atre your hours of operation poted?
commented on Jan 18 2010 3:20PM
make it simplier to use...locations, flyers and hours of operation....take some lessons from your competition cause they are taking your business.
Simple folk who do their own shopping what easy fast answers they can find right away. every one is so busy these days.

Flyer week: Jan 08, 10 - Jan 14, 10

Kyra - "hi-man" from foodland needs better advertising
commented on Jan 11 2010 2:39PM
to "hi-man" up above, if foodland is doing so badly they need to post negative comments on zehrs' websites, then maybe you should raise your prices EVEN more to cover the cost of better advertising.

Jack S - What a mess
commented on Jan 7 2010 9:52PM
where's the flyer????

Flyer week: Jan 01, 10 - Jan 07, 10

Mike L - Sucks
commented on Jan 6 2010 4:38AM
Not only are your in-store prices ridiculus, your flyer and WEB site suck. You may want to re-think things. Competition is plenty out there and you just lost another customer along with anyone else I can convince ...

commented on Jan 4 2010 1:15PM
I have had Zehrs flyer to my favourties for sometime. Now I can't find it. Bad move to change a good user friendly service.

Petra - Horrible
commented on Jan 3 2010 3:44PM
Where the heck is the flyer...can't seem to find it!!!!!

Linz - Flyer
commented on Jan 2 2010 9:19AM
I don't like your new online flyer. It's difficult to read and brutal nagivating around.

Al - Site design
commented on Jan 1 2010 6:27AM
Terrible web site. Clunky and hard to navigate.

Flyer week: Dec 25, 09 - Dec 31, 09

commented on Dec 27 2009 7:33AM
please go back to your original weekly flyer online that was available originally

Flyer week: Dec 18, 09 - Dec 24, 09

Donna - Your site!
commented on Dec 19 2009 5:33AM
I think your site is great! Used to have each link separate in a folder in my favorites. This is so easy to use and has some stores I would have wanted to see and will, but did't think they were online.

Keep up the good work! Thanks plenty!!!

davidson - zehrs
commented on Dec 18 2009 12:15PM
Always a week behind on the flyers. Please update

Flyer week: Dec 11, 09 - Dec 17, 09

foodland - too expensive
commented on Dec 17 2009 4:09PM
I have checked out foodland and their prices are no better then zehrs they charge a lot for things I can buy cheaper at another store

Gord - Behind the times
commented on Dec 17 2009 3:34PM
Your flyer is not up to date. Its last weeks flyer. C mon get with it

Penny Lipcsik - Shopper
commented on Dec 11 2009 12:10PM
Your site is not only diffcult to navigate i am still not able to access the flyer for the week . I guess I will not be shopping at your store or stores in this area, there are 3 in the city that I shop in , What are you thinking Penny

Vicstein - not happy
commented on Dec 11 2009 10:44AM
This site is clumsy, slow and difficult to navigate. I will be removing it and unsubscribing.

Flyer week: Nov 20, 09 - Nov 26, 09

hi - man
commented on Nov 25 2009 5:24PM
I am from Foodland saying to come to us for a better selection than Zehrs

ok - jo
commented on Nov 25 2009 5:23PM
aweful store and website. Im going somewhere else

Flyer week: Aug 28, 09 - Sep 03, 09

wilson - cool!
commented on Aug 29 2009 8:46AM
cool website you have

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