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35   Responses

Flyer week: Oct 26, 13 - Nov 01, 13

bryson - bullseye
commented on Oct 26 2013 5:40AM
I'm waiting for the Fredericton new Brunswick target to open

bryson - no flyer
commented on Oct 26 2013 5:34AM
actually there isn't any sellers flyer

bryson - closed
commented on Oct 26 2013 5:31AM
zellers is now closed so why view the flyer

bryson - closed
commented on Oct 26 2013 5:30AM
sellers is now closed so why view the flyer

Flyer week: May 12, 12 - May 18, 12

commented on May 12 2012 5:05PM
nice store hehehehe

Flyer week: Dec 31, 11 - Jan 06, 12

Candy Cane Kid - TOYS
commented on Jan 2 2012 1:18PM
Just wanted to see the toys section, but it wasn't there. Guesse they don't have any intrests for putting any toys on the flyer.

Candy Cane Kid - toys
commented on Jan 2 2012 1:15PM
I just wanted to see the toys section, but I guess they don't put toys on the flyer...that sucks

Flyer week: Dec 24, 11 - Dec 30, 11

sawatzky - No-Frils
commented on Dec 26 2011 3:14AM
you are the best

Flyer week: Nov 19, 11 - Nov 25, 11 - cookies
commented on Nov 24 2011 4:47PM
please tell me why I can't buy truely shortbread cookies at zellers in Goderich anymore, and if you can please tell me where I can buy them. thanks very mutch. B.W.

Flyer week: Oct 01, 11 - Oct 07, 11

commented on Oct 2 2011 1:36PM

Flyer week: Jan 22, 11 - Jan 28, 11

gabriela - i wonder where...
commented on Jan 27 2011 7:47PM
I wonder where are those nice people working at Zellers because i did not find them especialy at Overlea store are very rude and friendly just with some kind of people but not with everybody,if you want to fill the racism just go there.I can not wait for Target to take over...

Flyer week: Dec 18, 10 - Dec 24, 10

alina - rude
commented on Dec 22 2010 7:15PM
this is to pat dont call ppl stupid for any reason just cause someone writes it differently doesnt mean **...are u the fukkin spokes person for spelling and ** get a life...dont be out to make other feel bad ...

Patricia L. Lewis - Wish to add to my Christmas Dinnerware
commented on Dec 18 2010 6:31PM
Purchased 2-4 place settings of Christmas Dinnerware from Zeller's in Nov. 2003. Pattern is 'Holiday Joy' Picture of snowman with Blue tassel toque, green jacket standing by a birdhouse with snowflakes in background as well as edged with them. Color is light\dark purplish burgundy with a white stripe around center of plate. I wish to purchase additional pieces to match the set, ie. salt & pepper, cream & sugar, gravy boat, etc. to match. Can someone help me with this request. Thank you. P. Lewis

Flyer week: Oct 23, 10 - Oct 29, 10

pat - flyers
commented on Oct 29 2010 5:57AM
first off to the ignorant people who do not know how to spell and say zellers is dumb spelt the right way, I had no problem opening the flyer
if you don't like it don't shop there, they have great service and friendly people at all the zellers store I went too,

Flyer week: Aug 14, 10 - Aug 20, 10

rabia - dum
commented on Aug 20 2010 11:35AM
u guys are all dum

Flyer week: Jul 10, 10 - Jul 16, 10

commented on Jul 13 2010 3:19PM
Think before you speak or need to turn off your "pop-up"...obviously you have it blocked...Zellers has nothing to do with it!!! Cheers to Zellers!

Flyer week: May 01, 10 - May 07, 10

MaryA - Zellers Flyer
commented on May 7 2010 10:38AM
Go to to access the flyer. Easily opened from there.

Flyer week: Mar 20, 10 - Mar 26, 10

commented on Mar 22 2010 9:08AM
I thought it was just here with so many items missing price tags. The price checkers say time not on file almost every time you try them. So may times scan differently then the price tags that are there, which is why they are the only big store that wont follow the scanning code. Walmart does everything better, and cheaper too!

Flyer week: Jan 23, 10 - Jan 29, 10

commented on Jan 23 2010 8:12AM
same problems as others. Flyer won't open, even after enabling pop-ups. I agree with others re shopping frustrations - can't find the sale items, no clerks available to help, bare shelves, products not labeled on shelves with prices, etc, etc. I still shop there because good prices, but it's very frustrating and time-consuming.

Flyer week: Jan 16, 10 - Jan 22, 10

commented on Jan 17 2010 2:56PM
the flyer opened for me on the second attempt

Flyer week: Dec 26, 09 - Jan 01, 10

sk8ergirl - uuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh
commented on Dec 28 2009 11:14AM
it never opens up

Flyer week: Dec 12, 09 - Dec 18, 09

Kandi - frustration plus!
commented on Dec 17 2009 10:22PM
more often than not the flyer is unavailable - web site can't be opened. Just as well......they never have what's on sale in the stores

janice - could not open
commented on Dec 15 2009 6:06AM
I have tried numerous times to access the flyer online to no avail!!! I don't get the flyer and have to drive some distance to shop there; consequently I don't go if I can't see what's on sale. It's extremely frustrating; this is the only online flyer I have problems with.

commented on Dec 12 2009 7:52AM
This is a badly organized website, hard to get into, even when you unblock the pop-ups. It's dfficult to and fine print are too small.
I notice other comments on Zeller's service, and I tend to agree. I used to shop exclusively at Zeller's, but I go less and less now. There's always cartons of unopened boxes stacked in the isles, waiting to be unloaded and put away, so there's bare shelves. At least Walmart keeps its shelves stocked, and boxes cleared away.

Flyer week: Nov 28, 09 - Dec 04, 09

commented on Dec 3 2009 6:12PM
Those who can't open the Zeller's flyer probably have "pop-up blocked" on your computers. Follow the instructions provided on this page -- CLICK "View Zellers flyer" The flyer may have been blocked, please click the above link to view the flyer.-- Perhaps it's the viewers and not the site that is the problem. Again just click "VIEW ZELLERS FLYER".

ang - zellers online flyer
commented on Nov 30 2009 4:15PM
zellers online flyer the most useless site i have been on , cant open site. **o walmart

Katie - ugh !
commented on Nov 29 2009 7:37PM
Yes, this is not working, are they going to fix this ?!

judy - sucks,wouldnt open
commented on Nov 29 2009 5:38PM

Flyer week: Nov 21, 09 - Nov 27, 09

commented on Nov 27 2009 2:49PM
I had no trouble opening the current flyers. I viewed the entire weekly flyer as well as the Friday moolight madness flyer. I admit the pictures were a little on the small side. Perhaps following simple instuctions is difficult for some people. Zellers tries very hard to keep customers and keep them coming back. I applaud them.

Janell - Zellers on line flyer
commented on Nov 27 2009 7:58AM
Idiodic, I have tried to access zelllers flyer numerous times and nothing. I guess its like their store service... lousy!

Flyer week: Nov 14, 09 - Nov 20, 09

commented on Nov 16 2009 3:17PM
stupid did not open

Flyer week: Nov 07, 09 - Nov 13, 09

lorena - "TO BAD"
commented on Nov 11 2009 3:26PM
I hate this site the most aful service please take it out of here don't be embasing thing i have seen.

Flyer week: Oct 31, 09 - Nov 06, 09

marion - Stupid
commented on Nov 4 2009 6:50AM
Th zellers flyer sight works like their service - a big fat zero.

heather - can never open the flyer
commented on Nov 1 2009 7:54PM
Every week we try to open up the flyer on the internet and we are never able to open it up. We've heard this from others too. How frustrating! Why bother having something that isn't going to be able to be used?

Flyer week: Aug 15, 09 - Aug 21, 09

commented on Aug 16 2009 8:36AM
hate it

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